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A plugin for displaying the time since a particular post or page was written.

Example Output: 1 day, 20 hours ago.


Released under the GNU General Public License.


If your local time is the same as your serverís time insert this code within Ďthe post/page loopí: <?php wp_time_since(); ?>

If your local time differs from your servers time then read on. The first thing youíll need to do is find the difference in hours between the server and you.

Example 1: Server time = 15:00 Your time = 16:00 Difference = 1

Example 2: Server time = 16:00 Your time = 15:00 Difference = -1

Example 3: Server time = 15:00 Your time = 15:00 Difference = 0

Code to find the server time: <?php echo time(); ?>

Then you put the difference between the two brackets in the code:

Example 1 Code: <?php wp_time_since(1); ?>

Example 2 Code: <?php wp_time_since(-1); ?>

Example 3 Code: <?php wp_time_since(); ?>


You can modify the plugin to suit your own needs by clicking on edit next to the pluginís name in your plugin management section. Youíll notice that there are a set of parameters at the top of the page which you can modify for your own needs. If you need help then leave a comment on my site and Iíll see what I can do.

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