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Demo your wonderful product the way it deserves!

WP Demo Builder is the most powerful and simplest way to let your potential customers truly experience your WordPress products. A game changer and the first of its kind, our service helps you create separate demo sites that allow your users to literally do everything with it, both backend and frontend.

Visit our website at: http://www.wpdemobuilder.com

With just few simple steps, your product’s demo is all set and ready to be delivered to your customers!

Main Features:

  • Dedicated and isolated demo sites: WP Demo Builder provides each of your potential customers with their own demo site on our hosting. This ensures no conflicts will ever happen between users.

  • Ability to install any plug-ins: WP Demo Builder is the only service that lets your customers install plug-ins! This helps them better appreciate the quality of your product.

  • Export your demo to your customers: With WP Demo Builder, you can export each customer’s demo site into a quickstart package so that they can easily deploy on their production site.

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More Details

For further information, product details, help and tutorials, please visit our website: http://www.wpdemobuilder.com


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  • Update WP Demo Builder plugin to strip special characters from database dump.


  • Use WordPress Class PclZip to check whether a zip file is valid or not instead of zip_open native function PHP
  • Add dummy file index.html to site_packages folder


  • Add a message to show to user how to sign up for free at the first time


  • Add the function to force user to update the plugin to the latest version
  • Fix some of security errors


  • Improve alert system of message, includes: Warning, Error …


  • Improve alert system of message, includes: Warning, Error …
  • Support multisite
  • Update CSS Style


  • Update the style


  • Fix bug that causes invalid token and hang uploading process on multiple-threaded upload
  • Fix bug that causes PHP memory limit error


  • Fix some minor bugs
  • Change server’s URL


  • Improve archiving step, make it operate faster on shared hosting
  • Add the function that allows to select icon for Demo Builder Register Button
  • Add The re-connection function, that allows user re-connect to a Base Site without pushing it up the Demo Builder Server again
  • Update style of the Demo Builder Register Form
  • Add the function that will delete all options of WP Demo Builder plugin when un-installing it
  • Update the style in both pages: Base Site & Settings


  • First version

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