Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress Plugin – WP Native Articles


A better implementation of Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress.

Only available in the Facebook mobile app, Instant Articles are a pre-loaded, super fast, and optimized version of your regular articles.
Boasting some impressive stats (10x faster, 20% more reads, 70% less abandonment) they have quickly become a must for every publisher.

How it works

After installation and setup this plugin auto generates an instant article version for each of your WordPress articles.
The article’s regular HTML is parsed and converted to correct Facebook Instant Article markup which is then submitted to Facebook via a RSS feed. When your
article is viewed using the Facebook mobile app it will now load the fast, optimized instant article version directly in the app.
When the article is shared or posted its instant status will also be denoted by the lightening symbol in the corner.

Read more about Instant Articles from the official documentation

Content Parsing

A large part of the complexity of integrating Facebook Instant Articles is the rigorous content structure
imposed. Due to the WYSIWYG editor and the plethora of plugins and themes available, WordPress content
tends to be rather unstructured. Most of the current Facebook Instant Article plugins don’t really take
account of this and either produce invalid content or strip parts out. This plugin is a concentrated effort
to correctly format any WordPress content it could possibly come across. You can read more about the challenges and
solutions in this blog post.

PRO Version

WP Native Articles Pro comes with full Facebook Instant Articles API integration and has
advanced features such as:

  • Full API integration
  • Manage Articles Publish, unpublish and manage Instant Articles directly from the WordPress post page.
  • Live Sync Instant Articles synced instantly from WordPress, no waiting for FaceBook to scrape the RSS feed.
  • Article Status Errors & import status for your Instant Articles displayed live in every article.
  • Instant Articles Analytics Individual and aggregated site overview.
  • Premium support

Check out the Pro version at https://wp-native-articles.com/.


Features planned for the near future.

  • Image options manager – done
  • Embed manager (ads, related articles, anything)
  • WP Comments
  • Advanced stats & weekly roundup
  • CLI & API integration


  • Global options.
  • Global styling options.
  • RSS Feed options.
  • Post options overrides.
  • Post styling overrides.
  • Multisite options page.


  1. Upload wp-native-articles to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Native Articles in the admin sidebar to manage settings
  4. When you’re ready submit your feed to Facebook. Full instructions


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload wp-native-articles to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Native Articles in the admin sidebar to manage settings
  4. When you’re ready submit your feed to Facebook. Full instructions
Where can I find the support documentation?

All documentation is available at docs.wp-native-articles.com. It is a work in progress so please bear with us.

Does it support Branded Content?

Yes. Individual articles can be setup as branded. The author details are used and displayed on the Instant Article.

Does it support Ads & Analytics?

Yes. Both can be added on a global level or overridden for individual articles.

I use ACF or Meta Fields to display some content. Are these supported?

They won’t automatically be added to the Instant Articles unfortunately. However, they should be easy enough to add as
not only are there hooks galore in the plugin but the Instant Article templates can be overridden in your own theme or plugin.

Does it play well with other plugins?

Yes, extremely well. We’ve tested loads of popular plugins that embed content and built in support for Yoast, Co-Authors-Plus and Playbuzz to name a few.
If you find any that don’t work or that we’ve missed please let us know and we’ll be sure to fix them.

Is there a road map?

Yep. It can be found on our instant articles roadmap page.

Does it support WordPress Multisite?

Yes it does. There’s a management panel in the Network Admin sidebar menu.
It can be used to copy settings from one blog to another and set a default blog
to inherit settings from when new blogs are created.

Does it support custom post types?

Yes. The RSS feeds defaults to posts but custom post types can be specified by pass in query parameters. More information can be found here

Is it multilingual compatible?

Yes. All text strings use the WordPress i18n translation functions. If you’d like to help translate the plugin we’d love to hear from you!

Does it work for multi-language sites?

Yes. If you’re using the WPML plugin it will generate a combined feed of all languages by default or you can pass in query parameters to specify which languages you’d like.

What’s the minimum PHP version required?

It has the same requirements as WordPress, so PHP >= 5.2.4.

I’ve found a bug? I have a feature request?

Excellent. We’d love to hear from you. All support for the free plugin is done
through the WordPress support forum found on the Plugin download page.


A good plugin

The only Instant Articles plugin that worked for my WP setup. Keep up the good work!

AWESOME Plugin! Best Instant Article Plugin Available!

I tried several different plugins available for Instant Articles before deciding to spend the money on this one. BEST decision I have made since I started to use Instant Articles!

The greatest advantage by far has been the amazing product support by the developer of the plugin. I encountered some problems initially that had nothing to do with the plugin having problems… I had problems setting it up because I am not all that familiar with the sort of knowledge one should have before taking on a product in development.

I’m not one to let details get in my way and quickly got in deeper that I should have been trying to configure the IA plugin.

I contacted support and much to my surprise had a response within an hour or two. Over the next few days, Edward could not have been more helpful and generous with his time helping me get my site properly set up.

If you are looking for a quality replacement for the standard plugin for Instant Articles you can’t beat this plugin. Don’t hesitate! Buy it, you will not regret it

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Contributors & Developers

“Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress Plugin – WP Native Articles” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix. Bug with [gallery] images


  • Feature. Now supports custom post types in the RSS feed
  • Feature. Article kicker doesn’t display if the category is ‘uncategorized’
  • Fix. Article kicker now displays the category name instead of the category slug
  • Fix. Bug with screen metaboxes
  • Fix. Ensures whole post is displayed when tag is present
  • Fix. [gallery] shortcodes should now show correctly


  • Feature. Can now use dynamic date variables in Copyright & Credit fields
  • Fix. Date validation for PHP <= 5.3 now works


  • Feature. Notify if a template is being overridden
  • Fix. Ads script was sometimes being escaped


  • Fix. Post settings sometimes override global defaults when they shouldn’t


  • Feature. Show warning if options have been overridden using hooks
  • Fix. Error blocking the Screen Options tab on the post page
  • Fix. Error sanitizing post options


  • Feature. Image title & caption styling options. Global + post override
  • Feature. Now 100% WordPress & WordPress VIP standards compatible
  • Feature. Overridden templates can now be in a folder rather than top-level
  • Fix. Post tabs not aligning
  • WordPress 4.7.3 compatibility


  • Fix Infogram embeds


  • WordPress 4.7 compatibility


  • PHP 5.2 compatibility


  • Fix PHP <= 5.5 error


  • Fix error in image captions with non alphanumeric entities


  • WordPress 4.7 compatibility
  • Speed improvements for locating attachment IDs


  • Fix for images using HTML5 markup
  • Take account of captions when removing images
  • ‘Premium’ page
  • Readme corrections


  • Readme corrections


  • Plugin released