WP Radio Player – Worldwide Radio Station Directory Player for WordPress


WP Radio is a Worldwide Radio Station Directory Player Plugin for WordPress,
to Create a Worldwide Radio Station Directory Website. You Can Add and Play Unlimited Live Radio Stream Link Such as:
Icecast, Shoutcast, Radionomy, Radiojar, RadioCo, etc Live stream.

Video Overview

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  • SSL & Without SSL stream link – (mix-content) supports. (Both SSL & Without SSL stream link can be played by using WP Radio Proxy Player Addons)
  • M3U8 stream link supports – (.m3u8 extension stream can be played)
  • Playing Now Track Information – (Display Current Playing Track title).
  • Add Unlimited Stations – (You can add unlimited stations with Radio Station Logo, Genres, Description, Contacts, and Others Additional Information Supports).
  • Short Code Player – (Play Radio Station anywhere using [wp_radio_player] shortcode).
  • Continuous Playing – (Automatically start playing after page reload).
  • Volume Controller – (Increase/ Decrease Volume).
  • Radio Player Hide/ Show – (Station Can be played by showing/ hiding the footer full-width player).
  • User IP Based Station Listing – (By default, users will see their country’s stations first in the listing page).
  • Color Customizing – (Color setting options for changing the color of the player, listing, etc).
  • Stations Search – (Users can search/ filter stations using country, genre, and station’s name).
  • Station Listing Shortcode – ([wp_radio_listing] – Display the station archive listing).
  • Radio Player ShortCode – ([wp_radio_player] – Display the radio player).
  • Featured Stations Shortcode – ([wp_radio_featured] – Display the featured stations).
  • Trending Stations Shortcode – ([wp_radio_trending] – Display the trending stations).
  • Country List Shortcode – ([wp_radio_trending] – Display the list of all available countries).
  • Import Radio Stations Selecting The Countries of Your Choices (Import 45k+ radio stations from 233 countries).


  • 45000+ Radio Stations & 230+ Countries Available For Import.
  • Statics Information – (Overview of stations play counts in each day, top played stations, etc)
  • Popup Player – (Play The Radio Station Stream in a Popup Window)
  • Sidebar Widget Player – (Sidebar widget available for the radio player)
  • Country List Widget – (Display all the countries by the widget)
  • Radio Stations Importer From CSV – (Import unlimited radio stations from a CSV file by following a structure)
  • Customize station URL to be SEO friendly – (You can change the radio station url)


WP Radio Proxy Player is an add-on for the WP Radio plugin to fix the browser mixed-content restrictions.
That means you can play HTTP radio stream link on HTTPS website by using a cors-proxy system by using the WP Radio Proxy Player Addon.
Otherwise then modern browsers may not play that streams.

  • ️ Fix Browsers mixed-content/ CORS issue to play the HTTP radio stream links.
  • ️ Play HTTP radio streams on HTTPS website.
  • ️ Play most of the available radio stations than before.

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WP Radio User Frontend is an add-on for the WP Radio plugin. WP Radio User Frontend adds powerful features for users. Such as:

  • (User Account Page) – Let the users register, login, and customize their profile
  • (Rating and Reviews) – Let the users add rating and review for the stations
  • (Favorite Stations) – Let the users create their own favorite list of the station and able to add/ remove a station to the favorite list
  • (Station Submission) – Let the users request to add their own radio station to your website.
  • (Report Submission) – Let the users report if any station doesn’t play.
  • (Enable Comment) – Enable Comment on the station page.
  • (User Favorites Shortcode)[wp_radio_user_favorites] Use this shortcode to display the favorite stations of the user.

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By default, the logos of the radio stations hosted on other servers.

Use the Image Import addon to import the radio station’s logo images from other servers to your own server.

👁️ 🚀 Get Image Import Addon


  1. After installing the plugin, activate the plugin.

  2. After you have successfully activated the plugin, Radio Stations Menu will appear in your WordPress Dashboard sidebar menu. And also a page named “Radio Stations” will be created after activating the plugin.
    The Radio Stations page is the default station archive page, where all the stations will be listed.
    On this page, Visitors will see their country’s radio stations. If there is no station on the page of the visitor’s country, then visitors will see all the stations, those you have added or imported.

  3. You can use the automatically created Radio Stations page for your radio station listing page.
    Or, you can use the [wp_radio_listing] shortcode on any page for the station listing page.
    This shortcode support country and genre attribute. Where you can filter station list by countries.


After installing and activating the plugin successfully, The next step is to import the radio stations.

To import the radio stations, you need to click the Import Stations submenu under the Radio Stations’ main menu in your WordPress sidebar admin menu.

You can also import the radio stations from a CSV file. This feature is only available in the premium version.


You can add unlimited new radio station very easily.
For adding a new radio station you need to click the Add New Station submenu under the Radio Stations main menu.


The Plugin provides 5 Shortcodes. Those are:

  1. [wp_radio_listing] – Use this shortcode in a page for listing the radio stations. This shortcode supports country && genre attributes where you can pass comma separated country code and genre.
    Example: [wp_radio_listing country="us, ru, bd" genre="rock,news"]

  2. [wp_radio_player] – Use this shortcode anywhere for displaying the radio player. This shortcode supports the id attribute where you can the id of a radio station as the default station of the player.
    Example: [wp_radio_player id="11"]

  3. [wp_radio_featured] – Use this shortcode for displaying the featured stations of a country. This shortcode support 2 attributes (count and country).
    Example: [wp_radio_featured count="10" country="us" ]

  4. [wp_radio_trending] – Use this shortcode for displaying the trending stations of a country. This shortcode also supports 2 attributes, the same as the featured shortcode.
    Example: [wp_radio_trending count="10" country="us"]

  5. [wp_radio_country_list] – Use this short code for displaying the all country list of the radio stations.

  6. [wp_radio_station] – Use this shortcode for displaying a single radio station in any page/ post. This shortcode required an id attribute, the ID of the station.
    Example: [wp_radio_station id="55"]


On the Settings page, you can change

  • Station Listing Layout style
  • Popup & Footer Player Type
  • Station Listing & Player Color & Style
  • Link customizing & more setting options


After activating the plugin you can create a new Radio station from Add new station page or you can import stations from the Import page under the WP Radio menu.

After installing the plugin a new page will be created titled “Radio Stations”.
This page will be used for viewing the radio station listing. Users can browse radio stations on this page.
While playing online radio streaming, a radio player will be fixed at the bottom of the website, on every page.

You can place the radio player anywhere you want, by using the [wp_radio_player] shortcode.


WP Radio has no dependency on any other plugin or theme. You can use the WP Radio plugin with any theme.

Sometimes the some section’s design of this plugin may be changed a little bit for the installed theme’s incompatibility layout design in your site.

You should at least have PHP version – 5.6 for the smooth operation of this state-of-the-art plugin. We tested this plugin thoroughly to make sure it operates seamlessly under every situation. We did not detect any problem or conflict during our test. Still, we are open to issues as we understand that WordPress is a vast ecosystem and anything can happen.


It is important to note that, all the channels might not work for you all the time. Because there are some radio channels that stop streaming after a certain time of the day. So, please if you find a channel not working; try again later. After a couple of hours, you should find that station working.


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  • Import Stations
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  • Station Archive Page
  • Station Archive Page (Grid Layout)
  • Station Single Page
  • Popup Radio Player
  • Footer Radio Player
  • Shortcode Radio Player
  • General Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Player Settings
  • Style Settings
  • Permalink Settings
  • Shortcodes
  • Station Search Bar
  • CSV Importer
  • Station Statistics
  • Station Player - Elementor Widget
  • Station Player - Gutenberg Block


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • WP Radio Player - Worldwide Radio Station Directory Player for WordPress
  • WP Radio Player - Worldwide Radio Station Directory Player for WordPress


When I clicked play, there is no sound?

Most of the radio station stream links are HTTP (Unsecured) that can’t be played on HTTPS (Secured) website because of browser mixed-content restrictions.
Modern browsers no longer accepts mixed requests.
Please check this link:

How can I play the HTTP radio stream link on my HTTPS website?

You have to use the WP Radio Proxy Player addon to remove the browser mixed-content restrictions.
That means you can play HTTP radio stream link on HTTPS website by using a cors-proxy system by using the WP Radio Proxy Player Addon.

Can I add my own or any new radio station to play?

Yes, You can add unlimited new radio station very easily.
For adding a new radio station you need to click the Add New Station submenu under the Radio Stations main menu.

Why some stations are not playing?

  • First check your site URL. Is your site loaded over http or https. If loaded over http then the radio stream link with http can not be played because of the browser mix-content issue.

  • There is some station, which can’t be played for any reason. Likes: If the station has been closed.

  • It is important to note that, all the channels might not work for you all the time. Because there are some radio channels that stop streaming after a certain time of the day. So, please if you find a channel not working; try again later. After a couple of hours, you should find that station working. The streaming URL has been changed etc. You can simply delete those stations.

How Can I group stations by country and Genre?

Use [wp_radio_listing] shortcode. where you can pass comma separated countries and genres.
Example: [wp_radio_listing country="us, ru, bd" genre="rock,news"]

How do I translate some words into my language?

How can I set the radio player fixed to the footer?

To set the radio player fixed to the footer you need to set the player type to Play on-page from the
Radio Station > Settings > Player settings > Player Type > Play on page

How I enable comment on the station page?

You have to install the WP Radio User Frontend addon to show the comment form on the station page.
After activating the WP Radio User Frontend addon you will get the option Enable Comment in the general settings. You need to enable the Enable Comment option.

Do the plugin has any refund policy for the PRO version?

No, There is no refund policy available for the PRO version of this plugin.

Do the plugin has any trial period for the PRO version?

No, There is no trial period available for the PRO version of this plugin.

Can I buy the plugin directly from the author?

Yes, you can buy the PRO version directly from us through PayPal payment and you will get 20% OFF, if you buy directly from us.
Email us to israilahmed5@gmail.com for buying the plugin directly.


October 18, 2020
Zeer goed geholpen door support. En Ook met mijn niet goed Engels kennis Kon we er toch het probleem Oplossen. Wat Fijn is. Ik ben nu blij dat het werkt
October 16, 2020
WP Radio plugin met all my expectations. Everything works perfectly. I also want to say a special thank you to the support service. They solve the problems that have arisen very quickly and professionally (even on a weekend).
September 29, 2020
At first the station that we need is not working, I thought I should have refund. Good to see, I saw skype id in email and I contact prince there. He assisted me very well even though he is busy and yeah the station that we need works!! Thanks A lot!!
September 28, 2020
the plugin has some bugs, contacted to author many times but no response. Bugs:- 1. Users can not add radio stations to their favorite list if it in a popup player. 2. user can not add radio to their favorite list directly from radio listing. the favorite icon is missing in the radio listing. 3. audio player performance is very bad. 4. radio does not show any error if it is unable to play. 5. if you import radio channels from it, images links are from onlineradiobox which is good for onlineradiox website not for your website. it meanes it bad for seo.
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Radio Player – Worldwide Radio Station Directory Player for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • New: Added updated radio stations database
  • New: Added Updated for previous imported stations
  • New: Added Station slogan field
  • New: Added Station State, City
  • New: Added Station Breadcrumbs
  • Fix: Fixed Player Loader Blinking
  • Fix: Fixed Related Station Query
  • Remove: Removed CSV Importer


  • Fix: Fixed Popup Player Issue
  • Fix: Fixed Grid Style


  • New: Added New Search Form Style
  • New: Added Proxy Player Addon Compatibility to play the HTTP (Unsecured) stream link.
  • New: Added Station Live/ Offline Indicator
  • New: Added Get Started Documentation Page
  • New: Added Recommended Plugins Page
  • New: Added Radio Player Gutenberg Block
  • New: Added Radio Player Elementor Widget
  • New: Added Affilitation Integration
  • New: Added Alpha Color Control
  • Update: Improved Search Form Functionality
  • Update: Improved Player Volume Bar
  • Update: Improved Station Listing Style
  • Update: Player Color Style
  • Remove: Auto Detect Player Type

2.2.6 (15 December. 2020)

  • Fix: Fix popup player

2.2.5 (9 December. 2020)

  • New: Added WordPress 5.6 compatibility.

2.2.4 (9 December. 2020)

  • New: Added default volume controller
  • New: Added autoplay option on the station page
  • New: Added Grid Listing column number settings
  • New: Added Listing and Player thumbnail size settings
  • New: Added popup player size settings
  • Fix: Fixed Continuous Playing
  • Remove: Removed col attribute from [wp_radio_listing], [wp_radio_trending] and [wp_radio_featured] shortcode.

2.2.3 (7 December, 2020)

  • Fix: Fixed country flag issue
  • New: Added Country list widget
  • New: Added comment option to single page – (WP Radio User Frontend)

2.2.2 (26 November, 2020)

  • Fix: Fixed featured Stations Shortcode

2.2.1 (24 November, 2020)

  • Fix: Station Reference Links

2.2.0 (02 November, 2020)

  • New: Added a new WP Radio Image Import addon to import the images
  • Remove: Removed template_layout settings
  • Remove: Removed “Hide Country List” settings
  • Remove: Removed language field from metabox
  • Remove: Removed station wikipedia url metabox field
  • Remove: Removed additional contact info metabox field
  • Remove: Removed the sidebar from the archive page
  • Remove: Removed Help page under settings page
  • Improvement: Improved the settings page
  • Improvement: Improved the radio station importer UI

2.1.9 (26 August, 2020)

  • Fix Gutenberg radio station block
  • Add radio station elementor widget
  • Fix trending station shortcode
  • Fix add favorite from popup player

2.1.8 (12 August, 2020)

  • New: Add [wp_radio_station] shortcode
  • New: Add Radio Station gutenberg block
  • Fixed: Fix Wpml integration fatal error
  • Fixed: Make compatible with 5.5

2.1.7 (20 June, 2020)

  • Fixed: Fix station social link settings saving

2.1.6 (14 June, 2020)

  • Fixed: Fix Database Options Settings

2.1.5 (13 June, 2020)

  • Fixed: Fix Settings Page
  • Fixed: Fix Uninstalling Process Function

2.1.4 (26 May, 2020)

  • Update: Optimized the popup player to handle the without stream links on google chrome
  • Update: New option added to the play button behaviour setting section on the settings page
  • Fix: Remove settings menu item from admin bar menu

2.1.3 (14 May, 2020)

  • Fix: Undefined Variable error
  • Fix: Report Email Error
  • Update: Player Play Icon
  • Fix: Country term error

2.1.2 (3 May, 2020)

  • Update: Make Search bar expanded
  • Update: The Popup player updated to be more mobile friendly
  • Update: Improved footer player on mobile
  • Update: Improved trending/featured listing layout
  • New: Add New Help Page
  • New: Add Current Track Title Support on Mobile

2.1.1 (28 April, 2020)

  • Remove: Air on/ off indicator removed
  • Fix: Now playing stream title
  • Fix: Station single page double player
  • Fix: WPML integration error
  • Fix: Trending stations shortcode

2.1.0 (25 April, 2020)

  • New: Stream Link live/ offline indicator message on station not playing
  • New: Add Player Icon/ Text Color Setting added to the style settings option.
  • Remove: Show popup play button setting field removed from player settings option.
  • New: Add New Statistics Page (premium version)
  • New: Add play btn behaviour setting to the player settings option.
  • Update: Popup player updated to handle without SSL stream links. ( premium version )
  • Update: Update Player (HLS & m3u8 support)
  • Update: Country flags linked to the country archive page

2.0.9 (18 March, 2020)

  • Improve: Station Edit Metabox & Options page ui
  • Fix: Browser mix-content blocking (HTTP & HTTPS)
  • Fix: popup link open on parent window

2.0.8 (18 January, 2020)

  • New: Add search bar show/hide option (Listing page search bar show/ hide option added on the settings page)
  • New: Add upgrades
  • Fix: Station search action fixed
  • Update: Responsive Design Improved
  • Removed: Removed the report form to the wp-radio-user-frontend addon

2.0.7 (17 January, 2020)

  • New: Custom Station Permalink
  • New: Backend stations filter by country field
  • Fix: Responsive Design

2.0.6 (19 November, 2019)

  • New: Radio Player Widget
  • New: Integrate WP Radio User Frontend Add-on
  • Fix: Grid View Layout

2.0.5 (11 November, 2019)

  • New: Add .m3u8 File Support
  • New: Add Show/ Hide Option For You May Also Like Section
  • New: “WP Radio User Frontend” extension integrated
  • Improve: Improved The UI Design (23 October, 2019)

  • New: You May Like Section in The Station Single Page
  • New: Remove Button in The Imported Country List in Import Page
  • Update: Improve Layout Design
  • Remove: Update Button Removed From Imported Country List (21 October, 2019)

  • New: Add CSV Importer
  • Fix: Search
  • Update: Add genres to the listing (19 October, 2019)

  • New: Add Report Form
  • Fix: Grid List Style
  • Fix: Station Prev Next (16 October, 2019)

  • New: Add Grid Listing View
  • Remove: Single Station Page Breadcrumb

2.0.4 (15 October, 2019)

  • New: Popup Play Button
  • New: Ascending Radio Stations in Admin View
  • Update: Popup Player Setting
  • Update: Remove HTML from Country & Genre Title

2.0.3 (3 October, 2019)

  • Fix: Genre Archive Broken Link (7 September, 2019)

  • New: Color Customizing Settings
  • Fix: PHP Notice on no station (31 August, 2019)

  • New: Station Listing Short Description.
  • New: Add genre attribute to [wp_radio_listing] Short Code.
  • Fix: United Kingdom Country Code.
  • Enhance: Theme Compatible.
  • Enhance: Layout Design.
  • Enhance: Responsive Design.
  • Remove: TwentyNineteen & TwentySeventeen theme supports.

2.0.2 (22 August, 2019)

  • New: Add Popup Player.
  • New: Add Short Code Player.
  • New: Add Search/ Filter bar.
  • New: Add Delete plugin data on deactivation.
  • New: Add Player hide option.
  • Fix: Import Station Error.
  • Fix: Featured On/ Off button in meta box.
  • Fix: Page Not Found.

2.0.1 (02 August, 2019)

  • New: Integrate Freemius.
  • New: Add [wp_radio_featured] shortcode.
  • New: Add [wp_radio_trending] shortcode.
  • New: Add [wp_radio_country_list] shortcode.
  • New: Play now song information.
  • Enhance: Add stations updater on the import page.
  • Enhance: Add TwentySeventeen and TwentyNineteen theme support.
  • Remove: Search bar from the country list sidebar.

2.0.0 (05 July,2019)

  • New: [wp_radio_listing] shortcode.
  • New: Country based archive page.
  • Add: demo.
  • Modify: readme.txt.
  • Fix: Plugin file missing error.
  • Fix: Plugin action links.
  • Fix: Plugin Settings Page.
  • Remove: Deprecated functions.

1.0.0 (26 June,2019)

  • Fix: readme.txt tested up to
  • Enhance: Import features added to the readme.txt

1.0.0 (26 June,2019)

  • Initial release