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Finally, an easy way to record and categorize your entire game library for all the internet to see!

UPDATE: Now includes full WooCommerce Integration with the StoreFront Extension!

Check out a working demo here.

How does WPGameList work?

Simply search for the title of a game and let WordPress Game List scour the internet for all information possible about the title, including:

  • Cover Images
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Game Summary
  • Genre(s)
  • Links to Amazon, Besy Buy, Gamestop, eBay
  • Platform(s)
  • Publisher(s)
  • Release Date
  • Alternative Names
  • Similar titles

Additionally, WPGameList allows you to record your own thoughts and opinions on each title for all your visitors to see!

Some additional features include:

Extensions Make WPGameList Even Better!

Get your WPGameList Extensions today to add additional functionality to your WPGameList plugin. Popular Extensions include:

What are these StylePak things I keep hearing about?

StylePaks are additional $2 add-ons that instantly change the look-and-feel of WPGameList. Check out some demos below:

Try out WordPress Game List right now!


  • How your games will appear on your website. WPGameList uses most of the default styling of your currently active theme.
  • Another shot of the same page scrolled further down. WPBookList utilizes a handy, customizable pagination feature.
  • This is how your games will appear when you click on a title or cover image.
  • This is another example of how your games will appear when you click on a title or cover image - this time highlighting one of the best games of all time!
  • An example of how the Similar Titles & Products and Summary sections look for each title
  • Here's a title whose Notes section has been put to good use, being utilized to share a review of Dark Souls.
  • Here's how an automatically-generated WPGameList Page or Post could look. When adding a game, you'll have the option to have WPGameList automatically create Pages and Posts for your games.
  • A screenshot of the 'Add a Game' menu page of WPGameList. Simply search for a title, and add a game that shows up below!
  • Here's the form that get's automatically populated with game data once you've selected a game. Alternatively, you can simply fill out this form with your own information if you don't feel like automatically importing data from IGDB.
  • A screenshot of the Display Options page in the WordPress Dashboard. Here you can control which elements actually get displayed on the page you’ve placed your game library on, as well as which items are displayed in the Game View (the pop-up window that appears when clicking on a Cover Image/Title).
  • Here you can create additional game libraries, for example, you could create a ‘Currently Playing’ library, an ‘XBox One’ library, an ‘RPG’ library, or whatever else you can think of!


Method 1) Simply drop this folder (unzipped) into your WordPress plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins).

Method 2) In the WordPress admin dashboard, click on ‘Plugins’ on the left-hand side, click on ‘Add New’ towards the very top of the page, click on ‘Upload Plugin’, and upload the ‘wpgamelist.zip’ file you downloaded.

Method 3) In the WordPress admin dashboard, click on ‘Plugins’ on the left-hand side, click on ‘Add New’ towards the very top of the page, search for ‘wpgamelist’, and then click ‘Install Now’.

USAGE: Simply paste this shortcode on the page or post you’d like to display your library: [wpgamelist_shortcode], visit that page or post on the front-end (like a visitor to your website would do), and look for the “Add a Game” link. Click on it, enter the ISBN number of the game you’d like to add, fill out the other fields (if you’d like, the only required field is the ISBN number), and click ‘Add Game!’


How do I add a game? – On the WordPress Dashboard, click on the ‘WPGameList’ link on the left-hand side (marked by a circular icon outlined in green). Search for a game by it’s title, click ‘Search for Game’, and give it a second as WPGameList returns 10 results just below. Then, simply click on the game you’d like to add, review the information that is automatically placed in the form below, and click ‘Add Game’ – that’s it! If you’d rather not gather information about a game from IGDB, you can manually input game data into the form yourself.

Why can’t WPGameList find my game? – While WPGameList will have no problem finding the vast majority of games by their Titles alone, occasionally WPGameList will come across a title that it simply can’t find information for. WPGameList searches through the database of IGDB for information about a title, but the exact data you see when you visit the IGDB site isn’t always neccessarily available to software products like WPGameList. Also, IGDB functions a bit like Wikipedia, but for games, so if you’d like to contribute by adding a game to IGDB or modifiying the information of an existing game, you can do so!

Do you provide support for WPGameList? – Absolutely! If there’s something just not right about your WPGameList experience, shoot me an e-mail at TechSupport@WPGameList.com. I’m also always open to custom development and modifications, so don’t hesitate to offer ideas and suggestions!

What are all of the Shortcode Options for displaying a Cover Image? – To display the cover image of a game that links to it’s Amazon page, simply place this shortcode on page or post: [showgamecover]. The available options are as follows:

  • Specify a game: title=”The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”
  • Set Alignment: align=”left” or align=”right”
  • Specify Library: table=”nameoflibrary” (leave out to use default library)
  • Set the Display: display=”justimage” or display=”excerpt”
  • Set the Size: width=”100″
  • Specify the Action:

So, for example, to display a game from a library you created named “gameboy”, on the left side of a page or post, with a size of 100, this shortcode would do the trick:

[showgamecover title=”The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening” align=”left” width=”100″ table=”gameboy”]

Simply leave out the table option to use the default library.

If all options are left out of the [showgamecover] shortcode, by default WPGameList will display the first game from your default library, aligned to the left, with a size of 100.

How Can I Translate WPGameList Into My Language Of Choice?

So here’s the kinda-sorta official way to translate WPGameList:

Head to this link: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/wpgamelist

Scroll through the list to find the language and locale/dialect you want to translate WPGameList into, and click on the name. On the next page (which should look something like https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/de/formal/wp-plugins/wpgamelist) click on the “Stable (latest release)”, and simply work your way down the list, translating string by string into whatever language you’re working with. You’ll have to be sure to be logged in (log in here: https://login.wordpress.org/?redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Ftranslate.wordpress.org%2Fprojects%2Fwp-plugins%2Fwpgamelist%2Fstable%2Fde%2Fformal&locale=en_US) before you can provide a translation.

Now when you add these translations, they’ll be saved, and an official member of the WordPress translation team will have to ‘approve’ each one of these translations individually, and it’s usually a first-come-first-served-type thing, meaning it could take quite a while. Luckily, you yourself can apply to be one of these “Official Translators”, with the ability to approve your own translations.

In order to become one of these “Official Translators”, I’ll need to know your official username (the one you used to log in at https://login.wordpress.org/?redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Ftranslate.wordpress.org%2Fprojects%2Fwp-plugins%2Fwpgamelist%2Fstable%2Fde%2Fformal&locale=en_US) and which specific language/dialect you’re wanting to be an “Official Translator” of, and then I can send in a request. E-mail me those two bits of information to general@wpgamelist.com.


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v1.0.0 – Initial Release of WPGameList.

v2.0.0 – Initial Release of The New WPGameList.

v2.0.1 – Added support for Amazon lookup via Google Cloud. Added support for the Storefront Extension. Added Support for the Affiliates Extension.

v2.0.2 – Fixed bug that prevented the StyleSheet from loading when also running WBookList

v2.1.0 – Official release of the ‘New’ version of WPGameList, complete with full support for Extensions and StylePaks. Template Paks coming soon.

v2.1.1 – Fixed a bug that displayed the Platforms within Colorbox in it’s own column, also removed legacy code for Google Books.

v2.1.2 – Prefixed the functions.php and ajaxfunctions.php files with ‘wpgamelist’ to prevent some possible conflicts.

v2.1.2 – Prefixed the functions.php and ajaxfunctions.php files with ‘wpgamelist’ to prevent some possible conflicts.

v2.1.3 – Fixed a bug that automatically created WPGameList Posts, regardless of whether the user wanted one created.

v2.1.4 – Fixed a bug that automatically created WPGameList Posts the editing a title, regardless of whether the user wanted one created.

v2.1.5 – Updated to include WordPress 5.0 support.