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WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery

Bring your product pages and presentation alive with WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery. Beautifully.

As soon as you install WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery it brings your store to life with a beautifully stylish sliding image gallery on every product page.

Key Features

  • The #1 Product Page image gallery for WooCommerce Products page.
  • Dynamic product image Gallery that displays beautifully in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera on Apple OS X, Widows 7 to Windows 8.1 in IE9 to IE11.
  • Gallery images display beautifully in iOS mobile Safari - all iPads and iPhones, Android Browser all Tablets and mobiles and Opera Mobile all tablets and mobiles.
  • Note: In the Lite Version you set the Gallery Dimensions in px, these are fixed. Upgrade to the Pro Version to activate fluid responsive Gallery display.
  • Instantly adds a scrolling gallery to every product page and adds all product images to each gallery
  • Gallery scales images to fit inside the container no matter what the size or shape.
  • Search Engine friendly images. Image Alt tags if set are visible to search engines
  • On-page Gallery easy manager greatly simplifies product image editing and gallery management.
  • On page gallery image manager shows thumbnails of all images that show in the gallery on the front end.
  • Exclude images from the gallery - for example make an image the featured image, to show on the shop page but exclude it from the gallery.
  • Activate / Deactivate the gallery from any product page individually from the admin global settings.
  • Activate and deactivate Dynamic gallery on all products from the admin panel.
  • Lazy-load feature - means the gallery loads instantly - no matter how many images in the gallery.
  • Add caption text to images
  • Caption text fades in after image transition effect and out before the next transaction effect begins.
  • Manual image click to scroll next or previous.
  • Set Dynamic Gallery Wide and tall from the admin panel to fit perfectly on your site.
  • Set Gallery thumbnail wide, tall and spacing from the admin panel.
  • ZOOM - shows full size image with caption text and manual scroll through entire gallery.
  • Choice of 3 different pop-up tools - PrettyPhoto (default), Fancybox and Lightbox.
  • Gallery thumbnails scroll left and right on hover.
  • WPMU compatible.

Featuring Sass (Simply Awesome Stylesheets)

  • All the front end style display is created via Sass for faster loader and render.
  • Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.
  • This plugins backend admin panels are created in Sass.

Mobile Responsive App style admin interface

  • 100% compatible with WordPress v3.9.1 admin interface.
  • Backward compatibility to WordPress v3.8.0
  • App style admin Sass inteface.
  • Admin interface is optimized for mobiles and tablets.

a3rev Plugins Lite & Pro Version Admin Interface

  • All a3rev Lite Version plugins have exactly the same admin interface as the Pro Version.
  • Pro Version features and settings are inside of a Yellow border.
  • The Pro Version settings are all active on the admin panels But do not save and are not applied to the front end.
  • Upgrading to the Pro version activates all the Pro version Features and Settings and removes the Yellow side bar and borders.

= Premium Support =

The a3rev team does not provide support for the WooCommerce Dynamic Product Gallery plugin on the WordPress.org forums. One on one developer support is available via the plugins a3rev support forum to people who have purchased a WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Pro plugin Lifetime License.

The Pro Version has lots of extra features (listed below) that coupled with developer support might be well worth your investment!

Pro Version Advanced Features

  • Gallery has a 100% Responsive theme mobile and tablet display option.
  • Switch On RESPONSIVE and gallery auto detects image dimensions (Tall and Wide) and resizes itself to show each image scaled proportion at 100% wide of your Themes product page image container.
  • The Only WooCommerce Product gallery that shows Variation images in gallery when the variation or combination of variations is selected by user.
  • Check this incredible feature out on our DEMO SITE
  • When variations are created they auto show on the Gallery Image Manager. Allows you to upload images using the WordPress media uploader or Dynamic Gallery image uploader and assign images to variations or variation sets. Makes handling variation images very quick and easy.
  • Users see Product variation images in gallery as they select options. Variation Product Images auto show in gallery as user selects variations, including caption text.
  • Meet all customers needs and sell more - works beautifully on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles.
  • Fully Responsive Gallery option. Set gallery wide to % and it becomes fully responsive image product gallery including the image zoom pop up.
  • Option to not show thumbnails (if thumbnails are activated) when only 1 image is shown in the gallery, example for a variation.
  • Option to set so that whenever a single image is selected in the Gallery the image transition settings don't apply.
  • Global options to Activate and Deactivate the Dynamic gallery and the Variation Images feature on all product pages from the admin panel.
  • Activate / Deactivate the Dynamic Gallery and the Variation Image Feature from any product page.
  • Option to turn the Gallery off on single product pages. If you only have 1 image on some product pages and don't want the Gallery, just turn it off for that product.

Sass #dynamic {stylesheets}

  • All the front end style display is created via Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} for faster loader and render.
  • Completely Customize the look and feel of your product page Dynamic Gallery without writing a single line of code. Featuring 27 different poimy and click options to style your gallery.

    • Image Gallery - 8 Custom Options - Auto Start, Image transition timing, Transition effects (5 available effects), Transition effect speed, Show / Hide Single image transition, Gallery main image background colour, Border Colour, Gallery pop-up tool.
    • Caption Text - 5 Options - Font type (17 Web browser friendly fonts), Font size, Font styler, Font Colour and caption background colour.
    • Nav Bar - 7 Option - Activate / Deactivate, Font type (17 Web browser friendly fonts), Font size, Font styler, Font Colour, Nav bar background colour, Nav bar tall.
    • Lazy-Load scroll bar - 2 Options - Activate / Deactivate, Scroll Bar Colour
    • Thumbnails - 5 Options - Activate / Deactivate, Hide / Show Single Image thumbnails, thumbnail wide. thumbnail tall and spacing between thumbnails.


  • English (default) - always include.
  • .po file (woo_dgallery.po) in languages folder for translations.
  • Your translation? Please do yours and send it to us We'll acknowledge your work and link to your site. Please Contact us if you'd like to provide a translation or an update.

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Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


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