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WP Cloudy is a powerful weather plugin for WordPress, based on Open Weather Map API, using Custom Post Types and shortcodes, and much more.

WP Cloudy is a flexible and easy to use weather plugin that allows you to create unlimited different weather using Custom Post Types and Open Weather Map API.

Create a weather, select your city, choose the options and customize the look in a few clicks.

Embed it anywhere with the shortcode automatically generated by copy and paste in posts, pages, text widgets, or directly in the PHP files of your theme.

With Custom Post Types, you minimize maintenance: change some settings to automatically change all weather with the same shortcode instantly.

Many features like:
* NEW! Responsive design
* NEW! Choose between 2 forecast fonts (required WP Cloudy Skins Add-on)
* NEW! Display date of last update
* NEW! Display link to full weather (OpenWeatherMap)
* NEW! 16 days forecast
* NEW! Option to disable mouse scroll wheel zoom on map
* NEW! Use your own custom fields from posts to build automatic weathers (add-on Geolocation required)
* NEW! Use your own API key from OpenWeatherMap
* NEW! Precipitation!
* NEW! Templating system (developers can now create their own template with ease)
* NEW! Autocompletion / suggestion for search cities and countries in admin using Twitter Typeahead (jQuery 1.9 required)
* NEW! Choose number of hours displayed
* NEW! Choose length days names: short or normal
* NEW! 6 new languages supported: Czech, Galician, Vietnamese, Arabic, Macedonian, Slovak
* NEW! Loads Map JS/CSS from your own web host or OWM
* NEW! New paid Add-on : WP Cloudy Geolocation, allows your visitors to get a geolocation weather.
* NEW! Add disable cache button in WP Cloudy settings
* NEW! Cache system to prevent OpenWeatherMap failure
* NEW! Change date format (12h or 24h)
* NEW! Display temperatures unit (C / F)
* NEW! Tabs in WP Cloudy admin panel for better UX
* NEW! New option to enable/disable CSS3 animations
* NEW! Add 14-day forecast
* NEW! New option to display (or not) Sunrise / Sunset
* NEW! New option to display (or not) today date + temperatures (min-max/average)
* NEW! Add WP Cloudy widget dashboard
* NEW! Add a button to integrate the weather shortcode in tinymce editor more easily
* NEW! Now with SVG animated icons (thanks to Noah Blon => http://codepen.io/noahblon )
* NEW! Adding an options panel to bypass options for individual weather
* NEW! Support OpenStreetMap (layers included: current weather, stations, clouds, precipitation, snow, wind, temperature, pressure)
* Retina ready (SVG + CSS3)
* 134 000 cities listed (thanks to OpenWeatherMap)
* Current weather
* Hourly forecasts
* Week forecasts
* Temperatures (current, average, min and max)
* Speed and Wind direction
* Humidity
* Atmospheric pressure
* Cloudiness
* Celsius or Fahrenheit
* Many display languages
* and new features are added regularly

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-27
Active Installs: 4,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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