This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



Displays recent tracks from your account.

Important: Requires PHP 5!


  • Easy to set up via widgets (requires WordPress > 2.8)
  • Displays your current tracks (Listening now)
  • Customizable by template and css (you decide what is displayed)
  • Data is kept locally (default: 45 seconds)
  • English and German localization


If you are using widgets

  • Design → Widgets
  • Drag the widget into your sidebar
  • Configure your username, the number of shown tracks and the template
  • Done

If you are not using widgets

Copy the following PHP code in your template:

<?php wplastfm('username' [, number of tracks [, $options]]); ?>

You can configure the plugin via “wplastfm-settings.php” or via array. E.g.

<?php $options = array("template" => '%track%', "cache" => 45, "trunctrack" => 40, "truncalbum" => 25); ?><h3>Customization</h3>

The plugin provides the following CSS classes:

  • ul.lastfm — the list
  • ul.lastfm li — ul list elements
  • ul.lastfm li a — links
  • ul.lastfm li img — image formatting
  • ul.lastfm li span.lastfm-time — time formatting
  • ul.lastfm li span.lastfm-album — album formatting

If you don’t need the wplastfm.css, you can delete it.


You can change the following settings in the “wplastfm-settings.php” or via array.

  • $wplastfm_options['cache'] – Specifies how long the data is kept locally
  • $wplastfm_options['trunctrack'] / $wplastfm_options['truncalbum'] / $wplastfm_options['truncartist'] / $wplastfm_options['trunctitle'] – Maximum length of the text
  • $wplastfm_options['timeformat'] – Time format for songs played more than 24 hours ago
  • $wplastfm_options['imagesize'] – Image source (small, medium or large)
  • $wplastfm_options['albumcover_height'] – Height of the album cover
  • $wplastfm_options['useartistimage'] – If there is no album cover, the plugin uses the artist image instead (can be true or false)
  • $wplastfm_options['profilelink'] – Displays link to your profile or disables it.
  • $wplastfm_options['template']


  • Widget configuration options
  • Example
  • Example


How to create your own timeformat for tracks played more than 24 hours ago
  • Go to the Widget page in WordPress and choose ‘Use self-defined’ in the dropdown menu.
  • Open the wplastfm-settings.php and edit the $wplastfm_options['timeformat'] variable
  • Done



  • Bugfix: The time format chose in the dropdown menu is now displayed correctly
  • Added the possiblity to choose the size of the album cover (small, medium, large)
  • Added the option to display or hide the link to your profile in the widget title
  • Timeout for the HTTP request has been reduced (3 seconds for recent tracks, 2 seconds for artist image)


  • Uses the WordPress HTTP API instead of c_url
  • Added template tags for %artist% and %title%
  • Moved the cache files to /cache folder
  • Now uses the artist image, if no album cover exists
  • Some other small improvements and bugfixes.
  • (The WordPress HTTP API doesn’t work properly in 2.8, so please update WordPress)


  • Bugfixes
  • Tested up to WordPress 2.9


  • Fixed error message due PHP 5.3.0 curl bug


  • Added a fixed height for the album cover
  • Added the option to configure the maximum length of the title/album


  • Fixed a problem with the right version number


  • First stable release

Contributors & Developers

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