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WP Design Awards


This is the the free version of wordpress plugin, WP Design Awards. Creates the functionality for a web design contest.

Adds two shortcodes:

The css_gallery shortcode for displaying the sites gallery!
[css_gallery category_slug= sites_per_page=9 no_pagination=false]

And the nominee_form for the users to submit their own creations.


Demo 1
Demo 2


  • Adds a sites gallery shortcode with the capability to rate the displayed sites!
  • Adds a submission form for visitors and users to submit their own creations
  • Adds a custom post type for the sites
  • The custom post type has its own template, in which users can rate also!
  • Adds a custom taxonomy
  • Generates an easy to understand settings page.
  • Provides control of the dimensions of accepted featured image
  • Provides control of the type of accepted featured image
  • Calculates the thumbnail based on a percentage of featured image provided by the admin!
  • Provides the choice of default category, if there is one!
  • Provides an extra category tag for the users to choose and display to the post page!

Premium version

For more info and support visit:


  • All posts view
  • Create and edit post view
  • Gallery
  • Nominee form
  • Settings


A question that someone might have
How can i change rating image?

At first the image must be transparent in the middle in order to display the colors and 23×20 pixels. You can find the current images in js/stars folder. Create and image and put it inside this folder to be consistant.

After this, go to the functions.php in files directory and locate the line 72 or the first statementa in enqueue_scripts function. Change the name of the image!

How can i change the colors?

You can change the colors from enqueue_scripts function in files/functions.php under the line 66!

How can i change the number of the stars and max rate?

Go to js/rating.js folder, under line 26, you can find this paramentres and change them as you wish.

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