A common request for the WP REST API is to limit the fields returned by the API. Modifying the underlying response objects is not recommended as this is likely to cause compatibility issues with other consumers of the API; this plugin instead allows consumers to specify the data that they need using the JMESPath query language for JSON to request only the data that they need from the response.


The plugin checks REST API requests for the _query parameter; if present it treates this as a JMESPath expression and applies it to the response, e.g.

curl -s --globoff  "http://my.wordpress.site/wp-json/wp/v2/pages?_query=[0:2].{id: id, title: title.rendered}"

could be used to select only the first two posts (with the [0:2] slice) and from there build an object with id and title fields selected from id and title.rendered.

The JMESPath site has an interactive tutorial and examples.




  • JmesPath should be native PHP!
  • This plugin should be native part of wp rest api!

GraphQL for WP


Awesome plugin that makes JSON responses of WP-API a lot lighter and easier to work with. It's like GraphQL for WP.

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