WP Multi Store Locator


If you are running some online WordPress based site and have multiple stores over there and want some smart search functionality with respect to location and categories or like then WP Store Locator is what you are looking for.
This plugin provides a number of options for admin in backend to manage their stores and sales manager for respective franchise. WP Store Locator have awesome user interface and displays results with google map in front end. Its a complete package with lots of features like search store, nearby you stores functionality and much more..


click here to visit detailed documentation of WP MultiStore Locator

Features Admin highlights:

  • Can manage Stores.
  • Can manage Sale managers of their added Stores.
  • Can manage Store Categories.
  • Can manage Store Tags.
  • Can add shortcode [store_locator_show] to show Store Locator.
  • Measure the distances in either km or miles.
  • Option to change placeholder for search fields
  • Add your custom marker icon
  • Search Toggle Disable / Enable option
  • user can manage Map Settings like Show map on frontend,Map Width,Map Height,Map Type,Search Unit,Search radius options,Enable Search
    with categories,Enable Search with Tags,Show street view control,Show map type control,Zoom by scroll on map,Marker Clusterer,Cluster Size,User Marker, and more…..
  • Generate a directory based on the store locations.

Features Frontend highlights :

  • User can search Store from their current location (SSL must be active ) and with desired location.
  • User can search Stores by selected units(km/miles).
  • User can search by Selected Store Categories.
  • User can use shortcode to display search map anywhere in page or post.
  • You can easily chagnge your Listing Positions Left or Right
  • Edit support for Google Custom Map style

Premium Features


*CSV Manager – User can see overall Total number of searchs and by with Store name.


*Import/Export – User can import/export Stores,Sales manager.

Download Pro Version

Interested in contributing to WP Multic Store Locator
Head over to the WP Multic Store Locator GitHub Repository to find out how you can pitch in 😉


  • How Map Look Like on Frontend.
  • User Can Manage Store Categories.
  • User Can Manage Sale Managers.
  • User Can Manage Store Tags.
  • User Can Manage Store Settings.
  • Now User Can Manage Stores.


  1. Upload the wp-multi-store-locator folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create a Google API Key and set them on the [settings] page.
  4. Add your stores under ‘Multi Store Locator’ -> Add Store
  5. Add the map to a page with this shortcode: [store_locator_show]


This could be the best store locator plugin

It has some unique functionalities like filter by tag, category, customization search functionality but the dev stopped working on it and left us with some bug. Please update it asap and fix the issue with search. It's not always giving correct results :/

It’s not a finished plugin, need tons of work.

After trying both free and premium plugin, I will uninstall it and switch to another, better plugin. Let's be sincere. It's not a well-finished plugin. It needs LOTS of work yet. - It uses raw bootstrap files, which can cause problems with your theme and other plugins. I have to comment about 100 CSS lines of that CSS files to avoid overide theme style. - The cluster and loading icons can't be changed, and they are awful. - Colors can't be changed, and they are awful too. - The 'Get directions' button can't be translated nor hidden using only this plugin but it can be translated using Loco Translate. - The 'Search' button can't be translated with the plugin and can't be translated using Loco Translate - you need to change it on the code, read below. - Code is a mess. Don't even think about making fixes, because it's impossible. - Documentation is not complete, there is a lack of information and guidelines. - You can select a diferent position for the results list and for the search options filter, but some locations just doesn't work by no reason. - Lack of warnings or info banners during the configuration of the plugin. - It should have a better configuration so you can't pick wich functions you want to use so you can only load the APIs you will use, instead of loading tons of files which in my case will remain untouched. - Can't add an split time table to stores. - Can't add email to stores. So... uninstalling and looking for a better plugin.

Search Options doesn’t work!

I don't know if it is my fault but the search options doesn't work! I type a zip code or an address but the map remains at the same point (the landing address i choose in the settings). What did I do wrong? this is my site... https://energyeleft.altervista.org/
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Multi Store Locator” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




*Added compatibility for WordPress 5.0.3


*add support for wpml


  • Added new style for displaying Store Listings
  • Fixed settings


  • Added Translation Support by .PO .Mo files


  • Fixed Grid Setting
  • Fixed Map Height Issue
  • Fixed Map Error on Firefox
  • Fixed Conliction with WooCommerce


  • Added Single Page Functionality For Your Stores
  • Settings For Changing Slug For Your Single Page


  • Add Support For RTL


  • Add Support For WPML
  • Add Support For Avada (Fusion Builder)
  • Add Support For Divi Builder
  • Add Support For Visual Composer


  • New Style for displaying Store Listing
  • Option to Change Listing Positions (Left/ Right)
  • Add Counter icon on each Listing
  • Custom Map Styling
  • Option to Enable/ Disable Search Filter
  • Search Placeholder Option
  • Add Your Own Marker
  • Search Toggle Disable / Enable Option


  • Fixed backend issues


  • Initial release