WP Simple Rss Feed Reader


Plugin to view an rss feed on your page or post. As a shortcode or widget


Simple solution that works.

Jenni McKinnon

It pulls in any number of posts you wish from an RSS feed to form a list that includes links and excerpts that you can add to any page with a shortcode.

Images are also pulled in where available and you can choose whether to include them and how long excerpts should be. You can also display the original post date and origin of the post.

You can also use the shortcode multiple times to pull in posts from different feeds.

It works well and it's both a simple and convenient way to display posts from an RSS Feed on the front end.

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  • The first release


  • first complete stable release with a widget functionality


  • fixed the bug where feeds with oldschool & and ? sighns weren’t working


  • removed utf8 decoding, was causing trouble on special characters


  • added a limit function to the shortcode


  • added the option to shorten read more link (widget)
  • added the option to not display descriptions (widget)


  • error catching on invalid feeds
  • added option to limit the words in the description
  • added configuration options in the shorttag


  • error catching on invalid feeds > improved
  • added option to show the pubDate in shorttag and widget
  • cleanup of files


  • added options to remove all url/links and just show the texts


  • added options to show images (media or enclosed thumbnails) show_image, default on
  • removed link on top of list (you should add this yourself if you want)

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