This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



WordBB’s main feature is to create a thread for each blog post in a particular section, so that the forum can be used as a replacement to the blog comment system.
The WordPress side handles situations such as post editing and deletion. Similarly, the MyBB side takes account of the thread actions which are reflected on the corresponding WordPress post.

WordBB also allows linking between WordPress authors and MyBB users. In this way, when a blog post gets published, a thread is automatically created by the correct user.

Another cool feature is a WordPress sidebar widget that displays the latest discussions from your MyBB board. You can set the maximum number of entries, exclude specific forum categories, and choose whether to show posts or threads.

WordBB does everything behind the scene and doesn’t require any code modification or hack: just install the plugin and in a few seconds it will be up and running.
Moreover it is fully customisable and fits nicely in WordPress’s admin panel controls and style. WordPress and MyBB can run on different databases.


In order to install WordBB just extract the “wordbb” directory in your WordPress plugins folder.
Then activate the plugin from your WP admin section, go to Plugins -> WordBB Configuration and set the required fields such as MyBB’s root directory and URL.

Once installed, new sections in your admin panel will appear, such as WordBB Posts and WordBB Categories.
Also, in the Users section you’ll be able to link WP users to existing MyBB users.

Custom theme functions

WordBB adds some functions which you can use in your WordPress theme:

  • wordbb_thread_link() : echoes the URL of the thread corresponding to the current post in the WordPress Loop.

  • wordbb_get_thread_id() : returns the ID for the thread corresponding to the current post in the WordPress Loop. You can also use this function to check if your WP post must use the WP comment system (i.e. show the “Leave a reply box” at the bottom) or just show a link to the thread (something like “Discuss this post on the forums”).

  • wordbb_comments_popup_link([same parameters as wp_comments_popup_link]) : this one is the same as WordPress’ comments_popup_link, except that it will show a link to the corresponding thread instead of the WP comments link if “Use MyBB as comment system” is checked and “Show MyBB posts as comments on WordPress” is unchecked in WordBB Configuration. Just replace wp_comments_popup_link with wordbb_comments_popup_link in your theme, and you’re done.

  • wordbb_last_comment_by($line) : echoes a “Last comment by user” line. You can customize it using the $line parameter, in which “$user” will be replaced with the username.

  • wordbb_get_username() : returns the username for the currently logged in MyBB user.

  • wordbb_get_avatar() : returns the avatar link for the currently logged in MyBB user.
  • wordbb_get_pms() : returns an array with the personal messages of the currently logged in MyBB user.
  • wordbb_get_lastvisit() : returns the last visit time for the currently logged in MyBB user, as a timestamp.
  • wordbb_get_friendly_lastvisit() : returns the last visit time for the currently logged in MyBB user, as a “friendly” string.
  • wordbb_get_userinfo() : returns an object containing information about the currently logged in MyBB user.
  • wordbb_get_logout_key() : returns the logout key for the currently logged in MyBB user.
  • wordbb_get_logout_url() : returns the logout URL for the currently logged in MyBB user.


Why you need this

Just think of a “News” section in your message board with all the threads displayed as post entries on your WordPress site. Your users will be able to post comments using your MyBB forums instead of the integrated WordPress comment system.

What’s the Sync button for?

Let’s suppose you create a thread, then you switch from full to excerpt mode: you have to resync the thread in order for it to have the excerpt as the message. Also, if you edit the bridged thread, you can use that button to restore it to its original content.

Known problems

No known problems so far! 🙂

I need X function, when will you add it?

Other functions will be added in the future; anyway, if you want to request a particular feature you’d like to see in WordBB, you can contact me here:


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Contributors & Developers

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WordBB 0.3.1

July 6th 2010

  • Added wordbb_get_logout_key() and wordbb_get_logout_url() functions

WordBB 0.3

June 27th 2010

  • wordbb_get_userinfo() renamed to wordbb_get_logged_user_info()
  • Improved performance on some SQL queries
  • It’s now possible to add a link to the original WP post before or after the thread’s post content
  • Fixed some WP 3.0 compatibility bugs (posts and categories sections)
  • Latest threads widget now checks user and forum permissions (e.g. protected forums won’t be visible to guests)
  • Fixed bug on the post excerpt function (now it checks if there’s an excerpt, otherwise it just uses the content before the “more” tag)

WordBB 0.2.9 Beta

November 25th 2009

  • Fixed buggy code in the WordPress loop handler which tried to get thread info for posts without any corresponding thread

WordBB 0.2.6 Beta

November 23rd 2009

  • Added checkbox for displaying usernames in Latest threads/posts widget

WordBB 0.2.4 Beta

November 4th 2009

  • Fixed scheduled post bug

WordBB 0.2.3 Beta

October 31th 2009

  • Fixed fid and slashes bug when using WP form
  • Happy Halloween!

WordBB 0.2.1 Beta

October 30th 2009

  • Bug which occurred when a post had more than one category besides a linked one and prevented post merging

WordBB 0.2 Beta

October 29th 2009

  • Now it’s possible to post a comment on the forums through WP’s form
  • Added “Redirect to MyBB thread when using WP’s comment form” setting
  • Fixed bug in Sync function
  • Fixed bug in get_comment_link() hook
  • Now you can leave “Default Post Forum” empty in order to avoid syncing by default (and maybe enable it only for specific categories in “WordBB Categories” section)
  • Fixed createPost function bug
  • Fixed bug in get_comments_number() hook

WordBB 0.1.6 Beta

August 23th 2009

  • Replaced user comboboxes with editboxes (in this way there is no need to load all users at once anymore)
  • Added check for MyBB global.php file

WordBB 0.1.5 Beta

August 22th 2009

  • Added MyBB user link in comment’s author URL

WordBB 0.1.4 Beta

August 6th 2009

  • Fixed bug in comments loop
  • “comment_reply_link” WP filter handled, links to reply page for a specific comment

WordBB 0.1.3 Beta

August 6th 2009

  • Fixed bug on “Delete thread” function

WordBB 0.1.2 Beta

August 6th 2009

  • Added setting that allows to use the WP post’s excerpt as thread message
  • “Last post by” template tag fixed
  • Added Sync thread function
  • Fixed WP comments issue on single post page (now MyBB posts are shown instead of WP comments)

WordBB 0.1 Beta

August 4th 2009

  • WP “more” tag is now filtered on duplication
  • Thread update on WP post publish fixed
  • Meta table gets created automatically if it doesn’t exist yet

July 26th 2009

  • Implemented thread deletion upon WP post deletion
  • Added thread deletion upon WP post deletion setting

July 26th 2009

  • Added wordbb_get_username template tag
  • Added wordbb_get_avatar template tag
  • Added wordbb_get_pms template tag
  • Added wordbb_get_lastvisit template tag
  • Added wordbb_get_friendly_lastvisit template tag
  • Added wordbb_get_userinfo template tag
  • Implemented bridge caching
  • Implemented widget displaying latest threads/posts
  • Added today/yesterday lang setting for friendly last visit tag
  • Fixed bug in dropdowns in the users panel
  • Added plugin configuration checking with warning messages
  • Tested using MyBB on a different database

July 19th 2009

  • Forums / categories bridge
  • Create thread on WP post publish
  • Added thread’s post count on posts admin panel
  • Added “create thread on WP post publish” setting
  • MyBB threads posts are now shown as comments on WP posts
  • Added “Use MyBB as comment system” setting
  • Added “Default post forum” setting
  • Added “Default post author” setting
  • get_comment_link filter which shows a link to the corresponding MyBB post
  • Added wordbb_comments_popup_link template tag
  • Added wordbb_get_thread_id template tag
  • Added wordbb_get_thread_link template tag

June 28th 2009

  • Project started from scratch.