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WP Auto Tagging is a free WordPress plugin to automatically add tags for WordPress posts. Please note that Plugin is under construction and it is its first release. I will keep it updating with passage of time & you should keep in touch for bugs and problems you find in plugin. WP Auto Tagging works best for small & big blog owners.

Note:- I will not answer to any question on WordPress support. Please generate a ticket at www.eibug.com

  1. It will read post title and will split title into Tags and will add tags to all the posts automatically (posts which are missing tags).

  2. You do not need to manually insert tags for each post.

  3. Install WP Auto Tagging WordPress Plugin, Activate it and tags will be added to all already published posts.

  4. WP Auto Tagging will add tags to new posts automatically as well (post you are going to publish now).

  5. WP Auto Tagging supports only One word tag.

  6. Plugin will skip words in title less than 4 characters.

  7. Plugin will generate and add 6 tags for your published posts, you can delete unwanted tags and can update post.

  8. All of the generated and added tags will not be deleted once you de-activate WP Auto Tagging WordPress plugin.

Arbitrary section

I needed WP Auto Tagging WordPress Plugin for my HD Wallpapers website with more than 9,000 posts. All of the posts were missing tags and I was missing search traffic. I wanted to add 3-4 tags to all the published posts but it was taking lots of my time. I wanted to write a script which could automatically add 4 wordpress tags for all the published posts. Plugin will not generate and add tags to posts already containing tags.


  1. Upload WP Auto Tagging WordPress Plugin to WP-Content -> Plugins or Directly Install It from Plugins -> Add New -> WP Auto Tagging
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. There is No Admin Page, Activate It and See it in Action.


Plugin is working slowly Why?

It depends how many posts you have, if you have posts in thousands, plugin will take time to generate and add tags to them. I will fix loading issue in next version.

Why there is no admin page?

I did not need admin page in version 1.0, but will add it in next updated version.


Resource hog

Use with caution. I does exactly what it says it will do. It automatically adds tags to the posts. The problem comes when your system starts having issues due to running out of memory. If I were running a dedicated server with massive amounts of memory at my disposal I probably wouldn’t notice a problem, however I am on a budget VPS with limited memory so there were issues. I considered contacting the creator but looking through the support threads I noticed there was an unresolved issue about the plugins resource usage that has been unresolved for over a year so maybe issues are only resolved for the paid version. So as I said before, use with caution.

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