WP-Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat


Add Facebook Messenger on your Website. Chatbot or live chat to your Customers from your website using Messenger. build for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat plugin.

Add Messenger directly into your WebSite, Demo


Live chat to your customers or integrate chatbot to the messenger and let bot chat to your customers.

Users can interact with your business from your Website using Messenger.
Chat history will be saved automatically, continue chat at any time using Messenger.



  • Add Messenger Customer Chat in Web Applications
  • Messenger Language
  • Messenger Theme Color
  • Enable/disable Facebook Analytics
  • Greetings message for logged in users ( If Facebook logged in the current browser )
  • Greetings message for logged out users
  • Greetings Dialog Display
  • Greetings Dialog Delay
  • REF Attribute
  • Hide Messenger based on post type, post id, category, Device ( Mobile, Desktop )
  • Shortcode – add different settings at page level.
  • WooCommerce Compatible

Call SDK After Page Loads

( Beta feature – added in Version 3.7 )

There are two increment options

Call SDK after page loads

After web page loaded, call Customer chat SDK and display messenger.

+4 seconds after page loads

First Webpage loads and after 4 seconds call SDK and display Messenger – benefits at page speed metrics, SEO

To identify this new feature benefit

  1. Check webpage before activating this plugin ( GTmetrix or similar )
  2. Check after activating and enable this ‘after page load’ and ‘+4’ feature
    It will be almost the same, by just adding Messenger after a few seconds delay. this can benefit at Page speed, SEO

( In pro version can set time to load SDK after page loads )

PRO Version has lot more features

Premium Version – WP-Chabot Pro

* Change Messenger
– Icon Position
– Greetings Dialog and Chat Window Position
Different Settings per Device ( Mobile, Desktop )

* Call Customer Chat SDK at any time after page loads

* Display Messenger
– After some Time Delay
– After user scroll down the page
Different Settings per Device ( Mobile, Desktop )

* Set Greetings text Dialog
– based on time range (like working hours or not)
– based on days in a week (like working days or not)
( Online / Offline feature )

* option to not Load Messenger on
– Selected Days in a Week ( like Weekends )
– Selected Time Range ( like non working hours )
( Online / Offline feature )

* Update Greetings, REF on Fly
– based on Time
– based on user Scroll down the page
– based on Clicks

* Actions – Show, Hide – Icon, Greetings Dialog
– based on Time
– based on user Scroll down the page
– based on Clicks

* Click Actions – When Clicked on Button/ Element
– Show – Icon, Greetings Dialog
– Hide – Icon, Greetings Dialog
– Update Greetings, REF

* WooCommerce – Separate Settings page
– Greetings Dialog, REF, Page ID, Color
plan to expand a lot of features

* Placeholders for Greetings Dialog, REF
– {{product}} – WooCommerce single product name
– {{title}} – Page Title for REF Attribute
– {{id}} – Page ID for REF Attribute
– For Greeting Dialog replaces Placeholder values as it is.
– For REF – replace spaces with ‘-‘ ( Hyphen ) it will be easy to track where the user chats from and target specific messages using your messenger chatbots

Support/setup the plugin by taking screen share

One Time Payment, Lifetime updates

WP-Chabot Pro

Plugin Settings Page,

This plugin adds Messenger Customer Chat on your Website.


Useful to change settings at page level. to change Facebook Page, color, Greetings text, REF,…

[chatbot page_id=”123456789″]

[chatbot logged_in_greetings=”Get 20% discount” ref=”20-discount”]

Key benefits of using Messenger

  • Target, Retarget, Marketing
  • User can chat from your Website
  • Chat history will be saved automatically
  • Easy to contact out of Website using Messenger
  • Set Initial message based on availability
  • Integrate chatbot tools and send schedule Messages or make chat automatic NLP/AI.

Tools to build Chatbots for Messenger





  • modified demo - In reality, messenger icon display's at - circle, please check demo links
  • Setting page
  • Setting page
  • Setting page
  • Setting page
  • Change Language
  • Shortcode


From Dashboard ( WordPress admin )

  • plugins -> Add New
  • search for ‘wp chatbot’
  • click on Install Now and then Active.

using FTP or similar

  • unzip “WP-Chatbot” file and
  • Upload “WP-Chabot” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.



Default Demo

Greetings Text Demo

Messenger Theme Color – Demo

REF Attribute

Premium Plugin
  • One Time Payment Lifetime updates

WP-Chabot Pro

Mail: support@mobilemonkey.com

Refund policy
Money back guaranty, If don’t like the plugin, if you send a message for refund within 14 days, we will refund the money

WP Chatbot Pro – Demo

Change Messenger Position – bottom-right
Change Messenger Position – bottom-left
Can change to any position of the screen
please select the position where icon, greetins dialog looks good.
Icon, Greetings dialog position can select differently
Can set different settings per device ( Mobile, Desktop ).

Load Messenger – based on Time
Load Messenger – based on Page Scroll

Custom Image

Actions Time

Update Greetings on Fly – based on time
Update Greetings on Fly – based on page Scroll

WP Chatbot Pro

Change Messenger position

This feature is available in PRO Version


Incredible Support

The educational support and low bar of entry available for this Facebook chatbot builder are unmatched. Larry, Virginia, and the rest of the Mobile Monkey team have done a phenomenal job getting marketers acclimated with one of the most efficient ways to market your business online now. Thank you for such an incredible contribution to the digital entrepreneur community!

So easy

I've been procrastinating on site chat because I figured it would be a pain, but it turns out it's a lot easier than I thought. In my industry it takes 12-18 touches to turn someone into a buyer, so every new channel I can set up is gold.

Great Plugin for Chatbot

This is a great plugin for Chatbot. Doesn't impact pagespeed and is simple to set up. A very useful plugin to chat with current and new customers off of your WordPress website.

Best chatbot plugin

Install was super easy and I'm already seeing results. Love it! WP-Chatbot really helps you grow your business, I already started connecting with my visitors and messaging them directly to get them back.
Read all 26 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“WP-Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Stability and bug fixes


Facebook integration.
Allow for easier deployment by connecting to Facebook and selecting a page for messaging.

silent release

Customer Chat supports for safari 12, so removed alternative Support


alpha feature – load sdk after page load (page speed matters)

silent release

browser feature – admin page user interface


“Message Us” button for Safari 12
SDK updated to 3.2


Admin page – Material Design
enable/disable – autologevents
FB SDK updated to 3.1
Show / Hide based on Device for Shortcode
Deprecated minimized is deleted


FB SDK updated to 3.0
Greetings Dialog Display
Greetings Dialog Delay

silent release

Facebook SDK updated to v2.12


change messenger theme color
change greetings text for the logged in user
change greetings text for the logged out user


  • can add ref
  • set chat window minimized or not


  • can change Language for Messenger


  • Shortcode – beta
  • Hide Messenger based on Devices


  • Hide messenger based on page type ( now – check to hide )


  • show / hide messenger based on page types
  • Hide messenger based on post id, category name.


  • Initial release.