WP Advanced Comment


WP Advanced Comment is a powerful and easy to use AJAX based comment system for wordpress with drag and drop fields that allows your website visitors to comment on articles, blogs and product pages.

Main Features ( Free Version )

1. Easy to create forms with drag and drop options.
2. Enable or disable guest comments.
3. Change comment forms status to published, unpublished or show only comments( disable comment form ).
4. Email notification of new comments with custom fields.
5. Advance search comments ( Backend ).
6. Uses of Jquery Validation plugin.
7. Available custom fields ( Text, Textarea, Radio Button, Checkbox, DropDown/Select, Multiselect, Url, Email, Setion Break, HTML Codes , User Image )
8. Create unlimited custom fields.
9. Create unlimited comment forms.
10. Options to show custom fields to admin only ( frontend ).
11. Ajax Pagination on Comments
12. Automatically approved the comments without moderation option.
13. Notification to admin and users.
14. User roles will be displayed on the comments. eg. administrator, author, subscriber etc.
15. Report to admin if the comment is inappropriate.
16. Comments can be unpublished automatically when there are many flags for a comment.
17. It supports WPML.
18. Recent Comments widgets with three differest styles.

Main Features ( Pro Version )

Download WP Advanced Comment PRO

All of the above features +

1. Additional custom fields

* WP Editor
* Image Upload
* File upload
* Star Rating
* Datepicker
* Google Map
* Really Simple Captcha

* reCaptcha

2. Integrated with Akismet.
3. Sticky comments to feature the best comments
4. Nested Comments
5. Subscribe to a comment with/without commenting
6. Emotions GIF
7. Like/Dislike a comment.
8. Change comment textarea to WP Editor
9. Facebook Reactions
10. Word Filter

Demo of Free & Premium Versions of Plugin

* All Custom Fields
* Pinned Comments
* Ajax Pagination
* Like & dislike a comment
* Really Simple Captcha

WP Advanced Comment Extensions

1. WooCommerce Integration
2. Frontend Comments Manager
3. Advanced Validation


  • Listing Page

  • Comment Form

  • New/Edit Form

  • Settings Page

  • Comment Form With Custom Fields

  • Display Comment


  1. Install WP Advanced Comment either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Now this will replace the default comment menu on the backend and replace with WP Advance Comment menu.
  4. To create a new comment form click on the comment forms under WP Advance comment menu and then click on add new.
  5. Now by default three fields will be active ( Name, Email and Comment field ). If you want to add more fields to the comment form then on the right hand side you can see the custom fields. Click on the custom fields and it will show up on the form editor.
  6. Now to display the comment form you have two options
    i. Replace default wordpress comment form which will disable the default comment form and repalce it with the WP Advanced Comment form.
    ii. You can set the comment form for certain pages / posts.


Good and Smooth

It’s Good!
The only thing is could all the comment goes to a certain email address, that I would like to refer it to?

Nested comments disabled in free version

This looks like a good plugin with a lot of features I need, and I’m considering getting the pro version. However, I need nested comments for this project – a feature supported by most WordPress themes – and the free version REMOVES that functionality.

I absolutely support developers charging for additional features, but in my opinion a plugin should not override standard features provided by the core program.

Also – lime green borders? Of course I can override this in the css, but why make a loud color with potential of clashing with the user’s theme the default without providing a color picker?

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Contributors & Developers

“WP Advanced Comment” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • On pages the comment form were not displaying: FIXED
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.6


  • Integrated WooCommerce Reviews with WP Advanced Comment
  • Fixed backend search, when installed WPML pending comments were not displaying properly : FIXED


  • Added ( Logged in to reply ) message for the guest if not logged in
  • Removed Like/Dislike button from free version.
  • Name, Email and Comment are mandatory fields


  • Fixed Security issues.


  • Now administrator & editor can access the plugin features.
  • Now comment listing position can be placed above/below comment form.


  • When Woocommerce is installed, comment form was not displaying : Solved
  • Fixed notice warning when form id is deleted on widget.php


  • Added Pro Version Banner
  • Changed the position of WP Advanced Comment settings menu


  • Removed comment column on the pages and posts.
  • Added custom comment link on the WP Admin Bar.
  • Fixed woocommerce issue.
  • Added extra css on the wrapper of the fields.


  • First meta key was not displaying on the comment list : SOLVED
  • On translating page from WPML the comment form was not displaying : SOLVED
  • First comment meta was not displaying on the edit comment form on the backend : SOLVED


  • Removed custom design/layout to meet with the PRO version.
  • Fixed header sent already on some pages.


  • Now it supports WPML. You can make this plugin MultiLingual.
  • Widgets added with three differest style.


  • Responsive Form


  • By default guest comment was disabled on the previous versions now it will be enabled by default.
  • Shortcode to display comment form has been removed because it conflicts with the pro version.
  • Now WP Advanced Comment will work on commnet_form() and comments_template() tag.


  • Report to admin option added.
  • When user flag a comment it will be mailed to the admin.
  • Comment can be automatically unpublished if there are many flags for a comment.
  • See WP Advanced Comment > Settings > Moderation.


  • Images were not uploading properly on some themes. Fixed
  • User roles added on the comments and will be displayed by default.


  • Added custom layout on the backend. Now you can create your own design for the comment list.
  • New custom field ( User Avatar ) added. Now users can upload avatar.
  • New option added to automatically published the comment without moderation.
  • Email notification textarea changed to WP Editor
  • When the comment will be approved the user will be notified by the email, if the option is enabled.


  • Two new fields have been added. Now you can add section break and HTML fields on the comment forms. This way you can create headings and put fields under that headings.
  • Like and dislike button added on the comment list. See tab ( Like / Dislike button ) under add/edit form.


  • Fixed backward slash problem when saving form.
  • Added border color when error is displayed.
  • Help text will be displayed in separate row.
  • Error message position changed. Now it will be display above the help text.
  • On disabling akismet, spam protection will also be disabled .
  • When entering names for the meta keys it should be lowercase and it should not contain spaces.
  • Bulk action fixes.
  • Some posts / pages were giving blank comment forms when forms are deleted permanently. Fixed.


  • Now you can add new comment forms from edit comment form pages.
  • The trashed comment forms will not be shown on the frontend.
  • Some messages or warnings will be displayed on the frontend for the administrator only.
  • The comment forms are now integrated with the Akismet. Now you can say good by to spam.
  • Now you don’t have to use shortcodes to display the comment forms. You can choose posts / pages / custom post types from options to show the comment forms.
  • Three options have been added to show the comment forms.

    i. Replace default wordpress comment form with the WP Advanced Comment form. This will replace all the comment forms where comment_form() tag are used. Now you don’t have to use shortcodes.

    ii. Choose certain posts / pages / custom post types to show the comment forms.

    iii. If you want to use the shortcode then select none from the option and it will disable comment form on all pages and you can use shortcode on widgets or where ever you want to.


  • Pagination added on to the comment list with extra features.
  • Created pagination tab on the add/Edit form where you can control you pagintion settings.
  • Comment list ordering select box added. Now you can choose how to display comment ascending or decending by date.
  • Pagination can be shown on the top or bottom or both places.
  • Problems on the enable/disable guest comment solved.
  • Email notification were going when disabling also. This has been fixed.


  • Now you can create unlimited comment forms.
  • Now you can show comments from a single comment form and disable all the comments from previous forms or you can disable this feature and show all the comments. This feature is placed on Form Settings > Comment listings.
  • If this plugin is activated then the default Comment menu will be removed from the dashboard and will replaced by WP Advance Comment.
  • Forms can be duplicated.
  • Muliple forms can be restore, delete permanently or move to trash.


  • No of pending comments shown to the WP Advanced Comment menu.
  • Edit link added to the front end and will be shown to the admin only.
  • Now you can create your custom design for the frontend comments list.
  • On the comment list page post title was displaying only one comment title : Fixed
  • Design font changed


  • Backend style fixed to meet with the wordpress 4.3
  • Name changed from WP Advance Comment to WP Advanced Comment