WP Country


To use the WP Country plugin in your theme or plugin add global $wp_country; into your theme or plugin PHP file,

  • $wp_country->countries_list() is an array of country names

  • $wp_country->dropdown() prints or returns countries as dropdown HTML tag.

  • $wp_country->name($alpha2) returns the name of a country by it’s 2-character code.

Russian translation is available now.


  1. Upload the wp-country folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin.


Advanced usage: dropdown($blank, $echo, $args)

Parameters Description
  • blank: if not empty then <option value=''> will be added into dropdown list. Default: ”.

  • echo: prints the list if true else returns. Default: true.

  • args: an array of extra parameters. Default: array('include' => array(), 'exclude' => array(), 'name' => 'country', 'id' => '', 'selected' => array(), 'multiple' => false).

Description of `args` components
  • include, exclude: an array of country codes (alpha2) should be included into dropdown list or excluded from it.

  • name: name attribute of the SELECT tag.

  • id: id attribute (not displayed by default).

  • class: class attribute of the SELECT tag (empty by default).

  • multiple: enables multiple select.

  • selected: adds the selected attribute.

Contributors & Developers

“WP Country” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • 0.2 Add class parameter for dropdown list.
  • 0.1 Initial version.