CSV Importer & Exporter


Rated as one of the Top 500 plugins by WPMETA.ORG. The only well managed, supported and regularly updated importer plugin with great track record. Manage your wordpress content as simple as in a spreadsheet editor like Microsoft Excel or Open Office etc.

Ultimate CSV Importer is an import and export tool that helps to build a WordPress site at the drop of a hat by importing Post, Page, Custom Post, Users, Comments, WordPress Custom Fields & CustomPress fields, Reviews of WP Customer Reviews and SEO fields of All in One SEO. The plugin supports export and import of all Custom Post Types. The import is for selective modules, but the export is for all the core modules along with few third party plugins.

The image can be imported from external URL like Google image, pixabay, shutterstock, etc,. The images are imported in the background with the help of WP-CRON to enhance the performance. You can easily configure your WP-Cron for faster import.

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Modules supported in Import and Export

  • Core Modules – Post, Page, Custom Post, Comments and Users.
  • Custom Post – CPT UI, CustomPress and default WordPress Custom Post.
  • Custom Field – CustomPress, WordPress default Text & Textarea fields of Types, Pods, etc,.
  • SEO field – Free version of All in One SEO.
  • Reviews – WP Customer Reviews

Modules supported in Export

  • Core Modules – Category, Tag, Custom Taxonomy, Customer Reviews, Comments.
  • eCommerce Products – WooCommerce, MarketPress, WP e-Commerce.
  • Custom fields and SEO fields imported along with these modules can be exported.

Highlighted Feature

  • High performance rocket speed import.
  • Imports image from an external URLs.
  • Optimized database with enhanced duplicate handling.
  • WordPress core custom fields can be dynamically registered on the flow of import.
  • Import static & dynamic content on the flow of import.
  • Post type import with terms & taxonomies with any of depth of parent-child values.
  • Send email to newly imported User with auto generated password information.
  • Can be used in WordPress multisite.
  • Post Type import along with multi category & multi tag.
  • CSV with any delimiter in UTF-8 format can be imported.
  • Exports all the imported files of different modules with filters.


  • The Users module is disabled in multisite.
  • Featured image from password protected image location can’t be imported.
  • All languages supported by WordPress can be imported in UTF-8 without BOM format.

Ultimate CSV Importer PRO

CSV Importer PRO has all the features of WP Ultimate CSV Importer and it is extended with a lot of features that enables to import, schedule, update and export CSV files. The import details over a year is in dashboard chart to easily track the site updates in a fraction of a second. Any changes like modifying existing content or appending new content can be done in simple update flow. You can also update or import periodically with scheduler. The update or schedule is done with the templates which is created with mapped fields in the mapping section of the import. The export option enables to export the imported modules as CSV based on the filters.

Supported Modules To Import and Export

  • Core Module – Post, Page, Custom Post, Comments, Category, Tags, Users, Customer Reviews.
  • eCommerce Products – WooCommerce, MarketPress, WP e-Commerce & eShop.
  • SEO field – Free & Pro version of All in One SEO and Yoast SEO.
  • Multilingual – WPML & qTranslate X
  • Image – NextGEN Gallery
  • Events Management – Events Manager FREE & Pro
  • Custom fields – CustomPress, ACF, Types, Pods, CCTM & WordPress default Text & Textarea fields.
  • Custom Post – CustomPress, Types, Pods, CPT UI, CCTM & default WordPress Custom Post.

Highlighted Feature of PRO

  • Import image from external URL along with the advanced SEO option.
  • Rename featured image loaded from external URL.
  • Import CSV from FTP and SFTP location.
  • WPML & qTranslate X add-on support.
  • Supports WooCommerce product import along with 6 WooCommerce add-on.
  • Imports products of MarketPress Lite & PRO version add-on.
  • Registers Custom Fields of ACF (FREE & Pro), Types, Pods and WordPress fields in the flow of import.
  • Imported modules can be managed in the File manager.
  • Detailed logs are maintained in the Log manager.
  • Duplicate handling with any of the WordPress field.
  • Import all the supported features of CSV Importer plugin with Rest API.
  • Extendable for your needs with API.

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FAQ and Troubleshooting tips


  • Dashboard view of the importer.
  • Upload section of CSV.
  • Simple Drag and Drop mapping.
  • Mapping view of the uploaded CSV fields with WordPress fields.
  • Detailed real-time log.
  • Settings with php.ini details.
  • Downloadable log manager for all imported events.


  1. Extract the wp-ultimate-csv-importer.zip in wordpress/wp-content/plugins using FTP or with plugin install in wp-admin.
  2. Activate the plugin in WordPress plugin list.


Installation Instructions
  1. Extract the wp-ultimate-csv-importer.zip in wordpress/wp-content/plugins using FTP or with plugin install in wp-admin.
  2. Activate the plugin in WordPress plugin list.
Common Issues
  1. What are reasons for my import to break?
    Import may hang due to the following reasons

    • CSV not properly validated.
    • CSV not properly encoded to UTF-8.
    • System Requirements are not matched the required values.
  2. How to validate a CSV?
    CSV Importer plugin allows you to import CSVs that are validated. So kindly validate your CSV using CSV Lint. Your CSV may have any escape characters and misplaced skip characters which may cause the import to cease.

  3. What are the supported CSV Formats?
    Wordpress CSV Importer plugin recognizes only the UTF-8 encoded characters. You can check on the UTF-8 encode with CSV Lint. Any chance if you are using Excel, we recommend you to use Google Sheets. Excel will miss some characters to be encoded to proper UTF-8.

  4. What are the Minimum Requirements needed to upload CSV?
    Basic System Requirements need to be met to upload a CSV with bulk of records. Kindly check your System Requirements by Settings → Security and Performance on CSV Importer plugin settings tab. You have to increase the system requirements values to the minimum values mentioned in the plugin.

  5. Why my featured images not getting uploaded?
    The importer uploads images in the background for faster performance and it requires WP-Cron to be enabled. You can easily configure WP-Cron for smooth and speedy import.

  6. What are the supported custom fields in FREE version?
    The importer supports default WordPress Text and Text area fields of Types, Pods, etc,.. You can also import the Text & Text area fields created with custom codes in WordPress standards.

For more FAQ, you can refer here.


Waste of time.

It works very strange. Does not import features knows how. I started another plugin and it worked. So the problem was not in my CSV file. I do not advise. Waste of time.

Cannot import more than a single row

When i finally think that i just found my ultimate CSV importer, i just noticed that it is not reliable at all, more than that, after kindly following instructions, putting the right settings and formating/validating again and again my CSV file with CSV Lint, it still does not add more than a single row (only the first one),

is it serious ? more than that when doing importation, displays stucks and there is no output at all in the bottom of the page

It probably works fine, but if doesn’t – it doesn’t show why…

It probably works, most of users are happy.
I was testing on small csv file, just 67 records. No Post content, just titles. No images. No Categories (taxonomy).
In “Log section”, first sentence is “Import Successfully Completed” and then 67 times “Message: Can’t insert this post”.
When clicked on “Verify Import and close” it simply took me to the plugin’s start page – no AMY message or note or warning…
When clicked on “Click here to download the log” button – downloading failed, there is no log file on my computer.
I have screenshots if the developers are interested.
So, as I said, most likely I’m doing something wrong, but if I can’t find/see WHAT am I doing wrong the app is done poorly. I’m web developer for over 20 years, and I know thing or two about app developments, so something’s wrong here.
I don’t mind to purchase the service (actually, I would do that because the project I just started is rather huge) but want to be sure it’s the right tool for my project.


Excellent support

The product is really good, and the support is excellent. They were tireless supporting me until my issues were solved.

Excellent plugin and great support!

This plugin is an absolute time-saver. I have the full purchased version and am very happy with the purchase. I recently had a couple issues with the functionality not working as planned and the developers have been prompt to respond with working solutions. Cannot get any better than that!

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Contributors & Developers

“CSV Importer & Exporter” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Addons support


  • Modified: Hide the filter based on Condition.
  • Fixed: data loss when page refresh (export).
  • Fixed: warning during Upload.
  • Fixed: user export above 1000records.
  • Fixed: Custom Field Suite issue.
  • Fixed: Forced quotes issue.


  • Added: Prevent loss of Mapping data
  • Added: Custom field group plug-in support
  • Added: Maintenance mode
  • Added: Inclusion feature
  • Updated: Exclude selection as include selection in export module
  • Fixed: User import
  • Fixed: Delimiter issue
  • Fixed: Advance Mapping issues
  • Fixed: Post status in Mapping
  • Fixed: Featured image in Mapping
  • Fixed: Post comment in Mapping
  • Fixed: Export page radio button based on plug-in activation
  • Fixed: Comment Export
  • Fixed: Text changes


  • Added: Advance mapping view with Drag ‘n’ Drop support.
  • Added: Ultimate member plugin support for Users Import.
  • Fixed: Issue with Post format.
  • Fixed: Month order in dashboard charts.
  • Added: Latest version support on All In One SEO
  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 4.7.3.


  • Fixed: Broken when SCRIPT_DEBUG is true. Solved.
  • Fixed: Issue in duplicate handling to skip the duplicate records.
  • Added: Missing font “glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff2”.
  • Removed: Unwanted console warnings.
  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 4.7.2.


  • Added: Language Support for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch & Russian.
  • Added: Restriction to show “Admin dashboard widget” only for users with Admin role. Solved
  • Added: Notice to enable wp-cron to populate the feature images. Solved.
  • Added: Warning messages to notify when uploads directory is missing, insufficient permission to access and uploaded file size exceeds your server limits.
  • Added: Duplicate handling feature to skip the duplicate records.
  • Added: Canonical URL support in All in One SEO data import.
  • Improved: CSV export performance.
  • Fixed: All custom fields in WP installation adding to a Post. Solved.
  • Fixed: Mixing up of Custom taxonomies while assigning a term to Post. Solved.
  • Fixed: Adding unwanted data before and after post content. Solved.
  • Fixed: Issue with Post Category & Tags export.
  • Fixed: Missing up of SEO fields in mapping section.
  • Fixed: Issue in exporting All in one SEO fields.
  • Fixed: Issue in assigning page template (wp_page_template).
  • Removed: Warnings in migration script.



  • Added: Compatibility from PHP 5.3.


  • Fixed: WP Customer Reviews import feature.


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 4.7 and PHP 7.
  • Added: Option to replace imported CSV file value with static and dynamic value.
  • Added: Image image import from external URL
  • Added: Send email to newly imported User with Password Information
  • Added: Any Custom Post Type import.
  • Added: Post Type import with terms & taxonomies with any depth of parent-child hierarchy.
  • Improved: High speed import with enhanced UI.
  • Improved: User role import with capability value or role name in CSV


  • Fixed: Browse button disappears in 3.11.0 https://wordpress.org/support/topic/browse-button-disappears-in-3110


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 4.5.3.
  • Added: menu_order field Import for Custom Post Type.
  • Added: Support for comma and pipeline separation in multi category & taxonomies import.
  • Added: Compatibility to export WooCommerce fields with WooCommerce version 2.6.1.
  • Updated: Help links of Product page & Live Demo.
  • Fixed: Issues in Taxonomies, Categories & Tags export.
  • Fixed: Issue in export by status filter.


  • Improvements: Can export any number of records from WordPress site.
  • Fixed: Issue in ACF relationship field export.


  • Improvements: Duplicate image handling. Option to skip or rename image as image_name-number if image name is same as existing media image name.


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 4.5
  • Fixed: Environment issue with custom port id in MAMP.


  • Modified: CSVParser Engine with SmackCSVParser, a high-speed robust parser.


  • Added: Post parent now supports for post title and post name.
  • Fixed: jQuery conflicts.


  • Added: PHP 7 compatibility.
  • Added: Support for all post date formats.
  • Fixed: Featured image and Inline image naming issues.
  • Fixed: Auto mapping issues in Custom Fields and SEO Fields.


  • Added: Localize script for multi-language support.
  • Added: WordPress 4.4.1 compatibility.
  • Improved: Code cleanups with WordPress standards.
  • Fixed: Vulnerability security issue.
  • Fixed: Export issue.
  • Fixed: Custom Taxonomy import issue.
  • Fixed: User mail notification on new user imports.
  • Fixed: Category & Tag import issue in eShop module.
  • Removed: Mod security check.


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 4.4.
  • Modified: Support page UI.
  • Fixed: Post date issue.
  • Fixed: Custom Post Type listing issue.


  • Added: Restriction to view the image without password for protected status content.
  • Modified: Settings page UI.
  • Fixed: post_status mandatory validation issue.
  • Fixed: SEO Fields mapping issue.
  • Fixed: Known issues in export.
  • Fixed: Mandatory validation issues.
  • Fixed: Console TypeError issue.


  • Modified: Changed the Dashboard view.


  • Added : Text domain for language translation system.
  • Fixed : Detect duplicate issue.


  • Added : Compatibility for WordPress 4.3.1.
  • Added : Grouped core custom field in mapping section.
  • Added : Image import with spaces in image name.
  • Fixed : Module entry count in dashboard issue.
  • Fixed : Duplication of image in media gallery.


  • Added : Compatibility for WordPress 4.2.3 and 4.2.4.
  • Added : Export by specific date and author option in comments.
  • Fixed : warnings triggered in console.
  • Fixed : XSS vulnerability.
  • Removed : ../../../../../../wp-load.php and replaced with WordPress Ajax call.
  • Removed : Direct usage of wp-content.


  • Added : Multi language support (fr_FR,es_ES,nl_NL).
  • Added : Inline image handling with shortcode along with image attributes.
  • Added: Any delimiter support for CSV export.
  • Fixed: Warnings and bugs Fixes


  • Added : WordPress 4.2.2 compatibility.
  • Fixed : Allow Editor/Author to import.(Multisite also).


  • Fixed: Vulnerability security issue.


  • Added: WordPress 4.2 and 4.2.1 compatibility.
  • Fixed: Blank page issue conflicts.


  • Added: Security fix for curl.
  • Added: Security fix for session status.


  • Fixed: Featured image hot link issue.


  • Added: Hot security fix in readfile.php.


  • Added: WordPress 4.1.1 compatibility.
  • Improved: Inline image import feature.
  • Added recursive method to assign the image.
  • Fixed: Featured image naming issue. Solved
  • Removed: Warnings.


  • Improved: Post Format.
  • Fixed: Export eShop content issue.
  • Fixed: Import with image name issue.
  • Fixed: Groups plugin conflict.


  • Added: Terminate & Continue option in import.
  • Improved: Log section.
  • Fixed: Web View & Admin View issue.
  • Fixed: Security issue in export module.


  • Fixed: Security issue.


  • Added: WordPress 4.0 compatibility.
  • Added: https format support for all WP instances.
  • Added: Warning to guide user to create uploads directory with writable permissions.
  • Improved: Security and performance tab under settings module.
  • Fixed: Featured image handling issues.
  • Fixed: Multisite compatibility issue.
  • Fixed: All console warnings.
  • Removed: Post Content field mandatory option.


  • Added: Debug mode enable/disable options.
  • Modified: Menu order changes.


  • Fixed: Minor bugs.


  • Added: Export features for all missing modules.
  • Fixed: All console warnings and reported logs.


  • Fixed: Dashboard chart issue in multi site.
  • Modified: UI to improve usability.
  • Fixed: Groups plugin conflicts.


  • Added : Inline image support with advanced media handling.
  • Added: PDO check.


  • Added: WordPress 4.0 compatibility.
  • Added: Advanced export features with filter options.
  • Improved: Advanced log section.
  • Fixed: jQuery issues.


  • Added: eShop import support.
  • Added: WordPress 3.9.2 compatibility.
  • Fixed: Conflicts with other plugins.


  • Fixed: Hot security issue.


  • Fixed: Multi-site support issue.
  • Fixed: Duplicate import issue.
  • Fixed: Security issue.


  • Added: Interactive graphs and charts in plugin dashboard.
  • Added: Admin dashboard widgets.
  • Added: Users and comments export feature.
  • Added: Auto delimiter handling.
  • Added: Auto mapping feature.
  • Added: Allow authors to access import features.


  • Added: post_format attribute support.
  • Added: page_template attribute.
  • Added: update_post_meta for duplicate meta issue
  • Fixed: TypeError issue in jQuery.


  • Added: All in One SEO Pack import support.
  • Added: WordPress 3.9.1 compatibility.


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 3.9.
  • Added: Export feature for Posts, Page, Custom Post.
  • Fixed: Reported bugs
  • Removed: all warnings.


  • Import posts with author names as numerical apart from User ID
  • Added: menu_order attribute import
  • Added: Auto image rename option
  • Option to cancel an partial import at middle
  • Improved image handling even special characters in URL
  • Import can handle image URLs without any extensions
  • User reported bugs fixed


  • User reported issue fixes
  • Activation and other plugin conflict issue solved like Jet pack
  • Admin UI freezing issues – screen option, Help links issues fixed.
  • WYSIWYG editor UI issue fixed.


  • Combined major release version of 3.5 and 3.4
  • Improved MVC structure.
  • Improved User interface with drag and drop feature.
  • Improved: WordPress 3.8.1 compatibility added.
  • Module based system allows simplify UI
  • Added: Detailed log feature added.
  • Added: Support and Useful links added.
  • Added: Support made easy now from plugin.


  • Added: Multisite compatibility except User import.
  • Added: Comments, Users modules mandatory fields validation added.
  • Improved: Removed unwanted warnings.


  • Added: WordPress 3.8 compatibility.
  • Added: Bulk users with role import feature.
  • Added: Comments import feature with relevant post ids.


  • Added: WordPress 3.7.1 compatibility added.
  • Added: Different media path support added.
  • Added: Sub folder installations support added.
  • Improved: Updated plugin directory path.
  • Improved: Removed unwanted warnings.
  • Improved: Performance check.


  • Added: WordPress 3.6.1 compatibility added.
  • Added: Mapping UI improved with on select dynamic update feature
  • Added: Help content added
  • Fixed: Post slug issue fixed and tested for 3.6 and 3.6.1


  • Improved: Performance improvements on SQL and CSV parsing
  • Fixed: Plugin deactivation issue fixed and updated the code.
  • Fixed: Links in the cells makes problems with the “quote”
  • Fixed: Loading content from more than one column
  • Fixed: Custom Post type issues fixed


  • Improved: User interface improvements
  • Improved:WordPress 3.6 compatibility added, Much Improved UI.
  • Fixed: Featured image issues fixed for WordPress-3.6.


  • Improved: Much Improved Featured Image feature
  • Fixed: Image URL for featured image issues fixed
  • Fixed: PHP 5.4 upgrade fix


  • Added: Category in numerics are restricted and skipped to Uncategorized
  • Added: Protected status password inclusion as {password}.
  • Added: Post authors can be User ID or name
  • Improved: Much improved work flow
  • Improved: Add custom field option improved.
  • Improved: Date format handling improved
  • Improved: Any Date format is supported now
  • Improved: Future scheduling and status improved
  • Improved: Can apply post status for individual post via CSV itself
  • Improved: Featured image handling improved and fixed. More improvement are scheduled.
  • Improved: Duplicate check options improved for both title and content option.
  • Improved: Post author issue fixed and improved
  • Improved: Wrong user id or name are automatically assigned under admin
  • Improved: Multi category and tags improved
  • Fixed: Custom Field mapping and import fixed
  • Fixed: Overall Status option improved and issue fixed
  • Fixed: Password field fixed for Protected
  • Fixed: Status as in CSV option improved and fixed


  • Added: Added more post status options
  • Added: Publish, Sticky, Private, Draft and Pending Status for whole import
  • Added: Protected status with a common password option added
  • Added: “Status as in CSV” to assign status for individual post through CSV as ID or Field Tag
  • Added: User ID and User Name support for Post author feature added
  • Added: In case of missing or false IDs post assigned to admin as draft
  • Added: Add Custom Field Text box auto-filled with CSV header tag.
  • Added: Duplicate detection for post content and post title added as options.
  • Added: User can choose either one or both to avoid duplicate issues.
  • Improved: 6 Standard date format added as drop down to choose.
  • Improved: Renamed post_name as post_slug to avoid confusion
  • Improved: Mapping Fields
  • Improved: Field tags are formatted to support auto mapping option (next milestone)
  • Improved: Listed custom fields with prefix as CF: Name for easy identification.
  • Fixed: Date format conflict at import fixed.


  • Fixed: Major Bug fixed
  • Fixed: Added UTF-8 support.
  • Fixed: Fixed HTML tag conflicts.


  • Major issues fixed and updated to WordPress-3.5.1 compatibility.


  • Update to WordPress-3.5 compatibility.


  • WPDEBUG errors fixed. CSV import folder changed to WP native uploads folder.


  • Renamed the mapping field attachment as featured_image and category as post_category.


  • Added featured image import feature along with post/page/custom post.


  • Bug fixed to recognize the trimmed trailing space in the CSV file
  • Added validation for the duplicate field mapping.


  • Added features to import multiple tags and categories with different delimiters.


  • Initial release version. Tested and found works well without any issues.