WP Glossary Hover


WP Glossary Hover adds helpful tooltips to user defined glossary terms. Terms are highlighted and when hovered over shows the term definition.


  • Only highlight first occurrence of term.
  • Specify if glossary terms are case sensitive.
  • Enable by post type, i.e. specify if posts, pages, etc. are parsed for terms.
  • Protect certain html tags, e.g. headers, links, quotes, etc., from being parsed for terms.
  • Uses jQuery UI Tooltips, with ability to custom various settings and themes.
  • Style highlighted terms, i.e. change color and underline style.


  • A screenshot of the general options tab for the plugin.
  • A screenshot of the tooltip options tab for the plugin.
  • A screenshot of the styles options tab for the plugin.
  • A screenshot of the tooltip in action.



  • Fix errors in versions of php earlier than php 5.4.
  • Remove the ‘…’ when not limiting the characters in the definition.


  • Fix encoding between html and xml entities.


  • Decode html entities before adding them as xml.
  • Add new link underline style none.
  • Remove extra markup <!DOCTYPE><html><body></body></html> generated by DomDocument.
  • When limiting the number of characters in the definition tooltip, end at the end of a word, and trim all non alpha-numeric characters.


  • Enabled comment support for glossary terms.
  • Added to enable links to glossary term pages.
  • Added setting to limit the tooltip length.
  • Escape html sepcial characters in definition.
  • Strip tags in tooltip definition, instead of escaping tags.
  • Fix description for Enabled Post Types setting.


  • Fix fatal error on install.
  • Remove test code in uninstall.php.


  • Update README.txt.


  • First release of plugin.

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