WP Cloudy


WP Cloudy is a flexible and easy to use weather plugin that allows you to create unlimited different weather using Custom Post Types and Open Weather Map API.

Create a weather, select your city, choose the options and customize the look in a few clicks.

Embed it anywhere with the shortcode automatically generated by copy and paste in posts, pages, text widgets, or directly in the PHP files of your theme.

With Custom Post Types, you minimize maintenance: change some settings to automatically change all weather with the same shortcode instantly.

Latest features

  • NEW! Forecast precipitations
  • NEW! Support language packs for translations
  • NEW! Weather now automatically adapts to its parent container (min width: 200px)
  • NEW! Automatic background image based on weather (Skins add-on required)
  • NEW! Translation: huge simplification! Everything is now translated via PO/MO files! Works perfectly with WPML. No need to select language in WP Cloudy basic tab.
  • NEW! Import/export settings from site to another site
  • NEW! Responsive design for Skins add-on
  • NEW! Responsive design
  • NEW! Autocompletion / suggestion for search cities and countries in admin using Twitter Typeahead (jQuery 1.9 required)


  • 200 000 cities
  • Hours forecast
  • 5-days forecast
  • Metric/Imperial
  • 12/24 format
  • Custom datas:
    • Current weather
    • Hour forecast
    • 5-days Forecast
    • Current Weather map
    • Wind
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
    • Cloudiness
    • Current temperature
    • Min-max temperatures
    • Average temperature
    • Sunrise – sunset
  • Unlimited weathers
  • Cache system
  • Open Weather Map API
  • Dashboard Weather
  • Flat and retina design : CSS3, SVG…
  • Global Options panel
  • No ads
  • Weather map with layers: current weather, stations, clouds, precipitation, snow, wind, temperature, pressure
  • And many many more! Check all features

Premium Add-ons

For developers

Templating system: Create your custom weather template with WP Cloudy


  • English
  • French
  • Italian (thanks to www.tosolini.info)
  • Hungarian (thanks to Tom)
  • Hebrew (thanks to Ben Klinger)
  • Polish (thanks to Marcello/Rafal Wronowski)
  • Russian (thanks to Andrea)
  • Danish (thanks to Carsten Klingenberg)
  • German (thanks to Lutz Bennert)
  • Portuguese (thanks to Deoclides Neto)
  • Spanish (thanks to Wladimir Espinoza Durán)
  • Chilean (thanks to Wladimir Espinoza Durán)
  • Dutch (thanks to Age de Jong)
  • Persian (thanks to @mARYAm)
  • Add yours!

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  • Create your weather
  • Display options
  • Advanced options
  • Map options
  • Options panel
  • WP Cloudy in action
  • WP Cloudy without skins add-on


  1. Upload ‘wpcloudy’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the new custom post type called Weather and start creating your own weather!


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload ‘wpcloudy’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the new custom post type called Weather and start creating your own weather!
Any questions?

All the answers are on our site (at least we try): https://wpcloudy.com


Good plugin but with obvious issues

Anytime i want to change a setting i must remember to change also the Wind unit: to mi/h, otherwise it switches back to kt, it does not remember the already set settings.
Also it does not show min and max temperatures, it shows the same value for both.
If this feature is included only in premium version you should mention it, i really still don`t know if i need to get the premium to solve this.
Also i had to change some css in order to align the day`s divs in a horizontal order, by default they aligned verticaly one under the other.
It is almost the only good option for a wordpress site but has a lot of bugs and needs more work.
So, despite the problems i want to give courage to the author and i give 5 stars.

Reported to Paypal

Reported this company for unauthorized transaction from my paypal account, should you purchase the pro version beware as if you cancel via their website it doesn’t actually cancel your subscription!!!

Wasted Over An Hour

Attempted to use this plugin; added duplicate widget in header and was unable to remove duplicate info from showing. Removed, deleted, reinstalled….nothing worked. Cleared cache, nothing.

This plugin is rad

I remember struggling with weather plugins in the past so always advocated that clients don’t use them, as the time investment was not worth the return. Just tried WP Cloudy after losing that battle with the client and could not be more thrilled with how awesome this plug in is. While I don’t need 90% of the features, thankfully the plugin author set up the plugin to start minimal and allow the administrator to build it up to exactly what they want, rather than the other way around. Additionally, the out of the box styling is clean and well done. I had the perfect weather widget ready to roll and on my page within 10 minutes of downloading the plugin. Highly recommended if you need weather on your site. Great job @rainbowgeek!

A plugin full of lies

Despite what it is said, there is not SVG icons available.
plus, the plugin is not working properly: temperature does not show up, icons either.

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Contributors & Developers

“WP Cloudy” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“WP Cloudy” has been translated into 2 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “WP Cloudy” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • FIX Translations


  • FIX Weather in WP Dashboard


  • NEW Persian language (thanks to @mARYAm)
  • FIX Firefox doesn’t need anymore CSS fix for animations like sun rotation (thanks to Loïc Antignac)
  • FIX Forecast weather (thanks to Adrien Baud)


  • FIX Undefined variables (thanks to @mickaelgris)


  • NEW Find your city by OpenWeatherMap ID (to get more accurate data)
  • INFO Upgrading Leafleat JS to latest release
  • INFO Remove State field (depreciated by OpenWeatherMap)
  • INFO Improve security
  • INFO Improve performance in WP Cloudy settings by using oembed for YouTube
  • FIX Pointers
  • FIX Upgrading country autocomplete JS


  • FIX no weather data


  • FIX Dutch language (thanks to @alex)


  • FIX Check on 5-days/hour forecast
  • FIX 16-days field in global settings
  • FIX Language
  • FIX Wind check
  • FIX Text domain
  • FIX Replace get_blog_info url by admin_url
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_advanced_api_key’
  • FIX Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_advanced_cache_time’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_advanced_size’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_advanced_border_color’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_advanced_text_color’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_advanced_bg_color’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_basic_unit’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_basic_date’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_display_date_temp’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_display_wind_unit’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_display_hour_forecast_nd’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_display_forecast_nd’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_display_short_days_names’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_display_fluid_width’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_map_height’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_map_opacity’
  • FIX Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wpc_map_zoom’


  • INFO Due to price changes in OpenWeatherMap API, weather forecast is now limited to 5 days (16 days before)
  • FIX Prevent undefined variables by adding several isset and other checks
  • FIX Wind direction is back
  • FIX Forecast temp/weather (OpenWeatherMap changed their API, renew your key if you get some troubles)


  • NEW Language Dutch (thanks to Age de Jong)


  • NEW Map API updated to Leaflet Open Weather Map
  • NEW SSL is now available for free users (thanks to OpenWeatherMap), it means no more Unable to find cities!
  • INFO Add info if SSL is ON/OFF for Geolocation
  • INFO Move to https all URLs
  • FIX Rain due to a change in OpenWeatherMap API
  • FIX Check on values (“yes”,”1″)
  • FIX Compatibility with W3C


  • INFO Hungarian translation updated (thanks to Mészáros Tamás)
  • INFO Italian translation updated (thanks to www.tosolini.info)


  • NEW Add Wind Unit (m/s, mi/h, km/h and knots)
  • FIX Wind values (thanks to Dan)
  • FIX Prefixes functions (fix compatibility with User PRO)


* INFO Switch weather XML feeds to JSON for faster performances, better reliability
* INFO Map is under development to integrate the new Open Weather Map API
* FIX Hourly forecast to mach the new Open Weather Map feed URL


  • FIX Some translation


  • FIX WPML language (thanks to @nelero)


  • NEW Speed wind is now displayed in Kilometers / hour (instead of Meters / second if your weather is set to metric)


  • FIX Short condition display
  • FIX No date display


  • FIX Translations


  • NEW Forecast precipitations (Pro users have to update Skins Add-on too!)
  • FIX CSS in WP Cloudy global settings
  • FIX Add WP Cloudy icon in TinyMCE for custom post types


  • FIX Admin pointers JS error


  • FIX Bug when using automatic weather based on custom field
  • INFO Add Pointer to alert users to set an OWM API Key
  • INFO Add an help tab in WP Cloudy Global Settings
  • INFO Update Hungarian translation (thanks to Mészáros Tamás)

  • FIX Spanish and Chilean translations


  • NEW Add Spanish and Chilean language (thanks to Wladimir Espinoza Durán)


  • NEW Support WordPress.org translation language packs (more info here: wptavern.com/how-to-prepare-and-take-advantage-of-language-packs-for-plugins-hosted-on-wordpress-org)
  • NEW Set a custom width for max width parent container to apply Fluid design
  • NEW Today’s date now based on General WordPress settings Date format
  • INFO Fix date bug
  • INFO Improve UX
  • INFO Improve english translation
  • INFO Improve french translation
  • INFO Fix bug translation
  • INFO Changed text-domain from ‘wpcloudy’ to ‘wp-cloudy’


  • NEW Weather now automatically adapts to its parent container (if Fluid design option enabled)
  • INFO Improve responsive
  • FIX Z-index bug with Theme2


  • FIX Unable to find cities when creating your weather


  • INFO WordPress 4.5 compatibility
  • INFO Remove View in Weather custom post type
  • INFO Update language files
  • INFO Add notice to encourage users using their own OpenWeatherMap API key to avoid limits requests
  • INFO Improve WP Cloudy global settings UI/UX
  • FIX Recovery display date option / add No date option


  • INFO Improve Portuguese translation (thanks to Igor)
  • FIX Remove undefined variable
  • FIX Undefined Notices, now wp-debug works properly (thanks to Sebastien @SebBareyre)


  • NEW Custom Timezone field, you can now bypass WordPress default Timezone setting for each weather
  • NEW Display day of the week or todays date (thanks to Fee Alvi)
  • INFO Improve translation


  • NEW Add wind speed unit
  • FIX Shortcode column bug


  • NEW Portuguese (Brazil) translation (thanks to Deoclides Neto)


  • NEW Force geolocation weather when page loads (required WP Cloudy Geolocation add-on)
  • NEW German translation (thanks to Lutz Bennert)
  • NEW Danish translation (thanks to Carsten Klingenberg)


  • NEW Add duplicate link in Weather Post Type list view
  • FIX UTC Time for hour forecast
  • INFO Upgrade Polish language (thanks to Rafal Wronowski)


  • INFO PHP7 Compatibility
  • INFO WP 4.4 Compatibility
  • FIX Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter with PHP7


  • FIX Forecast Icon Pack for Skins Add-on


  • FIX Text domain for translation


  • FIX Sun animations (thanks to Max33)


  • FIX French translation
  • FIX Variable declarations
  • FIX Today date / sunrise / sunset / Current temperature settings (indivudal and global)


  • NEW Russian language (thanks to andrea)


  • FIX Skins add-on background


  • NEW Automatic background image based on weather (Skins add-on required)
  • NEW Translation: huge simplification! Everything is now translated via PO/MO files! Works perfectly with WPML. No need to select language in WP Cloudy basic tab.
  • FIX Dashboard widget CSS/JS loading


  • NEW Reset global settings (in Export/Import/Reset tab)
  • FIX Redirect URL after Export/Import/Reset
  • FIX Tinymce JS error


  • FIX Permalink error (thanks to risbac)


  • FIX 5 notices: Undefined index (wpc-detectGeolocation, wpc-manualGeolocation, wpc-posLat, wpc-posLon, wpc-posCityId, wpc-posCityName), thanks to thib3113
  • FIX Improve performance in WP Admin
  • FIX Wrong label for 16 days forecast in global settings
  • INFO Set a default value for cache time (30 minutes)
  • INFO Improve UX by adding support links
  • INFO New logo for WP Cloudy using Dashicons font
  • INFO Remove TinyMCE v3 compatibility


  • NEW Import/Export global settings, useful if you have multiple websites (weathers can be exported too via the Tools Exporter Screen)
  • INFO WordPress 4.3 compatibility
  • INFO Theme1 and Theme2 (available via Skins Add-on) can now be bypassed independently (eg. you can have a custom template for theme1, another one for theme 2, and a default one)
  • FIX Works with child theme too (if you bypass default templates)
  • FIX content-wpcloudy.php displaying issue


  • FIX Thunderstorm icon


  • FIX City, State or Country with spaces now work properly


  • FIX Map
  • FIX Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpc_get_owm_feeds()
  • FIX Loading weather if cache is disabled (enable cache is still strongly recommended)
  • INFO WP Cloudy Skins and Geolocation Add-on updated
  • INFO Load WP Cloudy only if shortcode exists on the page
  • INFO Improve code quality (thanks to @mantismamita)
  • INFO Italian translation updated (thanks to www.tosolini.info)


  • FIX Map loading


  • NEW Responsive design for Skins add-on (premium users: https://www.wpcloudy.com/fr/add-on-fr/wp-cloudy-skins-addon/)
  • FIX Templating for Theme1 and Theme2
  • FIX CSS issues


  • FIX Weather map
  • INFO Performance improvements


  • NEW Responsive design (yeah finally!)
  • INFO Compatible with WP-Rocket, premium cache plugin
  • INFO Huge performance improvements
  • FIX Days names can now be translated via PO/MO files (huge request!)
  • FIX Undefined index wpc_clear_all_cache_nonce
  • FIX Remove WP Cloudy in WordPress menus
  • FIX Undefined offset in hours forecast
  • INFO Increase security
  • INFO Remove average/min-max temperature, replaced by current temperature (because datas from OWM are totally wrong)

  • FIX Dashboard font for Skins Add-on
  • FIX Minify CSS


  • FIX Humidity display

  • INFO Adding version in source for easier debugging

  • FIX Fatal error


  • FIX Saving hundreds of useless metadata in database (thanks to odyodyodys)


  • NEW Adding a State field (for cities with the same name in USA)
  • FIX Change full link weather (.com to .org)


  • FIX Fatal Error is_plugin_active


  • FIX “Big bug” 🙂


  • NEW! Choose between 2 forecast fonts (required WP Cloudy Skins Add-on)
  • INFO Improve quality icons on Firefox for MacOS X


  • FIX OpenLayers JS loading (map)
  • FIX City name with Geolocation enabled


  • FIX Poland language


  • NEW! Display date of last update
  • NEW! Display link to full weather (OpenWeatherMap)


  • NEW! 16 days forecast
  • NEW! Option to disable mouse scroll wheel zoom on map
  • INFO Loads JS asynchronously to improve performance
  • FIX Style.css error when loading Map from your own server
  • FIX Map loading from OpenStreetMap
  • FIX Style.css loading twice from OpenStreetMap


  • NEW! Use your own custom fields from posts to build automatic weathers (add-on Geolocation required)
  • INFO Support WordPress 4.0
  • INFO Add WP Cloudy icon to WordPress plugin browser
  • FIX Clear cache when save weather

  • FIX echo bug


  • NEW! Use your own API key from OpenWeatherMap
  • FIX 70 PHP Notices undefined variable
  • FIX 1 PHP Notice undefined offset


  • NEW! Theme for WP Cloudy Skin Add-on
  • FIX Clear cache button issues from WP Cloudy settings
  • FIX WP Cloudy now uses wp_remote_fopen instead of simple_xml_load_file to improve hosting compatibility
  • FIX Caching issues
  • FIX Days name translations
  • INFO Improved settings design


  • NEW! Add precipitation
  • FIX Loading Flexslider for WordPress Cloudy Skin Add-on

  • FIX Shortcode position

  • FIX Flexslider JS/CSS conflict


  • FIX Sunrise/sunset is now based on WordPress timezone setting

  • FIX Loading template


  • FIX Bypass number hours forecast in WP Cloudy settings
  • NEW! Templating system (developers can now create their own template with ease)
  • INFO 300 lines of code reduced


  • NEW! Autocompletion / suggestion for search cities and countries in admin using Twitter Typeahead (jQuery 1.9 required)
  • FIX Option display today date + min-max temperatures

  • FIX Encoding characters for today day name (thanks to kryvulena)


  • NEW! Choose number of hours displayed
  • NEW! Choose length days names: short or normal
  • NEW! 6 new languages supported: Czech, Galician, Vietnamese, Arabic, Macedonian, Slovak
  • INFO UX improvement in Weather Post type
  • FIX Saving settings from radio button in WP Cloudy settings
  • FIX Encoding characters for days names (thanks to kryvulena)
  • FIX Disable CSS3 animations now available in individual weather too (not just WordPress Cloudy Settings > Advanced tabs – thanks to batscamp)
  • INFO Improved performances by minifying CSS


  • FIX As->XML error


  • NEW! Loads Map JS/CSS from your own web host or OWM
  • INFO UX improvement in WP Cloudy settings
  • FIX Saving settings from select in WP Cloudy settings
  • FIX 14 days forecast instead of 6


  • FIX Severals PHP notice
  • FIX Warning PHP in Support settings tab
  • INFO Improve core performance
  • INFO Dequeue wpcloudy-anim.css if animations are disabled


  • FIX Geolocation Add-on


  • NEW! Add disable cache button in WP Cloudy settings


  • FIX Cache refresh
  • NEW! Add clear cache button in WP Cloudy settings


  • FIX Cache refresh with Geolocation Add-on
  • FIX Rounding hours temperatures


  • NEW! New paid Add-on : WP Cloudy Geolocation, allows your visitors to get a geolocation weather.
  • NEW! Cache system (finally)!
  • NEW! Change date format (12h or 24h)
  • NEW! Display temperatures unit (C / F)
  • INFO Improved design for WP Cloudy admin panel
  • FIX RTE compatibility with WordPress 3.9
  • FIX Improve performances in FE / BE
  • FIX Severals PHP Notice
  • FIX Improve security
  • FIX Date format in hours forecast / sunset – sunrise
  • FIX rounding problem temperatures.


  • NEW! Tabs in WP Cloudy admin panel for better UX
  • NEW! New option to enable/disable CSS3 animations
  • FIX Improve security


  • FIX Hide xml errors if Open Weather Map is down


  • FIX Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in wpcloudy-widget.php on line 71


  • FIX Caching system temporarily disabled
  • FIX Improved accuracy for current weather
  • FIX Sunrise/sunset time


  • NEW! Caching system to avoid connection problems to OpenWeatherMap.org using WordPress Transients API


  • NEW! New option to display (or not) Sunrise / Sunset
  • NEW! Add 14-day forecast
  • FIX SVG animated icons to current weather with better compatibility with Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • FIX some CSS


  • NEW New option to display (or not) today date + temperatures (min-max/average)
  • FIX CSS loads in front-end


  • NEW Add WP Cloudy widget dashboard
  • NEW Add a button to integrate the weather shortcode in tinymce editor more easily
  • FIX Empty tag


* INFO Optimizing performance in admin and Front-end
* INFO Now fully compatible with WordPress 3.8


  • NEW Choose the number of days forecast
  • FIX Zoom map
  • FIX SVG icon map
  • INFO Optimizing map performance by loading JS/CSS only if map is enabled


  • NEW Add custom city title


  • FIX Icon color


  • NEW Add SVG animated icons to current weather
  • NEW Add average temperature
  • INFO Optimizing performance in the backend


  • FIX Language


  • FIX Display language


  • FIX Title of widget text is now displayed above the weather shortcode
  • FIX Forecast unit is now correct


  • FIX Widget text shortcode is now working properly


  • FIX Fatal error


  • NEW Add option panel to bypass options for individual weather
  • FIX “Cannot modify header information – headers already sent” bug


  • NEW Add custom CSS field


  • NEW Support OpenStreetMap (layers included: current weather, stations, clouds, precipitation, snow, wind, temperature, pressure)
  • NEW Display/hide current weather
  • FIX some CSS


  • NEW Support for translations + French version provided
  • FIX WP Cloudy icon in admin


  • Stable release.


  • First beta release.