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WPeMatico is autoblogging in the blink of an eye! On complete autopilot WPeMatico gets new contents regularly for your site!

WPeMatico is a very easy to use autoblogging plugin. Organized into campaigns, it publishes your posts automatically from the RSS/Atom feeds of your choice.

This plugin offers you a nice interface following the WordPress standards that allows you to manage in every campaign all the feeds you import. In order to make your site more user-friendly, you can fetch contents from multiple feeds and arrange them according to categories.

Requires PHP >= 5.3

For RSS fetching, it uses the Simplepie library included in WordPress or forces to use the external library included in the plugin. As for image processing, it uses the core functions of WordPress. Failing doing the latter, it will use the custom functions with or without cURL.

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  • Campaigns Feeds and options are organized into campaigns.
  • Comfortable interface like Worpress posts editing for every campaign.
  • Multiple feeds / categories / tags.
  • Auto add categories from source posts.
  • Integrated with the Simplepie library that comes with WordPress. This includes RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 formats, the popular RSS 2.0 format, Atom...
  • Feed auto discovery allows you to add feeds without even knowing the exact URL. (Thanks Simplepie!)
  • Unix cron and WordPress cron jobs.
  • For maximum performance, you can make the RSS fetching process be called by an external cron job, or simply let WordPress handle it.
  • Options to set max items per fetch, comments on or off, sets authors and a lot of more options.
  • It allows to publish to any public WordPress Custom post type, status and post formats.
  • Images caching are integrated with WordPress Media Library.
  • The first image attached to a post can be marked as the Featured Image.
  • It is possible to upload & attach only the featured image ignoring the others.
  • You can choose whether to upload images as post attachments or not. Also upload remote images or link to source. Fully configurable.
  • Words or phrases rewriting. Regular expressions supported.
  • Words Relinking. Define custom links for the words or phrases you specify.
  • Words to Category. Define custom words to search into content or title to assign every post to specified category.
  • Detailed Log sending to custom e-mail. On every executed cron or only on errors with a campaign.
  • Option to replace title links (Permalinks) to point to the source site.
  • Post templating before save.
  • Dashboard Widget with campaigns summary.
  • Option to choose what roles can see the dashboard widget.
  • Multilanguage ready.

With lots of amazing and professional features to work with images and content parsers/filters.

Professional Add-on:

  • Allows to delete last HTML tag of post content.
  • Import feed lists to a campaign.
  • Automatic creation of author names based on source or custom typed author.
  • Words count filters. Count how many words there are in the content to assign a category or skip the post.
  • Content can be converted to text and reduced to a desired amount of words or letters.
  • Keywords filtering. You can decide whether to skip a post for certain words in the title or in the content.
  • Custom fields with dynamic values.
  • Filter and delete images in posts content just by width or height for every image.
  • Filter Featured image by width or height on every post.
  • You can upload or set the URL of a Default Featured image if an image is not found on the content.
  • Custom title with/out counter.
  • Strip HTML Tags from titles.
  • Auto Tags Feature. Automatically generates tags taking words from the content. With filters.
  • Supported Custom taxonomies for Custom Post Types.

FULL Content:

  • Don't pay monthly fees until you see all what you can do with a onetime payment. ;-)
  • Gets the full content of the article in the source site taken from every feed item permalink.
  • If gets empty full content then takes the original feed item content.
  • Reads complete content for multi-page articles.
  • Gets the featured image from meta tags of source web page, Open Graph or Twitter images.
  • Gets the title also from source web page instead of feed.
  • Gets the date of the post from the source web page instead of feed.
  • Gets the author also from source web page and optionally create it if not exist.
  • Works automatically with 95% of the websites, but if not, allows set up a configuration file for every domain pointing to what section of the web page must be obtained.
  • Option to force CURL access to source site.
  • Fixes and corrects wrong HTML content.
  • Includes a config file editor to add support for custom domains.
  • Moves all the config files to a local folder to don't overwrite the config files when updates the plugin.

Make me Feed "Good":

  • Create your custom feeds RSS 2.0 with content from external sites in your WordPress blog, regardless of whether or not those have their own feed.
  • It is the perfect complement for WPeMatico together with the Full Content addon.
  • It follows the standards of WordPress editing and code. If you know how to upload a post in WordPress, this is even easier.
  • Unlimited pages of feeds from different sites as any Custom post type of wordpress with own template.
  • Possibility to copy the template to your WordPress theme directory to edit whatever you want.
  • Option to indicate to work with Full Content addon to extract the full contents and place it on each item in the feed.
  • If the Full Content addon is not installed, anyway will get the permanent links with the titles of the main page.

Facebook Fetcher:

  • Uses the whole WPeMatico campaign data to obtain the content from Facebook to be published automatically.
  • Imports from Facebook Groups or Pages.
  • You can get from all pages/groups as you want, just adding one WPeMatico campaign per facebook page/group.
  • Very easy auto-identification og Page ID and Group ID by filling the field with the URL.
  • Also imports the image in big size.
  • You can import also the comments in facebook with the names of the commenters to your site.
  • You can set exactly when must run by setting the scheduler in the WPeMatico campaign.
  • Duplicates control. You can allow duplicates if you set the option in WPeMatico Settings.

Better Excerpts:

  • Set nice and better excerpts in front-end and also in feed contents.
  • Set max size in chars, but cuts the excerpts at the previous end of sentence.
  • Can be used to save the excerpts just for new posts of WPeMatico campaigns.
  • Can be used to parse the excerpts of all posts of your site before shows them in your front-end page.
  • Allows set or not this excerpt content to the RSS items contents.

Publish 2 Email:

  • Sends the fetched posts to an email account. Each campaign allows send the posts to a different email account.
  • Allows publishing remotely by WordPress Post via email, Jetpack Post by Email features or plugins like Postie.
  • If it is configured to not post locally, improves the performance and reduces the server load in both websites.
  • Using the email as interface from WordPress to other Content Management Services: As it sends the contents to an email account, allows to publish contents automatically through an email account from your WordPress with WPeMatico to any CMSs or third party service that can reads emails.

Categories 2 Tags:

  • Takes the categories of the item while fetching a feed and converts them to tags automatically before inserting the post.

WPeMatico SMTP:

  • Add compatibility to use SMTP email method to send emails just from WPeMatico logs and add-ons.

Chinese tags:

  • Automatic chinese tags generated from content phrases, require WPeMatico Free & Professional add-on.
  • Like almost all things in automatic mode, bear in mind that it is not perfect. However, it is better than nothing ;)

FREE & Premium Technical Support

FREE Technical Support:

  • Ask for any problem you may have and you'll get support for free.
  • If it is necessay we will see into your website to solve your issue.

Premium Support:

  • Get access to in-depth setup assistance.
  • Whatever the issue is, we will dig in and do our absolute best to resolve issues for you.
  • We will even log directly into your site to find the problems.
  • You can rest assured knowing that we are going to find an answer, no matter how long it takes.
  • Includes the editing for a config file for one website for Full Content Add-on.

Do you like WPeMatico?

Don't hesitate to give your feedback. It will help making the plugin better. Other contributions (such as new translations or helping other users on the support forum) are welcome !

I took code from many, many other plugins, but for the first beta versions of this plugin I read a lot of code from the old WP-o-Matic and also old versions of BackWPUp. I'm talking about 2009 or 2010. Thanks to the developers ;)

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Author page in spanish:NetMdP. Plugin and Add-ons page:etruel.com.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


10 of 17 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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