This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WordPress Simple Survey


Use the WordPress Simple Survey plugin to easily create surveys, quizzes, polls, and questionnaires and track the results. The plugin creates a seamless experience for the user; no loading and reloading of webpages. The browser-tested plugin uses responsive design, so it functions beautifully on any size screen.

Here’s how it works: select how each question is weighted to determine the user’s final score. When a quiz is submitted, you can have the results sent to a predefined email address, or simply log in to the WordPress backend to view, email and export submissions as a CSV file. Get creative! Once a quiz is submitted, you can send users to any custom URL based on their score.

Upgrade to the Extended Version for even more functions and features, like multiple response questions and free text options.

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We offer a free version of WPSS, as well as an extended paid version. Your purchase allows us to continue developing and improving the plugin, while providing free support through our Zen Desk support forum.

Free Version

  • Store quiz results in database
  • View summary of quiz results
  • Email each quiz result to admin
  • Create auto-response email to quiz takers
  • Customizable email content and subject line to quiz takers
  • Responsive design for mobile compatibility
  • Compatibility with all major browsers
  • Single-answer questions

Extended Version

  • Multi-response questions
  • Free input text boxes (one line of text)
  • Free input textareas (multiple lines of text)
  • Select boxes input type
  • Custom field text input
  • Custom field textareas
  • Add images and media to questions
  • Add images and media to answers
  • Email-only field for gathering user’s email address at end of quiz
  • Custom fields for gathering miscellaneous information at end of quiz (name, contact info, etc.)
  • Add custom field values to auto-response email
  • WYSIWYG editor on questions and answers
  • Create multiple quizzes
  • Display end user their score at custom URL
  • Display end user their answers at custom URL
  • Export results in CSV format
  • Delete results
  • Randomize question order
  • Allow quiz taker to chose admin recipient


  • Standard question
  • Question with a photo
  • Require email address to see results/have them emailed to you
  • Route to page based on results
  • Quiz options
  • Routes
  • Editing a question
  • Editing an answer
  • Use the built-in WordPress editor to easily format or add photos to your questions


  1. Upload plugin to the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory. Ensure that there is only one WPSS folder and it is named “wordpress-simple-survey”.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Once activated the new menu item: Surveys/Quizzes, is created on the admin sidebar.
  4. For each quiz, configure the options, add questions with answer, then configure the routes and numeric ranges.
  5. Put the quizzes shortcode in a page or post. Each shortcode will look like: [wp_simple_survey id=”1″].
  6. Do not paste from MS Word without cleaning the text or the output may look malencodded.
  7. If you are upgrading to the extended version, upload the new file directly over the old files then deactivate and reactivate the plugins. You will not lose any data.


How do I make the quiz show up in my content?

Add the string: [wp_simple_survey id=”1″] to a page or post.

How are results tracked?

You have the option to store the results for each quiz. The full results (including the question and answer text) are stored in your database. If you later make changes to the questions or answers, the previous results are still stored with the questions and answers unchanged.

I don’t want the user to be immediately directed to the end page. How can I create a buffer page?

Create a buffer page. Instead of linking a score range to the end page, send users to a buffer page that explains their scores. Include a link to the end page from that buffer page.

What type of quizzes can I create?

The plugin is most commonly used in two ways: quizzes and surveys.

Quiz-Type: Route users to either a “Passing” or “Failing” page.

Survey-Type: Route users to a custom URL based on their score range.

Note: Both quizzes and surveys can be set up to record user email addresses. The ability to collect contact information means you can use the plugin in creative ways. A college professor can easily record the students who passed or failed. Market researchers can email potential customers based on their survey responses, etc.


Major impact on site performance

While this plugin does what it says and worked for a client of mine’s purposes, it adds several scripts and CSS files to every page of your site.

I saw a 16 point increase on Pagespeed scores when disabling the plugin.

My recommendation to the developer would be to simply check and see if the plugin is being used on a page before enqueuing the scripts & styles, and also if possible add the scripts to the footer (because your plugin alone will force any calls to jquery.js which are already in the footer to then move that up to the header, creating yet another blocking resource).

One star because thats the minimum!!


Shortcodes for results dont work.
Read their support forums and youll see they dont answer anything.
Only want to make you pay, but based on the free version I would not bother.
Assuming WP installed numbers are pretty different to actual users!

Im making time to write this so you save your time.


Download, install, activate, add new… “you need to upgrade to use this feature”
That’s just Cheeky mate, you’re just using the WP repository to push your paid version.

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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress Simple Survey” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Minified JS and CSS assets.


  • Added global options for handling email headers, explicitly send to wp_mail, set with callbacks, or set no email headers.


  • Improved admin page authorization.


  • Added ability to put custom field answers into the auto-response email via shortcodes.


  • Fixed minor bug in saving results without custom fields on some server configurations.
  • Fixed minor bug with MySQL and NOT NULL values for some WAMP servers.
  • Fixed minor bug with outputting score on admin.


  • Fixed IE8 browser compatibility issue.
  • Fixed issue with T_DOUBLE_COLON/T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM static function calls.
  • Added route name to results index on admin.


  • Note: The 3.x branch is not backwards compatible with the 2.x branch. Please read all documentation before migrating.
  • Improved plugin structure to allow features to be merged in more easily.
  • Changed Results data structure for recording quiz results to fix performance issue.
  • Cleaned HTML output structure to be less intrusive and removed all traces of jQuery-UI.
  • Quiz output is now Responsive.
  • Allowed control of email subject line.
  • Improved automatic WP User account integration for quiz takers.
  • Added dynamic CSS box feature to make it easier to style plugin.
  • Updated TinyMCE calls to use new WP API.
  • Note: The 3.x branch is not backwards compatible with the 2.x branch. Please read all documentation before migrating.


  • Worked on fixing SSL bug for queued assets.


  • Linked to quizzes by name instead of ID on Admin.


  • Buffered variables to remove remaining WP_DEBUG warnings on some setups.


  • Added full paths to include statements to avoid issues with PHP path issues on specific hosts.


  • Forced UTF support through dbDelta function.


  • Added new WordPress TinyMCE API to email textarea and question textarea (Extended Version now has media manager with textareas).


  • Added htmlspecialchars to results preview. Linked to new support forums and plugin site.


  • Added empty buffers to inputs of some extra functions.


  • Changed folder structure. Fixed quiz results display to remove HTML tags.


  • Added separate JS plugin file for ui.widget and ui.progressbar for better JS compatability. Cleaned up CSS and markup.


  • Added admin control for add_filter priority


  • Inserted code to prevent errors on foreach for uninitialized variables


  • Reluctantly added ability to turn of properly imported jQuery do to harded imports in poorly written themes and plugins. API? What’s that?


  • Rewrote plugin allowing for multiple quizzes, better storage of answers, custom fields, and much more


  • Fixed Next button bug on submit slide click trigger


  • Changed function name for more compatability


  • Gave Admin function calls less generic names for more compatability
  • Changed jQuery Tools import function on backend, to execute only when needed, for more capatibility


  • Added Auto-Respond Functionality
  • Changed php::mail() function to wp_mail() function from WP API
  • Modified Admin look and feel


  • Improved CSS to reset spacing and padding on more themes


  • Improved mail() function and admin CSS


  • Fixed bug in function that registers WPSS Menus in backend.


  • Improved import method for all javascript libraries. WPSS is now using WP native versions of jQuery & jQuery-UI core. These import in noConflict() mode which is taken advantage of by the plugin. This ensures fewer conflict with existing plugins and themes. Checkform JS method is also updated (by name only); it is now wpss_checkForm(form), this also reduces conflict with existing themes’ and plugins’ checkform methods.


  • Changed jQueryUI import method to ensure that only one copy is being registered


  • Originating version.