This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



WP-Phanfare integrates your Phanfare albums and images into your Posts and Pages on your WordPress blog. Phanfare is a popular online Photo sharing website at

Visit the WP-Phanfare homepage for more information on how to incorporate the plugin into your blog.


  • This is the WP-Phanfare Admin Settings Panel which appears for configuring defaults.

  • This is a capture of the Phanfare Web Client showing the Share Album option, with the RSS Feed option.

  • This is the WP-Phanfare Panel which appears at the bottom of Post or Page edit screen.


I updated a caption on my Phanfare album, but WP-Phanfare is still showing the old caption.

WP-Phanfare uses SimplePie ( to retrieve feeds.
The default duration is 3600 seconds, or 60 minutes.
Adjust the Cache duration in the Admin Settings, WP-Phanfare panel



  • Expose the cache directory location in the Settings panel
  • Allow for customization of optional text at bottom of thumbnail display
  • (harder, but possible) Preload lightbox slideshow with all Feed images, even if the User only chooses to display a few thumbnails
  • Allow for customization of thumbnail size…


  • WP-Phanfare link wrong in readme, fixed.


  • Make sure readme file is also updated


  • Upgraded plugin for new WordPress Plugin support model.


  • Wow, embarrassing, I am still learning the proper use of svn


  • Undo, last change, fixup order in readme.txt, trying to get new version to showup on wordpress plugin site


  • PanelClass.php was not in the release, fixed.


  • Still struggling to create a proper stable version w/o fprintf


  • Bug Fix release: syntax error in PanelClass.php


  • No release, superstitious


  • Bug Fix release: fixed problem with no fprintf() function in php4. replaced with fwrite()


  • Not released, working on new features, need more testing before releasing


  • Another oops! (Teaches me to do updates just before dinner!) Didn’t handle older thumbsize option values properly


  • Ooops! forgot to include the new OptionsClass.php file!


  • Properly fixed problem with creation of cache directory. Now relative to wordpress installation, should more gracefully handle not being able to create or write to the directory.
  • Removed imagename caption, in Lightbox display (now shows untitled)
  • Created a new thumbnail size L (179×119), the choices are Tiny, Small, Large
  • Cleaned up the original code to NOT create multiple wp-phanfare options in wordpress DB. Instead create a single multi-value option record. This makes the code cleaner, removes database clutter, allows for easier expansion in the future.


  • Fixed a problem reporting cache directory creation errors (on the actual display page)
  • Noticed that the RSS feed was being sorted (by date of each entry “image”). Removed any sorting, so images will appear in “album” order.
  • The Phanfare RSS feed seems to use the image filename “IMG_1234.jpg” when there is no other caption. This clutters the display, so for now, when captions are desired, the plugin only displays non-image-filename captions. (Meaning: If the caption matches “IMG_n+.jpg” or just ends with “.jpg” it is assumed to be a filename, and not displayed as a caption).
  • Thanks to Jeff for letting me know about these problems
  • I plan to roll out a version (in the future) with an updated Settings panel to allow more control of cache location, sorting of RSS feeds, and display of Image filenames in captions.


  • Fixed reported bug with wp-phanfare_cleanup line 268 (Thank you Jeff.)


  • Fixed footer “View album at Phanfare” to be correct url!
  • Cleaned up cache duration field validation.


  • Added Checking for WP version & requisite plugins (SimplePie & jQuery Lightbox) at Activation with proper error message
  • Updated screenshot for Admin Settings Panel (shows Cache Duration)


  • Get the screen shots working (hopefully)


  • Added in notice of requirement for SimplePie Core, and jQuery Lightbox


  • Added in the screenshots


  • first release

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