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WP HOURLY is the most simple yet advanced solution for managing your billable time using your WordPress website. It is ideal for Freelancers and Agencies alike, giving you the ability to create tasks and assign them to your team members (Employees). An Employee can then submit time records. These time records are grouped per customer, projects and tasks. The plugin also features extensive reports as well, which you can use for billing your customers or paying your employees.

While this plugin is best suited for Agencies and Freelancers who need to charge for their hourly work directly on their website, and not on any big freelancing platform, it works just as fine for other businesses that need to provide time reports to their Customers.

Basically, any business that needs to keep a record of their worked time can use WP Hourly!


We are developing using WordPress ourselves and we do a lot of hourly work. We also work on freelancing platforms but we never liked the restrictiveness they come with or how uneasy it was to merge them into our country-specific bookkeeping and accounting. So we went ahead to create our own solution. We developed WP HUORLY and we have since tracked over 27.000 billable hours with it in 3+ years!!!

* Set a global Hourly Rate or specify a different hourly rate per Customer, Project or Task
* Assign Projects, Tasks and Time Records to a Customer(works with the WooCommerce “customer” role)
* Assign Time Records to your Employees and thus see how much time your team spends on what Tasks
* Find Projects and Tasks easy with the built-in search and filter options
* Compatible with the Order Signature for WooCommerce plugin – turn your orders into Signed Confirmation of Service documents
* Detailed Time Reports both for Administrators and Customers which can be used to bill your customers or pay your employees
* Compatible with Bootstrap 4

* WP HOURLY TRACKER – automate time tracking using the Desktop App (macOS, Windows and Linux) and provide your Customers with transparent time reports with Screenshots. Offer your Customers the same experience they would get on a big freelancing platform. Actually, with a bit of knowledge, you could use it to set up your own Freelancing website or marketplace. DOWNLOAD HERE

  • WP HOURLY WOOCOMMERCE INTEGRATION – have your Customers pay your for the hourly work you provide them with using your own website and WooCommerce. They pay for your time as if they were checking out for a new pair of shoes. It’s that easy! This add-on also adds a Dashboard Widget that shows you how many unpaid hours each of your Customers has, with the ability to notify them about those hours. DOWNLOAD HERE

  • WP HOURLY TIME SHEETS – generate beautiful time Sheet reports both for your Customers, but especially for your Employees. This add-on is ideal for those companies thta need to evaluate the performance of their employees. These reports come with clock in and out capability, time worked per day as well as counting daily time worked targets or overtime for employees. DOWNLOAD HERE

  • WP HOURLY DASHBOARD WIDGETS – if you are running an agency or simply need to have a global glance over your team’s activity, this add-on is for you! It adds a kanban board to your WordPress dashboard which shows you all tasks grouped per Employee and also allows you to quickly reassign tasks to different Employees by drag and drop. It also adds 2 instant reports widgets showing you who worked on what and for how long! DOWNLOAD HERE

  • WP HOURLY WOOCOMMERCE MESSAGES – this add-on is still a little bit rough around the edges; we still have to work on the notifications system for a bit, but overall, it allows you to turn WP Hourly into a fully-featured project management system. it enables your users to add comments and files to any task! DOWNLOAD HERE

  • WP HOURLY MONITOR – if you manage a team and you need to keep a closer eye over their activity, this add-on will help with that. provided you have the Tracker add-on installed and working as well, this add-on will create a page where you will see a continuous flow of screenshots coming in from your employees as they work! DOWNLOAD HERE


  • Wp Hourly Project details page screenshot-1.(png).
  • WP HOURLY Projects page in the WordPress Dashboard screenshot-2.(png).
  • WP HOURLY Single task view screenshot-3.(png).
  • WP HOURLY Time reports page screenshot-4.(png).


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

1. Unzip and upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
1. Use the Wp HOURLY menu screen in your WordPress dashboard to configure the plugin
1. If you wish to charge a particular customer a different rate, just specify that rate on the User Edit screen in WordPress
1. You can set different rates per Project or Task as well
1. Create at least one user with the role Employee and mark it as Active ( you can mark it as active AFTER the user has been generated in WordPress) if you have employees or manage a team that will be using WP Hourly. If you are a solo freelancer, then you can just use it as administrator.
That’s it! See our documentation for more instructions.


To what purposes can I use WP HOURLY?

You can use WP HOURLY in any of the following setups
1. Use it to track time and then bill your customers for it manually. Using the WooCmmerce integration allows your customers to pay for your time directly in the My Account section. WP HOURLY WooCOmmerce Integration
1. Use it to simply manage the working hours and time for you or your employees
1. Use it as a hosted Project Management tool for your employees and customers
1. Use it together with the WP HOURLY TRACKER add-on to monitor employee desktops and automate time tracking.
1. Use WP HOURLY with the WP HOURLY TRACKER in order to provide transparency to your customers; they love it!
1. Use it as is, and add time manually or allow your employees to add time manually
1. We’re not 100% sure of the required setup yet, but we have already tried WP HOURLY together with the WP HOURLY TRACKER in a Freelancer Marketplace (freelancing website) setup. Most probably a multi-vendor setup would be required.

What 3rd party plugins do I need in order to use WP HOURLY?

There are no other plugins required for it to work, but if you wish to collect payments with WooCommerce, you do need to WP Hourly WooCommerce Integration add-on and WooCommerce installed and activated. It also works super nice with the Order Signature for WooCommerce plugin, if you wish to give your payments a “contract” or confirmation of service legal aspect.

What user roles does this plugin add or use?

WP HOURLY adds an Employee role (which is basically and assignee for a Task or Time Record). This is done to help facilitate teams, or agencies. Single freelancers may not need this feature. If WooCommerce is not installed, then it will also create the Customer user role… time has to be billed to a customer, after all.

WP HOURLY heavily relies on the Customer role inserted by WooCommerce. This is basically your client, the entity who needs to pay for the generated billable time 🙂

How do I use Invoices or accounting software integration with WP HOURLY?

You can use any invoice generating plugin or service in order to send to your clients for payment. What WP Hourly does is that it generates a report which you can send along with that invoice. That report is broken down into Projects and Tasks so that you can show your client exactly what you have been working on. If you want to go one step ahead, you can have your customers pay you directly on your website, by also using the WP Hourly WooCommerce Integration and WooCommerce. You can then collect payments for your time using any activated checkout method you would usually use with WooCommerce… and use any WooCommerce Invoice generating plugins too, that would generate an invoice based on the order (payment in this case).


This plugin does not use any kind of personal data except for what is already stored and used by your WordPress and WooCommerce website. So as long as you have GDPR covered for that, which you should, you should be good to go.


October 26, 2022 1 reply
After installing this plugin and purchasing the premium version I have realized that this plugin may not be following the wordpress standards because (following issues are related to free version only) 1: As soon as it is activated I seen the entire look and feel of the entire site changes (something to do with Bootstrap I am told by some developers) 2. I immediately start getting a 504 error on my website as soon as it installed and activated 3. Documentation on website is outdated. Fancy Marketing and high claims of the features but does not live up to basic Wordpress standards maybe. If these are addressed I am open to changing my review
March 26, 2021 1 reply
I should have written this a few months ago! But working with the wp hourly guys has been a pleasure! They are so helpful, detailed and responsive! WP Hourly allowed me to track hourly work on a number of projects. I was told by one client that my billing was "pretty slick!" Any install/ update/ wordpress issues I had (which was totally thanks to my being new to wordpres!) They were happy to help! Was pretty cool, I'd write an email in the evening and wake up to a response & solution in the AM!
March 4, 2021 2 replies
I wanted to buy this plugin to help bill hours for my clients. It looks very promising. However it's broken for every user. Multiple users complain on the forums that it's not working (cannot add a project, step one.) and so I went to the developer's website and sent a message asking for help to fix it and that I'd like to buy it if I can get it working. They didn't bother to respond.
June 29, 2020
Would be very happy to pay for this plugin and support it's development. Please contact me at rafarc21 (at)
January 13, 2020
I got fast and detailed answers to my requests. The plugin is very handy with the (paying) side application "WP Hourly Tracker". The team is very proactive and I am confident this product with get great enhancements in the future.
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3.0.1 September 08, 2021

  • Global
  • fixed a bug where you could have 2 tab’s opened and track 2 diffrent projects
  • removed for customer the ability to add / remove folowers for a project
  • fixed notification if a project was deleted the notification was still there and thrown an error when clicked / open the task details
  • added validation for add task, add project – valid fields empty
  • fixed for add a new project or a new task redirect issue
  • fixed when delete a task or a project redirect issue
  • added for older browser if WEBRT allowed or http not secured, alert this browser dosen’t support screenshot
  • added alert if the browser or tabs opened with http screenshots arn’t allowed
  • fixed listing task structure , new structure to align icons , texts

  • Dashboard

  • fixed dashboard task listing to check if the current task is running or not (if someone is working don’t complete the task)

  • fixed dashboard external url blury favicon’s

  • fixed dashboard filtering search
  • fixed listing for tasks structure
  • fixed wph messages for the customer when clicking on a task

  • Tasks

  • fixed a bug in task details image upload , that had special chars that showed empty / broken image
  • added when uploading a file / s , rename it / them , with date and time , so it won’t re-write existing one
  • Added task multi upload file option
  • fixed a bug in tasks where the url for extrenal link cannot be empty
  • fixed a bug in task when comment field is empty
  • added for task details, comment textarea as placeholder text not a text value
  • added for task details comment tooltip [don’t use tags]
  • added for task details if comment is empty, validation tooltip, field is empty

  • fixed for Firefox if a timer is running with screenshot , when presing the stop sharing to stop the timer to

  • fixed task external url blury favicon’s
  • fixed task external url to be empty
  • added task external url tooltip
  • fixed task external url remove icon if url is valid or empty field
  • fixed task modal if click outside no redirect to project
  • fixed task modal if modal open an hit refresh , redirect to project with the task opened
  • fixed listing for tasks structure
  • added for task edit follower placeholder
  • added for task edit modal when loading content a screen loading so you can’t click the tabs until it loads [active tab content from another tab]
  • added for task modal for the select customer tootltip
  • fixed for tabs opened with http / older browser that don’t support WEBRTC to run the timer only [no screenshot allowed]
  • fixed task modal when deleting a task redirect fix
  • fixed timer when logged in time was 00:06:00 , it shown 00:60:00
  • added timer start / stop color
  • fixed when timer is start / stop , to update the field instanly in db not waiting for 3 minutes, and save in db correctly
  • fixed if user is on http or the webrtc usermedia is not on , run only the timer not the screenshots
  • added task details when clicked on image will open in a new window
  • fixed when no user media or on http links, the screenshots saved in the db where black
  • fixed task select user tooltip
  • fixed task description placeholder
  • added task add manual time validation / tooltip
  • added verification when deleting a task if someone is working
  • added restriction for customer to move tasks
  • added restriction for customer to see my-workspace

  • Projects

  • fixed a bug in projects where the url for extrenal link cannot be empty
  • added for project followers placeholder text for the autpcomplete input [if empty , no sugestion that there you need to tipe something]
  • fixed project external url blury favicon’s
  • fixed listing for tasks structure
  • fixed project when deleting redirect fix
  • added verification when deleting a project if someone is working on a task

  • Reports

  • added validation for reports for the select project
  • added validation for reports for the select task

* fixed the shootcode, witch had tabs with a new structure because of the boostrap v3, v4 , v5 jquery functions

3.0.0 April 16, 2021

(To be updated)
* Added workspace for tasks and project
* Added shorcuts for add project and task
* Added feedback when adding manual time
* Added validation for project, task and manual time
* Now you can click on the picture from Time Records to see it better.
* Task title will fill now on

one row.
* Fixed some small bugs

2.0.8 March 31, 2021

  • fixed a bug where customers could see other people’s reports

2.0.7 March 24, 2021

  • fixed various bugs

2.0.6 March 24, 2021

  • fixed some small bugs

2.0.4 February 2, 2021

  • updated textdomain bugs
  • fixed a bug where employee and customer’s permissions weren’t updating

2.0.1 December 1, 2020

  • Complete plugin rewrite.

1.1.0 July 22, 2019

  • Added analytics and telemetry to better understand the usage of the plugin and provide users with better experience.

1.1.1 August 12, 2019

  • Fix a bug where Time Record hours were saved as int.