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WP Team List

Display your teammates anywhere on your WordPress site using this easy-to-use plugin.

WP Team List is a plugin that helps you to create a simple team site using your WordPress users with various display options. Either use a shortcode, a template tag or the built-in widget to display blog authors.

After creating similar functionality for a couple of clients, we decided to roll our knowledge into this simple plugin. It's really straightforward to use:

First of all, the plugin adds a small checkbox to the user profile in WordPress to toggle its visibility in the team list. This means you can decide for every user whether he should show up in the team list or not.

You can then use one of these ways to display the list anywhere on your site.


Use the wp_team_list hook to directly display the users in your theme or plugin.

For example, you can show users of any role ordered by their name:

echo do_action( 'wp_team_list', array( 'role' => 'all', 'orderby' => 'name' ) );

Note: WP Team List supports many of the arguments WP_User_Query supports.


Use the [wp_team_list] shortcode to display a team list in your posts. Supported arguments:

  • role - Filter users by roles (comma-separated).
    Use all to show users with any role.
    Default: administrator
  • orderby
    Default: post_count
  • order - Either asc or desc.
    Default: desc.
  • include - Filter users with specific IDs (comma-separated).
  • has_published_posts - Filter users with published posts.
    Either a comma-separated list of post types or true to filter by all post types.


[wp_team_list role="author" orderby="last_name" order="desc"]

Pro tip: If you use the Shortcake WordPress plugin, you'll get an inline preview of the shortcode right in the visual editor. You can also add the shortcode with the click of a button.


Want do display the team members in your sidebar? Use the built-in WordPress widget. You can set the role you want, the number of users to show and even link to a separate team page.

Requires: 4.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 100+


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