This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.

Mollom (old)


Superseded by new and vastly improved Mollom plugin.

How to upgrade

  1. Deactivate and uninstall/delete the old wp-mollom plugin (version 0.7.5 or older).
  2. Install the new Mollom plugin (version 2.0 or later).
  3. Re-enter your Mollom API keys.

There is no automated upgrade path, since the plugin has been entirely rewritten, and re-installing the new is a matter of minutes. Also, this old plugin was used by a few users only.
We’re sorry for this (one-time) inconvenience.



Do not install this plugin; use the new Mollom plugin instead.

Contributors & Developers

“Mollom (old)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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Interested in development?

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  • Replaced by new and vastly improved Mollom plugin.
  • 2009/12/20 – 0.7.5
    • fixed: wrong character encoding when comment is fed to wordpress after a CAPTCHA
    • fixed: url was also truncated in href if > 32 chars in the management module
    • fixed: changed 2 strings against typo’s
    • improved: added pagination on the bottom of the management module
    • changed: contact details of plugin author
  • 2009/04/18 – 0.7.4
    • added: vietnamese (vi) translation
    • added: bulgarian (bg_BG) translation
    • added: bangla (bn_BD) translation
  • 2009/03/16 – 0.7.3
    • fixed: multiple moderation would incorrectly state ‘moderation failed’ due to incorrect set boolean.
    • added: german (de_DE) translation
    • added: italian (it_IT) translation
  • 2009/02/12 – 0.7.2
    • fixed: closing a gap that allowed bypassing checkContent through spoofing $_POST[‘mollom_sessionid’]
    • fixed: if mb_convert_encoding() is not available, the CAPTCHA would generate a PHP error. Now falls back to htmlentities().
    • improved: the check_trackback_content and check_comment_content are totally rewritten to make them more secure.
    • added: user roles capabilities. You can now exempt roles from a check by Mollom
    • added: simplified chinese (zh_CN) translation
  • 2008/12/27 – 0.7.1
    • fixed: all plugin panels now show in the new WP 2.7 administration interface
    • fixed: non-western character sets are now handled properly in the captcha form
    • fixed: handles threaded comments properly now
    • fixed: handling multiple records in the manage module not correctly handled
    • improved: extra – non standard- fields added to the comment form don’t get dropped anymore
    • improved: revamped the administration panel
    • improved: various smaller code improvements
    • added: the plugin is now compatible with the new plugin uninstall features in WordPress 2.7
    • added: the ‘quality’ of ‘spaminess’ of a comment is now logged and shown as an extra indicator
  • 2008/11/27 – 0.7.0
    • fixed: hover over statistics bar graph wouldn’t yield numerical data
    • added: localization/internationalisation (i8n) support. Now you can translate wp-mollom through POEdit and the likes.
  • 2008/11/10 – 0.6.2
    • fixed: wrong feedback qualifiers (spam, profanity, unwanted, low-quality) were transmitted to Mollom upon moderation
  • 2008/09/24 – 0.6.1
    • fixed: division by 0 error on line 317
    • fixed: if ‘unsure’ but captcha was filled in correctly, HTML attributes in comment content would sometimes be eaten by kses.
    • improved: the mollom function got an overhaul to reflect the september 15 version of the Mollom API documentation
    • changed: mollom statistics are now hooked in edit-comments.php instead of plugins.php
    • added: _mollom_retrieve_server_list() function now handles all getServerList calls
  • 2008/08/24 – 0.6.0
    • fixed: html is preserved in a comment when the visitor is confronted with the captcha
    • fixed: handling of session id’s in show_captcha() en check_captcha() follows the API flow better.
    • fixed: broken bulk moderation of comments is now fixed
    • fixed: the IP adress was incorrectly passed to the ‘mollom.checkCaptcha’ call
    • fixed: the session_id is now passed correctly to _save_session() after the captcha is checked.
    • improved: more verbose status messages report when using the Mollom Manage module
    • improved: cleaned up some deprecated functions
    • improved: handling of Mollom feedback in _mollom_send_feedback() function
    • added: approve and unapprove options in the Mollom Manage module
    • added: link to the originating post in the Mollom Manage module
    • added: if a comment had to pass a CAPTCHA, it will be indicated in the Mollom Manage module
    • added: plugin has it’s own HTTP USER AGENT string which will be send with XML RPC calls to the API
    • added: detailed statistics. You can find these under Plugins > Mollom
  • 2008/07/20 – 0.5.2
    • fixed: passing $comment instead of $_POST to show_captcha() in check_captcha()
    • improved: implemented wpdb->prepare() in vunerable queries
    • improved: mollom_activate() function now more robust
    • changed: mollom_author_ip() reflects changes in the API documentation. This function is now ‘reverse proxy aware’
  • 2008/06/30 – 0.5.1
    • fixed: issues with the captcha page not being rendered correctly
    • added: mollom_manage_wp_queue() function which deals with Mollom feedback from the default WP moderation queue
    • improved: legacy code when activating the plugin (needed for upgrading from < 0.5.0 (testversions!)
  • 2008/06/26 – 0.5.0
    • Added: installation/activation can contain legacy code and versioning for handling old (test)configurations
    • Added: PHPDoc style documentation of functions
    • Added: mollom_moderate_comment() template function. Allows moderation from your theme.
    • Removed: ‘moderation mode’. Moderation should only be configured through the proper wordpress interface.
    • fixed: compatibility issues with the WP-OpenID plugin
    • Improved: the plugin relies far less on global variables now.
    • Improved: all mollom data is now saved to it’s own seprerate, independent table.
    • Improved: SQL revision
    • Improved: error handling is now more verbose
    • Improved: status messages in the configuration/moderation panels now only show when relevant
    • Improved: handling of mollom servers not being available or unreachable
  • 2008/06/03 – 0.4
    • Changed: ‘configuration’ now is under WP ‘settings’ menu instead of ‘plugins’
    • Added: show_mollom_plugincount() as a template function to show off your mollom caught
  • 2008/05/27 – 0.3
    • Added: trackback support. If ham: passed. If unsure/spam: blocked.
    • Added: ‘moderation mode’ mollom approved comments/trackbacks still need to be moderated
    • Added: ‘Restore’ When the plugin is deactivated, optionally purge all mollom related data
    • Changed: moderation isn’t mandatory anymore, only optional. Comments aren’t saved to the database until the CAPTCHA is filled out correctly. Otherwise: never registered.
    • Improved: Error handling now relies on WP Error handling (WP_Error object)
  • 2008/05/22 – 0.2
    • Added: bulk moderation of comments
    • Added: ‘policy mode’ disables commenting if the Mollom service is down
    • Improved: moderation interface is more userfriendly
    • Improved: only unmoderated messages with a mollom session id can be moderated
    • Improved: deactivation restores database to previous state. Removal of stored option values and deletion of the mollom_session_id column in $prefix_comments
    • Fixed: persistent storage of the mollom session id in the database
    • Fixed: no messages shown in the configuration screen triggers a PHP error
  • 2008/05/12 – 0.1
    • Initial release to testers