(Formerly WP WebinarSystem) WebinarPress allows you to run webinars within your WordPress website, and customize everything around it.

With WebinarPress you can organize live and automated webinars from within your WordPress website, without any technical skills.

You can use the powerful live stream future of Google Hangouts on air, or any other prerecorded video from YouTube or Vimeo.

You can interact with your attendees by letting them ask questions.

All the webinar pages are responsive, so visitors can attend a webinar from every mobile device or tablet.

You can collect a visitors credentials and export it as a csv or excel file.

WebinarPress also sends reminder emails if you want it to, which you can configure yourself.

How to create a live webinar in WebinarPress:

How to setup your registration page webinar:

For more guides, information & documentation please go to our website: getwebinarpress.com


  • Organize live webinars with Hangouts on Air, Youtube or Vimeo (MP4 video files, iframes and RTMP streams are also available in the Pro version)
  • Customize the styling of every webinar page
  • Use shortcodes to place a registration or login form anywhere in your website
  • Responsive / mobile friendly webinar pages
  • Collect attendees name and email when they sign up
  • Send automatic reminders and customize them to your needs
  • Thank you pages after signing up, with possibility to share on social media
  • Countdown page to show before the event starts
  • Let attendees import the webinar to their Outlook or Google calendar
  • See how many people are online during your webinar
  • Export attendees to text or CSV file
  • Let attendees ask questions during the live event and keep a log of it
  • Give away an incentive during your live webinar or replay
  • Have a replay available for registrants that missed out on the webinar
  • Works with almost any theme
    & more features will be added on a regular base!

There is also a Pro version available, which adds more features and integrations like:

& more functionalities and integrations are on its way!

You can find more information on the Pro version on our website: getwebinarpress.com

Currently WebinarPress comes in the following languages:

  • English – English (en_US)
  • Bulgarian – Български (bg_BG) (Contributed by Radoslav Raychev)
  • Czech – Čeština (cs_CZ)
  • Danish – Dansk (da_DK) (Contributed by Christian Dahlgaard)
  • Dutch – Nederlands (nl_NL) (by Lucy Eind from WebinarPress)
  • Estonian – Eesti (et) (Contributed by Peeter Jürgenson)
  • Finnish – Suomi (fi) (Contributed by Eeva Määttänen, thanks!)
  • French – Français (fr_FR) (Contributed by Florent Souyris)
  • German – Deutsch (de_DE) (Contributed by Christian Zumbrunnen)
  • Greek – Ελληνικά (el_GR) (by Ivana Simic from WebinarPress)
  • Hebrew – (עִבְרִית) (Contributed by Avi Paz)
  • Italian – Italiano (it_IT) (Contributed by Gabriele Lo Cicero)
  • Japanese – 日本語 (ja) (Contributed by Takashi Inohara)
  • Norwegian (Bokmål) – Norsk bokmål (nb_NO) (Contributed by Bjørn Handeland)
  • Persian – فارسی (fa_IR) (Contributed by Reza Maleki)
  • Polish – Polski (pl_PL) (Contributed by Marek Rusak)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) – Português do Brasil (pt_BR) (Contributed by Wanderlei Bonifácio)
  • Portuguese (Portugal) – Português (pt_PT) (Contributed by Sofia Morgado)
  • Romanian – Română (ro_RO) (Contributed by Corneliu Nicoara)
  • Russian – Русский (ru_RU) (Contributed by Oleksandr Terèkhôv)
  • Serbian – Serbia (sr_RS) (by Ivana Simic from WebinarPress)
  • Slovak – Slovenčina (sk_SK) (Contributed by Tomáš Bielik)
  • Spanish (Spain) – Español (es_ES) (Contributed by Cecilio de Leevel)
  • Spanish (Argentina) – Español de Argentina (es_AR) (Contributed by Reuben Castrol)
  • Swedish – Svenska (sv_SE) (Contributed by Per Sparf)
  • Ukrainian – Українська (uk) (Contributed by Oleksandr Terèkhôv)

Especially in need of a Chinese, Arabic and Thai translation!

If you want to help translate this plugin in your language, then please let us know. As a reward you will receive a license for WebinarPress Pro and much love from our users who will use your translation.
If you want to contribute in any other way (writing a review, create (video) tutorials, translate documentation etc.) then please let us know also! Thanks in advance!


  • Frontend: An example of a registration page for a webinar
  • Frontend: An example of a thank you page / ticket page, after a successful registration
  • Frontend: Countdown page (if enabled) while the webinar begins
  • Frontend: Countdown timer disabled waiting page
  • Frontend: An example of a webinar watch page while it's in LIVE status
  • Webinar details and settings page
  • Customize and style everything to your own needs (Settings for Live Page)
  • Customizing the registration page on the backend
  • Settings for automatic email notifications


  1. Upload the entire unzipped folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress admin panel.

You will find the ‘WebinarSystem’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.

For basic usage, please have a look at the website.

How to create a live webinar in WebinarPress:

How to setup your registration page webinar:

For more guides, information & documentation please go to our website: getwebinarpress.com



May 24, 2019
When you uninstall this plugin, it leaves tons of crud in your WP database. It doesn't even remove half of the tables. I highly advise testing this plugin on a non-production site before downloading it to your production site. Bad plugin code.
March 4, 2019
I dislike writing negative reviews and am very sad that it has reached this stage. I bought the paid version of what was then WPWebinar in December 2018 with high hopes of automating my webinars with everything on one page. Whilst the free areas of the plugin work without a hitch (which was what tipped my decision to purchase), the paid for areas have not worked since installation. This was reported within hours of the first failure and tech support responded that this was my fault. Considering that this was entirely possible, I set up again using their instructions. Again, a blank video screen. This time, I was told that it was "another plugin" causing the problem. Switching all my plugins off made no difference. Finally, I became fed up with going back & forth between tech support in February & requested a refund. This was denied because I was over the 30 days after purchase (despite reporting the issue within the time frame and being asked to wait for a fix by their team). After explaining that I was going to explain this to WordPress, another developer contacted me to explain that there was indeed a bug in the plugin and that this would be fixed asap. Now in March, a full three months after payment I still have software that doesn't work, no refund, no explanation. This review was left after a discussion with the WordPress Team who advised me to leave the exact wording here and that whilst they cannot prevent them from selling the paid version via their site, they do not host the paid plugin.
August 31, 2018
I was looking for a tool or host or just anyone who can offer me working auto-webinars, that go together with screencast (the camtasia video hosting site, where you can use CTAs built in the video) and not only vimeo and/or youtube. Finding a way to connect my videos there was the first BIG pro for WP WebinarSystem. I tested the live-Version as well and do like the options you have there - I use auto or live webinar for different target groups. After playing around with the on-board landingpages I found a plugin (Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin) that is free and works perfectly with the shortcode you can use on every wordpress site. So very happy with the landingpage now as well. BUT the really HUGE pro is the support. Whenever I asked a maybe really obvious question I got attenion, reply and a solution. So after going throug ninja, webinaris, clickmeeting (I will keep zoom in adition), webinarjam/everwebinar and some more I decided to stay here, do the work of configuring myself and be free to work with the sources and tools I wish - for a really good price. Thank you!
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Contributors & Developers

“WebinarPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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1.20 – 2019-05-08

  • WordPress 5.2 support
  • Fixed Greek language support
  • General fixes and improvements

1.19 – 2019-03-04

  • WordPress 5.1 support
  • Fixed issue sending preview emails to non-admin email
  • General fixes and improvements

1.18 – 2019-01-21

  • General fixes and improvements

1.17 – 2019-01-19

  • Changed name to WebinarPress
  • WordPress 5.0.3 support
  • General fixes and improvements

1.16 – 2018-12-10

  • WordPress 5.0 support

1.15 – 2018-10-30

  • General fixes and improvements

1.14 – 2018-10-10

  • General fixes and improvements

1.13 – 2018-09-24

  • Update German translation
  • General fixes and improvements

1.12 – 2018-07-25

  • Added email course suggestion
  • Added getting started video
  • Added language localization to the countdown timer
  • Fixed incorrect warning message for MariaDB

1.11 – 2018-05-22

  • Added GDPR compliance elements
  • Added MySQL and PHP version check and notice
  • Fixed webinar type section alignment

1.10.2 – 2018-04-28

  • Fix save webinar settings capability when role is other then admin

1.10.1 – 2018-02-20

  • Add validation for webinar date and time before saving webinar
  • Fix create webinar capability for webinar moderator

1.10 – 2018-01-22

  • Add new role called webinar moderator
  • Add manage questions in roles and permissions tab
  • Improved redirect to thank you page if webinar url is placed in registration shortcode
  • Improved login shortcode by removing url parameter which was there with no purpose

1.9.1 – 2017-11-24

  • Adjusted URL from HOA button on live and replay page settings

1.9 – 2017-11-09

  • Add new button to start HOA broadcast from Youtube site on webinarpages
  • Add switch to hide login tab/form on registration page
  • Add switch to hide registration tab/form on registration page
  • Improved webinar source labels and descriptions
  • Fixed allowing previewing pages for other (assigned) user roles then administrator
  • Removed HOA start button from webinarpages

1.8.1 – 2017-10-11

  • Fix add to calendar button
  • Improved 1 login per email address session for PHP 7.1

1.8 – 2017-08-14

  • Added feature to disable, enable and adjust new registration email notification
  • Added feature to disable, enable and adjust registration confirmation email notification
  • Add attendees link in webinar overview quick menu
  • Improved preview page url’s only visible for webinar host
  • Improved Dutch translation

1.7 – 2017-07-28

  • Added timezone in reminder emails
  • Added 1 login per email address. When logged in with an email that is already logged in, the first device will be automatically logged out from the webinar.
  • Added border color settings for incentive box
  • Added border color settings for question box
  • Added border color settings for host & description box
  • Fixed content text color incentive box
  • Small bug fixes

1.6.12 – 2017-06-20

  • Added other add to calendar buttons on thank you page
  • Added tooltips on live webinar page

1.6.11 – 2017-05-18

  • Added notice in attendee list
  • Fixed conflict with LearnPress

1.6.10 – 2017-04-13

  • Added Webinar dashboard with stats of last 5 webinars
  • Improved RTL support
  • Improved system status report
  • Improved allowing cross origin resource sharing

1.6.9 – 2017-02-10

  • Added switch on settings page to use or disable the styles of the current theme (to prevent conflicting)
  • Added Valentine special

1.6.8 – 2017-01-30

  • Improved call to cronjob from ‘every 1 minute’ to ‘every 5 minutes’
  • Fixed showing private question box in countdown status

1.6.7 – 2017-01-15

  • Added classes to form output registration shortcode
  • Added classes to form output login shortcode

1.6.6 – 2016-12-29

  • Improved performance under the hood, thanks Henrik!
  • Fixed icon in menu

1.6.5 – 2016-12-16

  • Updated Dutch translation
  • Tested with WordPress 4.7

1.6.4 – 2016-11-24

  • Added webinar link to calendar items
  • Updated French translation, thanks Julia Galindo!
  • Fixed conflict with Divi 3 icons
  • Fixed issue with IT Consultant theme

1.6.3 – 2016-10-21

  • Fixed background color of the thankyou page which wasn’t working
  • Fixed issue with Zerif Lite theme
  • Fixed issue with Monarch plugin

1.6.2 – 2016-10-07

  • Added functionality to hide the social share box on the thankyou page
  • Fixed issue with Ultra theme

1.6.1 – 2016-09-21

  • Added Norwegian translation (Contributed by Bjørn Handeland, thanks!)
  • Added Estonian translation (Contributed by Peeter Jürgenson, thanks!)
  • Added Japanese translation (Contributed by Takashi Inohara, thanks!)
  • Introducing the access tab which let Pro users configure which users/members have access to the webinar
  • Fixed issue with Lastpoint theme

1.6 – 2016-08-30

  • Added URL redirect to a custom thank you page in the registration shortcode
  • Added custom button text parameter in registration and login shortcodes
  • Added tooltips for the control bar for better UX
  • Added Finnish translation (Contributed by Eeva Määttänen, thanks!)
  • Added Portuguese Brazil translation (Contributed by Wanderlei Bonifácio, thanks!)
  • Improved duplicating webinars won’t copy the existing amount of views anymore
  • Fixed issue with access press anonymous post plugin
  • Fixed conflict with Customizr theme
  • Fixed linkedin share button which wasn’t working correctly
  • Improved performance
  • Improved by disabling the archive page for webinars post type, so you can create a page with permalink ‘webinars’
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Tested with WordPress 4.6

1.5.1 – 2016-06-30

  • Added Czech translation
  • Improved system report with PHP memory limit value
  • Improved system report with server timezone value
  • Improved error when no webinar date or time is set. Error is hidden on frontend, and there is a admin notice on the backend about the webinar in particular.
  • Fixed error which showed on backend after hiding the content or description box on the registration page
  • Fixed issue with height of video content in certain WP environments
  • Fixed issue with the preview email functionality

1.5 – 2016-05-13

  • Added shortcode for registration form
  • Added shortcode for login form
  • Added switch to hide description box on registration page
  • Added switch to hide content box on registration page
  • Added functionality to align registration and login form to left/center/right of the registration page, when content box is hidden.
  • Added Server time and Server Timezone to the system report.
  • Added Hebrew (עִבְרִית) translation (Contributed by Avi Paz, thanks!)
  • Added Bulgarian (Български) translation (Contributed by Radoslav Raychev, thanks!)
  • Added Danish (Dansk) translation (Contributed by Christian Dahlgaard, thanks!)
  • Improved button on the Thank you page, which is now shown in every webinar status.
  • Fixed error on countdown page
  • Fixed asking a question in Firefox won’t reload the page during a webinar anymore
  • Fixed line breaks in the description box
  • Stability fixes

1.4.2 – 2016-03-29

  • Adjusted plugin name to WP WebinarSystem Lite
  • Added option to show/hide the video controls
  • Added quotation marks around webinar title on countdown page and calendar events.
  • Added ability to show or hide the webinar title on the live and replay page
  • Improved code structure
  • Improved RTL support
  • Improved responsive issues on live page
  • Improved amount of webinars shown in dropdown list of questions page.
  • Improved alignment on countdown page
  • Bugfixes

1.4.1 – 2016-02-12

  • Added support for different timezones, so your webinar can run in a certain timezone while your website default is in another.
  • Improved amount of webinars shown in attendee list doesn’t have a limit anymore.
  • Bugfixes

1.4 – 2016-02-06

  • Fixed charset in mail so special characters will be shown now
  • Fixed html email issues
  • Fixed conflicting styling issues with other plugins
  • Fixed Default text on webinar login button
  • Improved login process for webinar host which is automatically redirected now to the webinar page when logged in
  • Improved Styling options for the replay page
  • Improved Styling options for the live page
  • Improved Styling and margin on the thank you page
  • Improved and cleaned the code
  • Added Hangouts on Air button for faster Livestream creation
  • Added message center for the webinar host to view private messages in the control bar on the webinar page
  • Added functionality to activate/deactivate the question box in realtime as a webinar host
  • Added Russian translation (Contributed by Oleksandr Terèkhôv, thanks!)
  • Added Ukrainian translation (Contributed by Oleksandr Terèkhôv, thanks!)
  • Added Persian translation (Contributed by Reza Maleki, thanks!)
  • Added Spanish (Spain) translation (Contributed by Cecilio de Leevel, thanks!)
  • Added Spanish (Argentina) translation (Contributed by Reuben Castrol, thanks!)
  • Added Swedish translation (Contributed by Per Sparf, thanks!)
  • Added French translation (Contributed by Florent Souyris, thanks!)

1.3.1 – 2016-01-05

  • Fixed issue with webinar URL not showing on webinar settings page
  • Added styling for registration box when registration for webinar is disabled
  • Lots of bugfixes

1.3 – 2015-11-27

  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar button
  • Fixed content issue in description box that prevented using HTML in it.
  • Fixed content issue in the incentive box
  • Improved questions page so it’s possible to select and delete questions
  • Improved system report
  • Improved question form, the fields are now pre-populated with the details of the attendee
  • Added functionality to style the ‘ask question’ button on the webinar page
  • Added functionality to export all questions as a text file
  • Added Greek translation (Contributed by Ivana Simic from WP WebinarSystem, thanks!)
  • Added Italian translation (Contributed by Gabriele Lo Cicero, thanks!)
  • Added Polish translation (Contributed by Marek Rusak, thanks!)
  • Added Portuguese translation (Contributed by Sofia Morgado, thanks!)
  • Added Romanian translation (Contributed by Corneliu Nicoara, thanks!)
  • Added Serbian translation (Contributed by Ivana Simic from WP WebinarSystem, thanks!)
  • Added Slovak translation (Contributed by Tomáš Bielik, thanks!)

1.2.1 – 2015-10-25

  • Bugfix

1.2 – 2015-10-24

  • Improved Vimeo content type. –> Using Vimeo as a videosource? Adjust your Vimeo links! Use the Vimeo video ID from now on!
  • Added new controlbar on live page for the website admin to see number of attendees etc
  • Added a separate login form as tab to sign in to the webinar
  • Improved checkboxes to switches for better user experience
  • Added German translation (Contributed by Christian Zumbrunnen, thanks!)
  • Improved the System Info report
  • Fixed some issues with the “Go to webinar” button, which wouldn’t work on some environments

1.1 – 2015-09-15

  • Fixed font conflicts with the WordPress theme
  • Introducing the Permission Controller, allows you to control capabilities of the plugin for user roles

1.0 – 2015-08-13

  • First release