WP Power Stats


View your site visits statistics at a glance: browsers, operating systems, visitors and much more!

Highly customizable settings to fine-tune the tracking. One click install and you are ready to go!

This lightweight plugin is carefully integrated in WordPress, which makes it fast, secure and reliable.

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Claim back your privacy: no third party services, all statistics are private on your hosting and are accessible only by you.

Statistics features:

  • Page views
  • Devices
  • Traffic sources
  • Browsers
  • Operating systems
  • Geographical location
  • Search terms
  • Viewed posts
  • Referrers


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Finnish
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Catalan


  • Responsive design screenshots and some features listed.
  • WP Power Stats sample statistics.
  • Settings page.


Installation Instructions

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it to work.

  1. Upload wp-power-stats.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Unzip wp-power-stats.zip in the folder
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
The plugin does not work, what should I do?

Disable and then re-enable the plugin in the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
If that does not help, try disabling other installed plugins, to exclude the possibility of a plugin conflict.

Where are the settings for the plugin located?

They are located under ‘Statistics’ section in the ‘Settings’ section.

When I test the plugin, the pageview number increments by 2, is it a bug?

If you test the plugin by loading the blog, make sure that you have the setting ‘Administration Exclusion’ under the ‘Exclusions’ tab set to ‘yes’. One hit is formed from the blog view, the other one from the administration panel hit if the setting is set to ‘no’.

Why the sudden drop of visitors number when I upgraded to version 2.0?

The version 2.0 uses a completely new method to detect only real human visitors.


Great work

One of the best Plugins, incredible designed and accurate, the support is personal and profesional… plugin shows a clear x-ray of your visitors

Security problems with this one.

I don’t see anything else posted, and if you try to contact the author, you get pitched for a bunch of services that have nothing to do with the plugin.

I installed this plugin on a site I built for a veterinarian’s office. That site, along with several others, was hacked, and malicious content was planted, specifically links to porn sites. I had to reconstruct most of the site to recover it, but when I got everything running again, I noticed that all of the search terms the plugin was registering were requests for porn material–a fairly long list, in fact.

I uninstalled the plugin, believing that the search terms were left over from when the site had been hacked and the crawlers hadn’t updated the info. But when the terms kept coming back after several days, I looked in the database and found that the plugin had left all of its residue behind, even though I deleted it and asked that all related files be removed.

I believe this is a serious shortcoming in this plugin–you should not have to remove data after deleting any plugin, and my experience is a good case in point for why.

Basic function don’t work


The trafic origin are not working well, and after 6 months reported no solution for it.

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Contributors & Developers

“WP Power Stats” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixes traffic origin bug
  • Fixed internal bug which in some cases prevented visits to be recorded correctly
  • Improves mobile device detection with a fresh definition list
  • Improves GeoIP detection with a library update


  • Adds a settings link for the plugin on the plugins page
  • Fixes errors during a cronjob run


  • Fixes network wide plugin activation on already existing multisite network sites


  • Fixes a critical bug which prevented the visitors to be tracked
  • Fixes a bug where user the admin page could throw an error if user role was not found


  • Fixes a bug where statistics might have been reset
  • Updated IP Geo location database
  • Updated mobile device detection


  • Adds a new Exclusion setting: Do Not Track Exclusion
  • Fixes a bug which prevented some visitors to be tracked
  • Fixes a bug which prevented to add user exclusion
  • Updated IP Geo location database


  • Adds a new dashboard widget
  • Adds Catalan language
  • Menu link compatibility fix


  • Adds portuguese translation
  • Adds german translation
  • Change GeoIP detection library for better performance


  • Fixes a bug which prevented some visitors to be tracked


  • Respect visitors privacy by adding Do Not Track visitor setting support
  • Fixes the wrong url to images in the widget


  • Fixes UTC date bug
  • Fixes bug in saving options
  • Updated search engine definition list


  • Massive under-the-hood performance enhancements
  • Numerous new settings for the tracking: exclusions, permissions and advanced settings
  • You can now replace your dashboard with WP Power Stats overview
  • Improved statistics detection: Search Engines, Countries, Mobile Devices and Browsers
  • Moved Settings to the Statistics menu
  • Fixes activation error on some hosts
  • Fixes breaking WordPress layout on some installations


  • Fixes IP exclusion bug


  • Fixes another bug related to saving options
  • Fixes plugin activation bug


  • Fixes a bug when saving options. Thank you ‘myplugins’, ‘michaldunaj’ and ‘davegiannini’ for reporting


  • You can now exclude IP addresses from statistics
  • Adds a total count of pageviews and visits to the widget
  • Rearranged and renamed settings menus


  • Adds a setting to select roles that can view statistics
  • Adds a setting to select roles that can change statistics settings
  • Updated mobile device detection
  • Adds French language (Olivier)
  • Adds Spanish language (Luciano)


  • Adds Hungarian language (Halas)
  • Adds Finnish language
  • Updated mobile detection
  • Fixes top posts permalink empty link


  • Adds a statistic widget
  • Adds a setting page
  • Adds a setting to exclude hits from administrators and bots
  • Adds support for WordPress starting from version 3.3
  • Fixes WordPress multisite plugin installation
  • Fixes overview layout bug


  • Adds browser icons
  • Adds Russian translation
  • Fixes bugs with older PHP version
  • Fixes bug with keywords


  • Adds help tab
  • Enhanced responsive design
  • Removed deprecated functions


  • Fixes bug on plugin initialization


  • Initial release