WP Cloud Server


‘WP Cloud Server’ allows you to create your ideal cloud server management control panel. The plugin includes two powerful modules, ‘DigitalOcean’ and ‘ServerPilot’, with other premium modules available.

Modules can be enabled or disabled to match your ideal use case.

Enabling just the DigitalOcean Module customises the control panel allowing you to create and manage your Droplets, as well as creating ‘Server Templates’ that allow you to sell server hosting plans.

With both the ‘DigitalOcean’ and ‘ServerPilot’ Modules enabled you get the power of them working together! Creating a new ‘ServerPilot’ Managed Cloud Server will automatically provision a new ‘DigitalOcean’ server, connect it ‘ServerPilot’, install WordPress so your new website is ready to go!
You can also allocate ‘ServerPilot’ cloud servers to be used as shared hosting and sell WordPress Hosting Plans to Clients or Customers.

Create your own hosting environment by adding Premium Modules, which add additional cloud providers, such as Vultr, Linode, and AWS. As well as web services such as uptime monitoring using ‘StatusCake’.

Lets take a closer look at the features included with the two built-in Modules;

DigitalOcean Module

The DigitalOcean Module connects to your own DigitalOcean account using their official API. It allows you to manage your Droplets from inside your WordPress Admin Dashboard. It includes the following powerful features.

  • Manually create new DigitalOcean Droplets from inside the WP Admin Dashboard.
  • Add startup scripts that can be selected when creating a new server.
  • Add SSH Keys that can be selected when creating a new server.
  • Create Droplet Templates to allow selling of Dedicated Cloud Servers to Customers.
  • Integrates with the ServerPilot Module to allow Droplets to be connected to ServerPilot.
  • Lists Full Details of Droplets created with DigitalOcean.
  • Lists Full Details of Server Templates.
  • Perform reboots, power cycles, shutdowns, or delete Droplets from the control panel.

The ‘DigitalOcean’ Module can be disabled if it is not required. All references to cloud servers and functionality will be hidden in the control panel.

ServerPilot Module

The ‘ServerPilot’ Module connects to your own ServerPilot account using their official API. ServerPilot is a full WordPress Server management portal which installs a secure and extremely fast WordPress environment in just a few minutes. It handles the complete server configuration as well as installing future updates to software when available.

The ‘ServerPilot’ Module works alongside the DigitalOcean Module to automatically deploy complete WordPress Hosting solutions, including both ‘Shared’ and ‘Dedicated’ configurations. Everything is configured through easy to use options pages built in to the WordPress Admin Dashboard. It includes the following powerful features;

  • Manually create new DigitalOcean Servers connected to ServerPilot with software installed and configured.
  • Chose to configure Servers for ‘Shared’ WordPress Hosting with the option for their location to user selectable at checkout.
  • Create Templates to allow selling of Dedicated Cloud Servers to Customers with their WordPress website fully configured.
  • Create Templates to allow selling of Shared Hosting to Customers with their website fully configured.
  • Manually add new websites to existing servers from inside the WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Enable AutoSSL if required.
  • An Automatic SSL Queue retries twice daily to configure FREE SSL Certificates if DNS is not configured.
  • Lists your cloud servers that are connected to ServerPilot.
  • Lists full details of websites hosted on ServerPilot.
  • Lists full details of templates created.

Sell Hosting Plans with Easy Digital Downloads

If the ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ plugin is installed and activated then you can sell Shared Hosting and Dedicated Cloud Servers to customers and clients. The ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin adds additional meta-boxes to EDD download pages, that allow the Module and Server/Template to be selected, and a unique plan name to be added.

When a customer clicks the ‘Buy’ button then the Module/Server configuration is used to create the custom checkout fields to retrieve the hosting details. The new website or server is then created and all necessary emails sent out.

The reason that we chose the EDD plugin for selling Hosting Plans was firstly the ease by which we could hook into the functionality, secondly the vast range of payments gateways and options available, and finally because future updates will allow downloads to be included and even installed with hosting!

Powerful Module Add-ons

Over the coming weeks and months we will be actively adding new features to the WP Cloud Server plugin making it a truly powerful cloud server management tool and hosting platform. We will also be adding a steady stream of powerful new features in the form of Add-on Modules.

These Modules will provide additional cloud server providers alongside DigitalOcean, such as Vultr, as well as powerful services such as website monitoring, messaging and alert services, email, and even WordPress management portals!


  • Setup Wizard - Introduction
  • Setup Wizard - DigitalOcean API Setting
  • Setup Wizard - ServerPilot API Setting
  • Setup Wizard - SSH Key Setting
  • Setup Wizard - Complete & Save
  • Module Overview
  • Module Settings
  • Module Event Log
  • Module Debug Page
  • List SSH Keys
  • List Managed Servers
  • List Installed Websites
  • List Cloud Servers
  • Install New WordPress Website
  • General Settings
  • Create New Managed Server
  • Create New Cloud Server
  • Add New SSH Key


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Follow our user instructions
  4. Start providing website hosting services to your clients!


What is ‘WP Cloud Server’?

‘WP Cloud Server’ is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create and manage Cloud Servers, with WordPress installed, from inside your WordPress Admin Dashboard. It uses ServerPilot and DigitalOcean to manage servers and the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin to sell WordPress Hosting Plans.

Where can I find Support Documentation?

Please visit our website for Support Documentation. If you need more in-depth Support then you can contact us through our Website, send us an email, or even join us on Social Media.

We are always happy to help, and will respond to any problems as quickly as possible – even if we need to update the plugin!

Is WP Cloud Server FREE to use?

The standard version of the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin is available through the WordPress plugin repository, and is completely FREE to use. Please note though that the plugin requires that you have external accounts with DigitalOcean and ServerPilot, whose services may incur a monthly charge!

Are you affiliated with ServerPilot or DigitalOcean?

No. We are a totally independent team of developers who are passionate about creating the best WordPress hosting tools. We have had the pleasure of using both services for many years to create and manage WordPress Websites. We have no connection with the ServerPilot or DigitalOcean teams, although we do have the upmost respect for what they produce!

Future Roadmap?

We will be providing frequent updates to the plugin to provide more advanced features. The following features are planned for future releases of the plugin;

  • Add Manage Server Page for Rebooting, Powering, and Deleting Cloud Servers (Completed).
  • Additional short codes for use on the frontend (Server and Website Info Shortcodes Available).
  • Add AutoSSL functionality to standalone DigitalOcean Cloud Servers.
  • Ability to add a Cloud-Init script for use when creating DigitalOcean Cloud Servers ( e.g. Install WordPress )(Completed).
  • Select plugins and themes to be installed on ServerPilot websites.

Note: The exact features in each release are subject to change at any time!

Will you be providing Add-on Modules?

Yes. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing a number of Add-on Modules that will extend the services that can be used by the ‘WP Cloud Server’ plugin. Modules currently in development or testing include;

  • StatusCake Website Uptime Monitoring (Now Available via Website)
  • Vultr Cloud Servers (Now Available via Website).
  • Linode Cloud Servers (Now Available via Website).
  • AWS Lightsail Servers (Now Available via Website)
  • WordPress Multisite
  • Slack
  • SendGrid
  • DNSimple

This is just a selection of the modules that are nearing availability. We have ideas for many more!

Get early access to these and all future modules as they are released, and lock in the offer price for the life of your account! Please visit our website for details of our launch offer


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  • FIXED: Random API error messages after installing and activating plugin.
  • FIXED: Disabled API error messages from old interface.
  • FIXED: Further improvements to enabling/disabling module logic.
  • FIXED: PHP errors when opening ServerPilot Managed Server Template page with API disconnected.


  • NEW: Add startup script for use when deploying servers. Can be selected for manual deploy and in templates.
  • NEW: Add server info shortcode tab with checkboxes to select displayed data.
  • NEW: Add hostname setup page, allowing automatic incrementing of hostname e.g. hostname1
  • NEW: Add ‘Client Server Details’ page displaying server name against client name and email.
  • UPDATE: Added ‘hostname’ selection and ‘startup script’ selection to templates.
  • FIXED: Problem with EDD checkout input fields.
  • FIXED: Numerous Minor Bug fixes.


  • NEW: Manage Cloud Servers via Pop-up Modal (Reboot, Power On/Off, Delete)
  • NEW: Auto Generates Password if no SSH Key set-up, and sends email notification.
  • UPDATE: DigitalOcean EDD Checkout tidied up and host-name added.
  • FIXED: Create Cloud Server fields greyed out when ServerPilot Module in-active.
  • FIXED: Numerous Bug fixes.


  • NEW: New Setup Wizard Added
  • NEW: Complete reworking of the User Interface.
  • NEW: SSH Key functionality for ServerPilot and DigitalOcean.
  • FIXED: Numerous Bug fixes.


  • FIXED: Numerous Small Bug fixes
  • NEW: Improved the framework for adding add-on modules


  • FIXED: Numerous Bug fixes
  • FIXED: Module Activate/Deactivate Logic more reliable
  • FIXED: New Site was sometimes not added to SSL Queue
  • UPDATE: Available Services now dependent on API Health Check
  • UPDATE: Shared Hosting selection improved
  • UPDATE: EDD Meta-Box Dropdowns tidied up
  • NEW: EDD Downloads Page has ability to enable/disable Hosting Plan Settings
  • NEW: EDD ‘No Downloadable Files’ message in emails removed for Hosting Plans
  • NEW: EDD Email Tags added for ‘Domain Name’, ‘Server Location’, ‘User Name’, and ‘User Password’


  • Numerous bug fixes and general tidying up.
  • Added new functionality to allow easy integration with add-on modules.
  • Layout and UI improvements with functionality now contained in the correct module.
  • Added more Ubuntu Linux versions into DigitalOcean Image selection dropdown. More Linux versions to follow!
  • Improved functionality for using Serverpilot Servers for Shared Hosting.
  • Added Checkbox for enabling AutoSSL in ServerPilot Templates.
  • Added Checkbox to allocate a manually created ServerPilot Server for Shared Hosting.


  • Updated readme.txt.
  • Numerous bug fixes and general tidying up.
  • Fixed problems with activating/deactivating modules.
  • Split ‘Server’ and ‘Templates’ into separate pages.
  • ServerPilot Module updated to allow creation of ‘Apps’ manually.
  • Public SSH Key capability added to the ServerPilot Module.
  • Added ‘SSL Queue’ to ServerPilot Module to wait for correct DNS configuration.
  • Added ‘Client Info’ short-code.
  • DigitalOcean Module updated to autodetect disabled data centres.
  • Easy Digital Downloads plugin now only required to sell Hosting Plans.
  • Added the ability for ‘Templates’ to offer ‘Server Location’ as a user-option at Checkout.


  • Updated readme.txt
  • Fixed problem with create droplet button in on-boarding dashboard


  • Updated readme.txt
  • Updated DigitalOcean Module User Meta Script
  • Fixed TGM Plugin Activation minor bug causing error message


  • First release