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WordPress SugarCRM Integration - A CRM Sugar WordPress Form Builder For Contacts and Lead Capture

An easy and advanced SugarCRM webform generator for WordPress to capture leads. WP Sugar is also a WordPress SugarCRM Integration that syncs your Word

WP Sugar Free plugin is now part of WP Leads Builder For Any CRM, a combined plugins for all CRM like wp tiger, wp sugar free, wp zoho plugins with more features. Users are advised to download the new plugins no future updates or support will be available for this plugin.

Version 1.2 is available with debug mode enable and disable options in settings along with menu changes. CRM Sugar WordPress Form Builder For Contacts and Lead Capture or WP Sugar CRM plugin is now fully automated to fetch and generate a web form from sugar crm fields. It is never easy before to make, edit, alter, control & manage web forms for sugar crm. Just few simple steps and clicks, one time set up, set it and forget features reduces ton of time and pain of creating manual html sugar forms. No need to worry about missing a single lead capture in future.

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WP-Sugar plugin is a simple, advanced, easy to one time setup CRM Sugar WordPress Form Builder For Contacts and Lead Capture for your WordPress site and blog.

  • No HTML
  • No Manual Work
  • Simple Setup
  • User friendly UI
  • More Options
  • Short Code Featured
  • Dynamically Generated
  • Add, Edit fields at any time
  • Easy Manageable

It helps to generate a web forms in very simple steps and few clicks via user friendly plugin interface as shortcode.

  1. Install and configure your CRM Sugar details
  2. Go and click Fetch CRM fields button
  3. Enable the required fields for the capture form
  4. Save and use the short code to publish a capture form

Short code can be used in page, post or widget as a contact/capture form to convert your traffic/visitors as high potential leads to SugarCRM. No need to create, configure, copy and paste form html from SugarCRM to your website. This involves lot of manual work and time. Rather WP Sugar CRM is a advanced CRM Sugar WordPress Form Builder makes this easy in matter of time as short code directly in plugin interface without switching to SugarCRM.

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Get Pro Power Features, check here

Wiki and Documentation

Video Walkthrough

Pro Version Features - Unlimited Forms with different field set - Advanced controls like change position order, make mandatory and label name etc - Simple Shortcode manager - Assign User for captured leads / contacts Advantages of WordPress SugarCRM Integration Automated Multi Web Forms Builder Pro

With many inbuilt advanced features users can pull crm sugar fields from leads and contacts module using “Fetch CRM Fields” button. Also from the form generator UI you can

Enable / Disable visibility a field
Rearrange the field position order
Change the Field Label name to display
Make or fields mandatory or not
Generate unlimited, simple, tiny and advanced web forms as short codes
Use Short codes in pages and posts
And even as in text widgets.
Manage, alter, edit and control forms created at any time
Assign a sugar user to each form captured data
No need to switch interface, just do it from WP Admin
Widget form is useful to show your forms in any of your widget area like site wide side bar for increased visibility. The pro version uses the safest crm sugar web services api to connect and communicate with WordPress.

Kindly click here to read more about WP Sugar Pro features and live demo

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.7
Last Updated: 2015-3-3
Active Installs: 100+


1.7 out of 5 stars


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