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This plugin lets you remove some of the default headers, tags and classes that WordPress inserts into your template by default. I personally find that some of them are unnecessary and just waste bandwidth.

The plugin currently lets you configure the following:

  • In the head of HTML and XML documents
    • Feed links (blog and comment feeds)
    • Extra feed links (category, tag, author, search feeds)
    • Really Simple Discovery and Windows Live Manifest endpoint links
    • Links to previous/next posts
    • Generator tag which reveals which version of WordPress you are using
    • Shortlink tag
    • oEmbed links
    • REST API endpoint link
  • In HTTP response headers:
    • Shortlink header
    • Redundant Etag headers
    • X-Pingback header
  • Remove HTML body classes that you do not need (there is a huge list of classes that WordPress automatically inserts into the body tag)
  • Remove post classes that you do not need (e.g., type-, category-, tag-)
  • Remove comment classes that you do not need (e.g., odd, even, alt, byuser, bypostauthor, depth-N)
  • Remove menu item classes that you do not need (e.g., menu-item, current-menu-item, current_page_ancestor)

If you come across any bugs or have suggestions, please use the support forums. I can’t fix it if I don’t know it’s broken!


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  • Add option to remove REST API and oEmbed links from the HTML head.


  • Add option to remove Emoji CSS and JS.


  • Bugfix: current-menu-ancestor and current-menu-parent were being wrongly hidden by another filter.


  • Add CSRF validation to settings page.


  • Remove options for start/parent/index rel links – these were dropped from WordPress.
  • Minor usability improvements.


  • Added the option to remove ID attributes from Menu items


  • Added menu item class filtering


  • Added version-specific filters for WordPress 3.1
  • Modified upgrade routine to account for changes in upgrade procedure in WordPress 3.1
  • Performance improvements for class filtering


  • Added new class filters for classes introduced in WordPress 3.1 beta/RC


  • Added the option to completely disable body, post and comment classes.
  • Added new class filters for classes introduced in WordPress 3.1 alpha


  • Added filtering for classes in the tag
  • Note: some previous options may be reset after upgrade, because of some changes to how the plugin works – so please go to the settings page to check them.

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