WP HOURLY allows you to track billable time and have your customers pay you for it through your WooCommerce website. It is ideal for Freelancers and Agencies alike, giving you to ability to create tasks and assign them to your team members (Employees). An Employee can then submit time records which will show up in the My Account section of your WooCommerce website, for your clients to pay. The plugin also features extensive reports as well.

While this plugin is best suited for Agencies and Freelancers who need to charge for their hourly work directly on their website, and not on any big freelancing platform, it works just as fine for other businesses that need to provide time sheets to their Customers and have them paid out through WooCommerce. You can also run it without WooCommerce, but then, just the reports would be available and you would have to invoice your customers by diferent means (like an invoicing plugin or service, etc.)


We are developing using WordPress our self and we do a lot of hourly work. We also work on freelancing platforms but we never liked the restrictiveness they come with or how uneasy it was to merge them into our country specific book keeping and accounting. So we went ahead to create our own solution. We developed WP HUORLY and we have since tracked over 14.000 billable hours with it in 2+ years.


Many agencies or freelancers already have at least a portfolio website. Many of them are running, you guessed it, WordPress. Even more, some may already be running WooCommerce and be selling other services, such as Hosting, Domain names, etc.

Thus, we decided to use WooCommerce as the backbone for this plugin and here is why:
* WooCommerce integrates easily with other invoicing or accounting plugins and software and billable time makes no exception
* WooCommerce makes it easy to accept Credit Card and PayPal payments
* Since WooCommerce comes with the My Account section for Customers, we found it very easy to tap into it… it makes perfect sense after all, as Customers need to see a history of the hours they paid

So, WP HOURLY basically allows you to record billable time and have your customers pay it through your WooCommerce website

* Set a global Hourly Rate or specify a different hourly rate per Customer
* Assign Projects, Tasks and Time Records to a WooCommerce customer
* Allow that customer to checkout in WooCommerce and pay for the recorded billable time
* Display an “Unpaid hours” page in the My Account section so Customers can see what unpaid hours they have
* Time Records are grouped per week at the moment of checkout and on the WooCommerce order your Customer will see what time was paid for which week interval
* Allow your customers to pay each Week individually or only allow full payments
* Assign Time Records to your Employees and thus see how much time your team spends on what Tasks
* Find Projects and Tasks easy with the built in search and filter options
* List a breakdown of the billed time (Projects and Tasks) on the WooCommerce order page
* Compatible with the Order Signature for WooCommerce plugin – turn your orders into Signed Confirmation of Service documents
* Mark Time Records as paid upon changing the WooCommerce Order status to Completed or mark them back to unpaid
* Detailed Time Sheet Reports both for Administrators and Customers
* Compatible with Bootstrap 4
* Adds a custom PayPal checkout gateway in order to charge for decimal quantities (by default, paypal does not allow decimals in quantity but you may need to charge for 10.7h for example)
* Works great with Braintree Pyaments; should work just fine with most payment gateways

* A dashboard widget to show Administrators all the unpaid hours in the system (ETA: we have it ready, it needs integrated)
* Braintree integration so you can charge your customers directly for the unpaid hours if they save their credit card with your WooCommerce. How cool is that? (ETA: we have it ready, it needs integrated)
* A quick reports dashboard widget to show Administrators what hours were worked on what Customer account, per Day, Project, Task and Assignee (ETA: we have it ready, it needs integrated)
* A quick reports dashboard widget to show Administrators what hours were worked by which Employee, per Day, Project and Task (ETA: we have it ready, it needs integrated)

* WP HOURLY TRACKER – automate time tracking using the Desktop App (macOS, Windows and Linux) and provide your Customers with transparent time reports with Screenshots… an alternative to working on big freelancing platforms by the hour, but at a reasonable cost. Offer your Customers the same experience they would get on a big freelancing platform, with no chains attached.


  • ASANA Integration (we’re working on it)
  • JIRA Integration (we’re working on it)
  • TRELLO Integration (we’re working on it)
  • KANBAN TASKS BOARD (project management board) (we have it, just need to polish it up a bit)


  • WooCommerce Checkout page showing the hours about to be paid out, grouped by Weeks screenshot-1.(png).
  • WP HOURLY Projects page in the WordPress Dashboard screenshot-2.(png).
  • WP HOURLY Edit Project screen screenshot-3.(png).
  • WP HOURLY Edit Task screen screenshot-4.(png).
  • WP HOURLY Edit Time Record screen screenshot-5.(png).
  • WooCommerce Thank You page with activity report screenshot-6.(png).
  • WP HOURLY settings page screenshot-7.(png).
  • WP HOURLY Unpaid Hours in Customer My Account area (WooCommerce or with shortcode) screenshot-8.(png).
  • WP HOURLY view WooCommerce Order with activity breakdown. WP HOURLY orders are actually renamed to "Payments" as they are basically payments for services delivered and not orders for future payments screenshot-9.(png).


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Make sure you already have WooCommerce installed on your website if you wish to charge the hours directly too; if not, you can still just run reports and invoice them to your customers any other way.
  2. Unzip and upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. Use the Wp HOURLY menu screen in your WordPress dashboard to configure the plugin
  5. Create a WooCommerce Product category to hold your Hourly Work products
  6. Create as many WooCommerce products you need to use as hourly Work Rates. The price you set to these products are the rates you will charge your customers. Usually, just one product is enough
  7. If you wish to charge a particular customer a different rate, just specify that rate on the User Edit screen in WordPress
  8. Create at least one user with the role Employee and mark it as Active ( you can mark it as active AFTER the user has been generated in WordPress)
    That’s it!

Now, in order to actually start charging for your time you need to add time in one of the 2 following ways:

separate time per Tasks and Projects

  1. Create a Project and assign it to a Customer
  2. Create a Task and assign it to a Customer, Project and Assignee
  3. Create Time Records and assign them to a Customer, Project, Task and Assignee

just add time for a client
1. Create time Records and assign them to a Customer

Only the Customer is a required field. You need to make sure that whatever you want the customer to see is assigned to that Customer, be it a Project, a Task or Time Records.

You may choose not to group your Time records by Projects and Tasks, but we can advise to do so: it is easier for you to manage on the long run and clients prefer to see things organised as well


To what purposes can I use WP HOURLY?

You can use WP HOURLY in any of the following setups

  1. Use it as a hosted Project Management tool for your employees and customers, and if you have WooCommerce installed, charge your customers for the tracked time with WooCommerce
  2. Use it together with the WP HOURLY TRACKER add-on to monitor employee desktops and automate time tracking. Again, if WooComemrce is installed, that time can be paid by your customers through WooCommerce
  3. Use WP HOURLY with the WP HOURLY TRACKER in order to provide transparency to your customers; they love it!
  4. Use it as is, and add time manually or allow your employees to add time manually
  5. We’re not 100% sure of the required setup yet, but we have already tried WP HOURLY together with the WP HOURLY TRACKER in a Freelancer Marketplace (freelancing website) setup. Most probably a multi-vendor setup would be required.
What 3rd party plugins do I need in order to use WP HOURLY?

WP HOURLY does not require any additional plugins to function, but we do recommend using it with WooCommerce so that your clients can pay you for the tracked time directly on your website.

Can people overwrite the Quantity (hours) in the WooCommerce cart?

Nope. We made sure that people can not access that Cart if they are paying for hourly products. If they are looking to checkout with other products or services on your website, like Hosting for example, if you are selling hosting, they go on uninterrupted, but if they are looking to pay for their hours, then they can only access the checkout page and pay for it.

What user roles does this plugin add or use?

WP HOURLY adds an Employee role (which is basically and assignee for a Task or Time Record). This is done to help facilitate teams, or agencies. Single freelancers may not need this feature. If WooCommerce is not installed, then it will also create the Customer user role… time has to be billed to a customer, after all.

WP HOURLY heavily relies on the Customer role inserted by WooCommerce. This is basically your client, the entity who needs to pay for the generated billable time πŸ™‚

How do I use Invoices or accounting software integration with WP HOURLY?

You do not. You use it with WooCommerce, that is the point πŸ™‚ Feel free to use any invoicing or accounting plugin or service that works with WooCommerce and you would have used regardless.


This plugin does not use any kind of personal data except for what is already stored and used by your WordPress and WooCommerce website. So as long as you have GDPR covered for that, which you should, you should be good to go.


June 29, 2020
Would be very happy to pay for this plugin and support it's development. Please contact me at rafarc21 (at) GMAIL.com
January 13, 2020
I got fast and detailed answers to my requests. The plugin is very handy with the (paying) side application "WP Hourly Tracker". The team is very proactive and I am confident this product with get great enhancements in the future.
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1.1.0 July 22, 2019

  • Added analytics and telemetry to better understand the usage of the plugin and provide users with better experience.

1.1.1 August 12, 2019

  • Fix a bug where Time Record hours were saved as int.

1.2.0 January 20, 2020

  • Added option to hide empty lines in reports
  • Added option to display time in hours and minutes
  • Display client name in projects and tasks lists
  • Fixed a bug where trashed time records would still show in reports