WPCasa is a real estate WordPress solution that provides an intuitive way to manage property listings and create first-class real estate websites. No coding required.

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Easy as WordPress

WPCasa fully integrates with the familiar and easy-to-use interface that ships with WordPress. You’ll be a PRO.

Flexible & Extendable

With our custom themes and add-ons you can modularly create a powerful real estate tool tailored to your special needs.

Advanced Property Search

The heart of a real estate website is a decent search. Using the advanced filters your clients will find any listing in seconds.

Intuitive Listing Editor

Adding property details, locations, image galleries and more is a breeze using our intuitive WPCasa listing editor.

Works Out of the Box

Using the existing shortcodes or the powerful template system you can use WPCasa with any WordPress theme out there.

Admin Property Management

You can manage great numbers of listings using the well-organized property list with filters and bulk actions.

Developer Friendly

WPCasa comes with readable & well-documented code with loads of actions, filters and templates for developers to hook in.

Translation Ready

The real estate business is international. And so is WPCasa. The framework and all our add-ons and themes are translation-ready.


  • German (de_DE): Simon Rimkus (WPSight)
  • Spanish (es_ES): Simon Rimkus (WPSight)
  • Portuguese (pt_BR): Walter Barcelos

POT file with text strings is included. If you would like to add a translation and see your name here, please get in touch.

Other Features

  • Handy shortcodes
  • Template system
  • Theme compatibility
  • Comprehensive plugin settings
  • Custom agent user roles
  • Google Maps integration
  • Listing print view
  • Responsive elements
  • schema.org mirco formats
  • Extensive functions API

Custom Post Type

  • Listings (listing)

Custom Taxonomies

  • Locations (location)
  • Listing Types (listing-type)
  • Features (feature)
  • Categories (listing-category)


  • Listings archive
  • Single listing
  • Listing teasers
  • Property search form (horizontal)
  • Property search form (vertical)
  • Plugin settings
  • Property Management


Which shortcodes are included?
  • [wpsight_listings]: Displays a list of your latest properites
  • [wpsight_listings_search]: Displays the property search form
  • [wpsight_listing]: Displays a single listing
  • [wpsight_listing_teasers]: Displays a list of property teasers
  • [wpsight_listing_teaser]: Displays a single property teaser

For more information about shortcodes please read our documentation.

Where can I change currency, measurements etc.?

You can fit general plugin settings to your needs on WP-Admin > WPCasa > Settings > [tab] Listings. Things like listing ID prefix, measurement unit, currency, standard listing features, rental periods and more can be set here.

Is WPCasa free?

Yes, the core features are free. Additionally we offer free and paid add-ons and themes exclusively built for WPCasa.

How can I contribute?

If you find WPCasa an interesting project, please feel free to have a look at our Github repo.


Simple and easy to use with excellent possibilities


Not a first real estate plugin im using or developing on, however probably the simples one because its very alike to wordpress it self. Unclustered and straight forward to understand. At first looks pretty much bare but offers amazing possibilities even without the paid themes. One of rare plugins I bought additions as soon I tested possibilities of the plugin. Works well under pretty heavy usage adding a handful of other plugins. Support is prompt to direct me how to solve if any issue happens. Now if someone expect to get a plugin which have fancy looks and a lot of fancy clicks on backend this ain't right plugin and there is a number of good plugins for that, but if you need a plugin which works, offers great modification possibilities and its simple and fast to configure this is probably best choice. It taken me less than 2 hours to set up from 0 to importing properties in few languages tru XMl.

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  • Tested up to WordPress 4.5.3
  • Added option to enter Google Maps API key


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.5
  • Add Brazilian Portuguese language files
  • Fix typo in German language files
  • Make sure $_GET values in listings search are escaped correctly
  • Make sure wpsight_exclude_unavailable filter works correctly
  • Make sure default rental periods are set correctly
  • Rebuild custom agent profiles fields using CMB2 meta boxes
  • Minor updates in German and Spanish language files


  • Add Spanish language files

  • Add wpsight_profile_agent_update_post_meta filter for WPCasa Polylang


  • Improve maybe_update_gallery()
  • Add missing string in German translation
  • Add property management plugin screenshot

  • Hotfix to avoid fatal error with wpsight_taxonomies() in v1.0.3 and some themes


  • Hide listing label when label is empty
  • Hide rental periods when label is empty
  • Fix default handling in wpsight_get_option()
  • Minor code cosmetics


  • Add wpsight_get_option filter hook
  • Make location fields visible in dashboard
  • Add helper function wpsight_taxonomies()
  • Correct WPSight_Geocode class name


  • Fix custom query pagination (offset must be set or empty string)
  • Fix CMB2 group fields handling through wpsight_meta_boxes filter


  • Initial release

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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