The KaTeX WordPress plugin integrates the super-fast KaTeX math typesetting engine with your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to put LaTeX in a [latex]...[/latex] shortcode, and beautiful math appears on your post or page.

The plugin also has an option to use the excellent jsDelivr CDN to load the KaTeX scripts, further increasing the performance of the plugin.

Equations in [latex display="true"]...[/latex] will be rendered in display mode (rather than inline mode) and centered on its own line.

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  • Various equations rendered with WP-KaTeX


  1. Upload the katex folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use the [latex] shortcode in your posts and pages


Wait – I use MathJax and it’s fine!

KaTeX is fast. It’s really fast, compared to MathJax. In fact, it’s a staggering 35 times faster than MathJax. Your page will load much faster with KaTeX, especially if it’s heavy with equations.

How about Jetpack?

Jetpack has a LaTeX plugin that uses the WordPress.com service to render the equations. However, it uses images, which look ugly when zoomed in, or on high-DPI (“retina”) displays. Also, it depends on WordPress.com’s servers, and a lot of equations can make the page slow (too many requests).


Amazing and beautiful!

This is an amazing plugin. I tried many other LaTeX plugins, even the one provided by jetpack. None of them produce the elegant beautiful math symbols like this plugin. It works beautifully, it's very easy to use, and over all, I highly recommend it over other LaTeX plugins. Well done to the author of this plugin, truly an amazing job.


Worked right out of the box in WP 4.3.1. Nice solution using the powerful KaTeX math rendering library. Furthermore, I could tweak the appearance using CSS. (I felt that a particular symbol needed a little more space around, so made the change by adding one CSS adjustment in my child theme.)

Functional and self-sufficient

Elegantly functional and self-sufficient. I am not a fan of the increasing trend towards plugins that require support of off-site server resources, like Jetpack's sending of latex to WP's servers for processing. Anything I am dependent upon an outside server for is something that can go wrong and allows someone else to monetize my web site. I particularly like how this plugin uses a javascript library that puts the latex rendering burden on the client browser. This plugin does allow serving of the required javascript from offsite, but does not require it nor is it enabled by default. Usage is simple and easy. Resources are only expended on those pages that use latex - those that don't have no overhead.
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Contributors & Developers

“WP-KaTeX” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Updated KaTeX library to 0.10.1

    • Added

      • ECMAScript module for contrib (#1624)
      • mhchem extension (#1436)
      • auto-render: optional pre-process callback (#1784)
      • \argmax and \argmin (#1820)
      • \textbackslash and \textasciicircum (#1839)
      • leqno and fleqn support (#1814)
    • Fixed

      • Support blackboard bold in text mode (#1757)
      • Fix spacings in semisimple groups (#1706)
      • Fix parsing comments (#1789)
      • Fix \ and \newline after operator (#1796)
      • Fix \hphantom width (#1809)
      • Remove double encoding in MathML (#1813)
      • Fix Unicode bigcup (#1836)
      • Fix \genfrac w/ empty delimiter arguments (#1816)
      • \fbox inherits default color (#1847)
      • Fix \not and \neq on Chrome 72 (#1852)


  • Updated KaTeX library to 0.10.0
    • Added
      • Unicode: °, delimiters, 1D400-1D7FF, \ll, \lll, ≘≙≚≛≝≞≟, Unicode Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols, ⟂ ¬ ⊨ ‼ ∌ ≲ ⩽ ⪅ ≶ ⋚ ⪋, corner, ⟦⟧ (#1203, #1207, #1260, #1273, #1274, #1232, #1377, #1389, #1459, #1750)
      • \yen support on text mode (#1208)
      • \( (#1213)
      • Add defineSymbol to the main katex object (#1263)
      • Capital Greek letters (#1283, #1285)
      • Add version to katex object (#1279, #1475)
      • \copyright, \textregistered, \textcircled (#1073)
      • Tilde \textasciitilde (#1286)
      • Line breaks for inline formulas (#1287)
      • \hline (#1306)
      • Top-level \newline and \\ in inline math (#1298)
      • Strict mode, unicode text in math mode (#1117, #1278)
      • Strict setting for \newline display-mode behavior (#1314)
      • Allow all Unicode symbols in nonstrict mode (#1217)
      • \tag, \tag*, and \gdef (#1309)
      • \def, \gdef, and \global\def (#1348, #1425)
      • Change default maxExpand limit to 1000 (#1383)
      • \cfrac (#1392)
      • \arraystretch as a macro definition (#1381)
      • Add ability to create a dashed vertical line in arrays, using ‘:’ (#1395)
      • \widecheck (#1406)
      • \hdashline (#1407)
      • \newcommand, \renewcommand, \providecommand (#1382)
      • Add a utility function (setFontMetrics) to extend builtin fontMetrics (#1269)
      • \oiint and \oiiint (#1430)
      • Remove match-at dependency, use RegExp for lexer (#1447)
      • \brace and \brack (#1453)
      • Allow only allowed protocols in \href (#1440)
        • BREAKING CHANGE: Only “http”, “https”, “mailto”, and relative URLs are allowed in \href and \url by default.
      • \genfrac and \above (#1455, #1458)
      • \char character escaping and nicer MathML via \html@mathml (#1454)
      • \@binrel (#1487)
      • \pmb (#1418)
      • 6-digit color without # (#1690)
      • \mathnormal (#1700)
      • \lparen and \rparen (#1741)
      • \> (#1752)
    • Fixed:
      • Fix nested math mode in non-default text mode (#1111)
      • Fix contenteditable mode (#1179)
      • Work around negative space bug in Chrome (#1194)
      • Fix \nobreakspace (#1200)
      • Fix instant mode switching for $, (, \text (#1213)
      • Add metrics for \S and \P (#1224)
      • Fix anchor.toMarkup (#1246)
      • Specify height for SVG elements (#1252)
      • Include Bold-Italic fonts for \boldsymbol (#1257)
      • Fix space width in \texttt (#1261)
      • Fix \underset (#1277)
      • Remove special \verb space handling now that space is in Typewriter-Regular (#1258)
      • Switch makeGlue from .mord .rule to .mspace (#1295)
      • Fix ~ in \verb (#1286)
      • Stop throwing ParseError when throwOnError is false (#1169, #1302, #1308)
      • Fix extensible arrow sup vertical alignment (#1256)
      • Adjust \underset alignment and spacing (#1290)
      • Revert frac-lines and \rule to borders (min-height) (#1249, #1417, #1594)
      • Fix vertical alignment of \underbrace (#1304)
      • Use one strut instead of two (#1307)
      • Fix MacroExpander space handling (#1314)
      • Cleanup MathML <mrow>, <mtext>, <mn> (#1338)
      • Fix lap vertical alignment. (#1162)
      • Fix nested \tfrac (#1370)
      • Fix \coloneq etc (#1372)
      • Fix wide character spacing (#1371)
      • Fix auto-render \[…] bug (#1375)
      • Rewrite spacing commands as macros (#1156)
      • Enable output modules to be used in browser or Node (#1401)
      • Add vertical kern to \vdots (#1402)
      • Implement \neq and \notin via macros like LaTeX’s (#1400, #1499)
      • Improve \cancel (#1398)
      • Fix ligatures vs. \tt (#1379)
      • Implement \colon as amsmath does (#1410)
      • Automatic mrel/mbin spacing for \boldsymbol (#1388)
      • Phantom text (#1449)
      • Fix arrowheads for mhchem (#1451)
      • Set documentFragment.style to empty object (#1471)
      • Remove tree cloning before building HTML (#1470)
      • Fix \operatorname to support general math functions (#1461)
      • Use \not character without left side-bearing correction (#1267)
      • Remove codes that require expensive polyfill (#1469, #1563, #1591, #1597)
      • Fix \not vertical alignment (#1497)
      • Comments without terminating newlines, \href fixes, \url support (#1529)
      • Fix \textdaggerdbl (#1539)
      • Fix \neq (#1548, #1574)
      • Fix wide characters (#1549)
      • Fix \fbox (#1550)
      • Fix \Large roots (#1485)
      • Remove duplicate defineFunction invocation for \mathop (#1701)
      • Fix tag positioning to live within katex-html parent (#1721)
      • Fix \mathit font and italic correction (#1700)


  • Fix bug causing all equations to show in display style


  • Code cleanup and other minor improvements
  • Updated KaTeX library to 0.9.0
    • Fixed:
      • Fixed exponential behavior in accent production. #834
      • Use mpadded for \raisebox MathML. #876
      • Array/Matrix environments do not trim newlines. Fixed #337. PR is #479.
      • Fixed space handling. #912
      • Prevents disappearing fraction lines. #931
      • Fixed the spacing between columns in the {aligned} environment. #942
      • Fixed issue where the {aligned} environment skips the last line if the first column is empty. #949
      • Appended ApplyFunction to math functions in MathML. #960
      • Changed \undertilde to \utilde. #948
      • Changed frac-line from border to full span. #976
      • Avoid negative space in \bmod. #984
      • Stacking text commands. #1009
      • Fixed \vec by replacing the combining font glyph with an SVG. #1018
      • Made accents zero width. #1033
      • Fixed frac-line. #1025
      • Implemented correct macros for liminf and limsup. Fixed #111
      • \kern generates right-margin instead of left-margin. Fixed #995
      • Do not inherit SVG style properties from the environment. #1089
      • Update fonts and metrics so that accents are positioned correctly #1094
      • Use correct spacing with tight styles. See #1106 for more details.
      • Improved JS spacing #1103
      • Fixed handling of Unicode characters ð, Å, å #1157
      • Padding over \sqrt and Paths for frac-line #1143
    • Added:
      • Added \smash, laps, spaces, and phantoms. #833
      • Support for \raisebox, \operatorname, \And, \colorbox, \fcolorbox and \verb.
      • Added support for comments.
      • Added Unicode Relations and Unicode Symbol support. Supports Unicode ∴, ∵, \mid, Arrows, Big Operators, Binary Operators, Negated Relations.
      • Implemented the alignedat environment for flexible math spacing. #930
      • Implemented \mathchoice command. #969
      • Implemented \href command. #923
      • \hspace*, \@ifstar, \@ifnextchar, \@firstoftwo (#975)
      • Added \notni character . #710
      • \kern fixed and support \hskip, \TeX, \LaTeX, \KaTeX. See #974
      • Supported Unicode middle dot and Unicode accents.
      • Added basic support for Indic scripts in addition to CJK. #1060
      • Added support for bold italic symbols. #1011
      • add \ae, \AE, \oe, \OE, \o, \O, \ss with unicode support for those characters in text mode. #1030
      • Added \i and \j for text mode. #1029
      • Implemented \TextOrMath, @secondoftwo. #1024
      • Added support for \aa, \AA, \lq, \rq, \lbrack, \rbrack #1069
      • Added support for more scripts in \text{} environments such as Czech, Georgian, Hungarian, Turkish. #1076
      • add Main-BoldItalic font to allow nesting of \textit and \textbf
      • Added \S and \P #1110
      • Italic Greek capital letters #1118
      • Added support for \mathring #1125
      • Added support for unicode angle brackets, single vertical bar, double vertical bar #1123
      • Added support for Reaction Arrows #1078
      • Added \nobreakspace #1145
      • Added support for Unicode colon equals ≔ #1151
      • Added support for \underline in text mode #1159
    • Changed:
      • Advanced macro support and magic \dots. #794
      • Allow sizing commands inside optional groups. #885
      • Upgraded \sqrt zoom and width. #890
      • Single-character macros like active characters. #973
      • Changed \xLongequal to \xlongequal. #997
      • Enable spacing functions in text mode #1139
    • Breaking changes:
      • \llap and \rlap now render contents in math mode. Use \mathllap (new) and \mathrlap (new) if you need the previous behavior.


  • Updated KaTeX library to 0.8.0
    • Breaking changes:
      • Implicit \color, explicitly grouped \textcolor
    • New features:
      • added some international operators (\arctg, \arcctg, \ch, \cosec, \cotg, \ctg, \cth, \sh, \tanh, \tg, \th)
      • Old font command support: \rm, \sf, \tt, \bf, \it
      • Builtin macros, macro arguments, \overset and \underset
      • Add \iff, \implies, \impliedby support
      • Support <, >, | and many \text... commands in text mode
      • Implement $...$ via styling node
      • Support Windows high-contrast mode
      • Add \jot lineskip to aligned environment, switch contents to displaystyle, and add gathered
      • Fix high contrast mode better, thanks to @GeeLaw
      • Support stretchy wide elements.
      • Implement \coloneqq, \colonequals, etc. based on mathtools and colonequals
      • Support absolute TeX units
    • Other changes:
      • Revert “Remove trailing commas for IE 9 compatibility”
      • Fix all AMS mathord symbols
      • Fix x'^2
      • Use utils.deflt for Settings
      • Fix font typo math -> main
      • Fix spaces before \middle
      • Refactor and comment space splicing code
      • Fix issue with multiple superscripts.
      • Fix interaction between styles and sizes.
      • Vertically center single-character \mathop.
      • Correct handling of unbraced kerns followed by spaces.
      • Associate font metrics with Options, not Style.
      • Set maxFontSize on rules.
      • Correct computation of TeX sizes.
      • Use \displaystyle within \over/\underbrace
      • Shrinkwrap vlists in table-like CSS.
      • Solve Safari rendering issues with font-size overrides.
      • Improve rule coding, including for \sqrt.
  • Updated KaTeX library to 0.8.1
  • Updated KaTeX library to 0.8.2
    • New features:
      • Accept all existing Greek letters using unicode characters in math mode
    • Bug fixes:
      • Fix MathML output for ' and large operators with limits
      • Fix color support for stretchy, strikethrough, and fbox
  • Updated KaTeX library to 0.8.3
    • New features:
      • Add latin-1 letters as math symbols
      • Support CJK full-width punctuation + Unicode dots
      • Support for ' ` ^ ~ = \u . " \r \H \v text-mode accents
      • Added support for \not
    • Bug fixes:
      • Use inline SVG for stretchy elements
      • Improve \sqrt


  • New rendering method – improved experience for users with JavaScript disabled
  • Updated KaTeX library to 0.7.0
    • Add \kern
    • Add \mod, \bmod, \pmod, and \pod
    • Add \middle
    • Add \ldots, \textellipsis, and \mathellipsis
    • Add \#, \&, \$, \%, \_, \{, and \} in text mode
    • Add \stackrel
    • Add \atop
    • Add --, ---, `, ', `​`, '', \degree, \pounds, \maltese
    • Add \mathord, \mathbin, \mathrel, \mathopen, \mathclose, \mathpunct, \mathinner, and \mathop
    • Add \textrm, \textit, \textbf, \texttt, \textsf, and \textnormal
    • Combine adjacent spans in text mode (performance)
    • Don’t apply italic correction in text mode (bug fix)
    • Fix the MathML fence attribute on delimiters (bug fix)
    • Fix converting bins to ords (bug fix)
    • Make \llap and \rlap produce ords (bug fix)
    • Fix spacing around \color, \mathbf, and in other places (bug fix)
    • Add per-style font metrics (bug fix)
    • Fix subscript positioning with changed-font bases (bug fix)
    • Fix superscript/subscript centering in fractions (bug fix)


  • Removed dependency on jQuery
  • Code cleanup
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Minor text fixes


  • Update KaTeX library to 0.6.0
    • Introduce the aligned environment.
    • Add \gt and \lt.
    • Fix sub- and super-scripts not being centered inside of math display.
    • Add \underline support.
    • Remove 3px border around rules (bug fix).
    • Set the greediness of font functions to 2 so that e^\mathbf{x} will parse (bug fix).
  • Optimize script loading (again)


  • Fix issue with wptexturize causing syntax errors
  • Optimize script loading


  • Update KaTeX library to 0.5.1
    • Add the font changing functions \mathrm, \mathit, \mathbf, \mathbb, \mathcal, \mathfrak, \mathscr, \mathsf, \mathtt, \Bbb, \bold, and \frak.
    • Add the \limits and \nolimits functions.
    • Add support for | column delimiters in the array environment.
    • Add \lVert and \rVert symbols.
    • Allow \lvert, \rvert, \lVert, \rVert, \lgroup, \rgroup, \lmoustache, and \rmoustache in delimiters.
    • Fix the spacing of the \ulcorner, \urcorner, \llcorner, \lrcorner, \barwedge, \veebar, \circledcirc, \boxdot, \uparrow, \Uparrow, \downarrow, \Downarrow, \updownarrow, \Updownarrow, and \ldots symbols.


  • Update KaTeX library to 0.5.0
    • Add the cases and Bmatrix environments.
    • Add \checkmark and \circledR symbols.
    • Improve display of fonts at smaller sizes.
    • Improve the spacing inside fractions.
    • Correctly set environments to the ord type.


  • Update KaTeX library to 0.4.3
    • Added support for some \begin ... \end environments, including support for array, matrix, pmatrix, bmatrix, vmatrix, and Vmatrix
    • Added support for optional \sqrt arguments, e.g. \sqrt[3]{x}

  • New: render equations in display mode with [latex display="true"]...[/latex]
  • Update KaTeX library to 0.3.0
    • Added accessibility through the use of MathML
    • Add support for new symbols: \#, \&, \aleph, \amalg, \approxeq, \ast, \asymp, \backepsilon, \backprime, \backsim, \backsimeq, \Bbbk, \because, \beth, \between, \bigcirc, \bigstar, \blacklozenge, \blacksquare, \blacktriangle, \blacktriangledown, \blacktriangleleft, \blacktriangleright, \bowtie, \Box, \boxminus, \boxplus, \boxtimes, \bullet, \bumpeq, \Bumpeq, \Cap, \cdotp, \centerdot, \circeq, \circlearrowleft, \circlearrowright, \circledast, \circleddash, \circledS, \clubsuit, \complement, \Cup, \curlyeqprec, \curlyeqsucc, \curlyvee, \curlywedge, \curvearrowleft, \curvearrowright, \dag, \daleth, \dashleftarrow, \dashrightarrow, \dashv, \ddag, \ddagger, \diagdown, \diagup, \Diamond, \diamondsuit, \digamma, \divideontimes, \doteq, \Doteq, \doteqdot, \dotplus, \doublebarwedge, \doublecap, \doublecup, \downdownarrows, \downharpoonleft, \downharpoonright, \ell, \eqcirc, \eqsim, \eqslantgtr, \eqslantless, \equiv, \eth, \exists, \fallingdotseq, \Finv, \flat, \forall, \frown, \Game, \geqq, \geqslant, \gg, \ggg, \gggtr, \gimel, \gnapprox, \gneq, \gneqq, \gnsim, \gtrapprox, \gtrdot, \gtreqless, \gtreqqless, \gtrless, \gtrsim, \gvertneqq, \hbar, \heartsuit, \hookleftarrow, \hookrightarrow, \hslash, \Im, \intercal, \Join, \ldotp, \leadsto, \Leftarrow, \leftarrowtail, \leftharpoondown, \leftharpoonup, \leftleftarrows, \leftrightarrow, \Leftrightarrow, \leftrightarrows, \leftrightharpoons, \leftrightsquigarrow, \leftthreetimes, \leqq, \leqslant, \lessapprox, \lessdot, \lesseqgtr, \lesseqqgtr, \lessgtr, \lesssim, \lgroup, \lhd, \ll, \llcorner, \Lleftarrow, \lll, \llless, \lmoustache, \lnapprox, \lneq, \lneqq, \lnsim, \longleftarrow, \Longleftarrow, \longleftrightarrow, \Longleftrightarrow, \longmapsto, \longrightarrow, \Longrightarrow, \looparrowleft, \looparrowright, \lozenge, \lrcorner, \Lsh, \ltimes, \lvertneqq, \mapsto, \measuredangle, \mho, \mid, \mp, \multimap, \nabla, \natural, \ncong, \nearrow, \nexists, \ngeqq, \ngeqslant, \ngtr, \ni, \nleftarrow, \nLeftarrow, \nleftrightarrow, \nLeftrightarrow, \nleqq, \nleqslant, \nless, \nmid, \nparallel, \nprec, \npreceq, \nrightarrow, \nRightarrow, \nshortmid, \nshortparallel, \nsim, \nsubseteqq, \nsucc, \nsucceq, \nsupseteqq, \ntriangleleft, \ntrianglelefteq, \ntriangleright, \ntrianglerighteq, \nvdash, \nvDash, \nVdash, \nVDash, \nwarrow, \ominus, \owns, \parallel, \perp, \phantom, \pitchfork, \prec, \precapprox, \preccurlyeq, \preceq, \precnapprox, \precneqq, \precnsim, \precsim, \propto, \Re, \restriction, \rgroup, \rhd, \Rightarrow, \rightarrowtail, \rightharpoondown, \rightharpoonup, \rightleftarrows, \rightleftharpoons, \rightrightarrows, \rightsquigarrow, \rightthreetimes, \risingdotseq, \rmoustache, \Rrightarrow, \Rsh, \rtimes, \searrow, \sharp, \shortmid, \shortparallel, \sim, \simeq, \smallfrown, \smallsetminus, \smallsmile, \smile, \spadesuit, \sphericalangle, \sqcap, \sqcup, \sqsubset, \sqsubseteq, \sqsupset, \sqsupseteq, \square, \Subset, \subseteqq, \subsetneq, \subsetneqq, \succ, \succapprox, \succcurlyeq, \succeq, \succnapprox, \succneqq, \succnsim, \succsim, \Supset, \supseteqq, \supsetneq, \supsetneqq, \swarrow, \therefore, \thickapprox, \thicksim, \triangledown, \trianglelefteq, \triangleq, \trianglerighteq, \twoheadleftarrow, \twoheadrightarrow, \ulcorner, \unlhd, \unrhd, \upharpoonleft, \upharpoonright, \uplus, \upuparrows, \urcorner, \varkappa, \varpropto, \varsubsetneq, \varsubsetneqq, \varsupsetneq, \varsupsetneqq, \vartriangle, \vartriangleleft, \vartriangleright, \vdash, \vDash, \Vdash, \Vvdash, \wp, \wr, \yen


  • Fix bug with script enqueueing


  • Update the KaTeX library to version 0.1.1


  • Fix \displaystyle equations not being put on a new line


  • Initial release