WooCommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo


Product Table WooCommerce plugin allows listing your WooCommerce products in a searchable table layout with filters. It’s hugely popular for quick order forms, large product catalogs, restaurant order systems, wholesale layouts, price list and more.

Display items in a responsive table, generated automatically, with full control over the what’s displayed – with no coding required.

The WooCommerce product table lets you add product tables anywhere on your site. To list products in a table, simply add them to the table with the help of sortable and searchable form, select the product properties you would like to display as columns and add a table on any page via a shortcode.

Product Table Features

  • Any content support
    Plugin fully supports: Name, Thumbnails, Categories, Tags**, Featured, Sales, Price, Date, SKU, Rating, Stock status and Stock quantity, Attributes **, Summary, Short description, Product link, Downloads, Buy button, Custom fields and taxonomies **

  • Online Product Table Builder
    Customize each part of a table according to your needs and style.

  • Instant Searching, Custom Sorting, Pagination
    Improve user experience with fast Filtering, Searching & Sorting options find products faster and easier.

  • Add products automatically in one click **
    Add if you add items using the “Add automatically” option, you won’t need to edit tables: all the new products you add to your shop will be automatically added to the table according to the selected category.

  • Table elements
    Customize each element in a product table: Caption, Header, Footer, Signature, Fixed Header, Description.

  • Product table with variations
    The plugin fully supports variable products. Choose whether to include variation dropdowns in the add to cart column; list each variation on its own row in the table, or add a ‘Read more’ button linking to the single product page where customers can choose their variations.

  • Multi-select add to cart **
    Increase sales by allowing shoppers to add multiple products and variations to their cart directly from your product list page. Use the standard add to cart button, multi-select checkboxes, Add All to cart or all features together. Show or hide the quantity picker so that customers can choose a quantity directly in the product table.

  • Product Table design ** and “Buy” button customization **
    Play with settings to find your own style and make your page unique with a variety of options. Match your tables with your website style: Select colours for every table element, including fonts, borders, and padding. Adjust alignments. Tailor the”Buy” button by customizing the button text, icon type, background type, size, shadow, and more..

  • Responsive mode
    Keep the nice and proper view of your page, which is adapted to the screen dimensions and works properly on a range of any devices. 4 modes are available. Control which columns to hide when there are too many to fit on the page.

  • Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Custom Post Type UI **
    Create any custom fields for your products – image, text, video, link, button, taxonomy, map etc and display them as columns and as filters in a table.

  • Filter category, tags, attributes, price and custom taxonomy **
    Product Table has built-in filters for category, tags, attributes, price and custom taxonomy, which can be added like a drop-down menu above the table with single and multiple select.

  • Easy to set up and customize
    Create responsive product tables of the selected items automatically without any special skills and publish your product list in a few minutes.

** – Pro features

It’s perfect for product Product catalogs, Price List, Order forms, and more.

[Please try DEMO](http://demo.woobewoo.com/ “Demo sie”)

Create your own table and try all features of Product Table WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce Product Table Plugin Support

If you have any problem or suggestions for Woocommerce Product Table plugin, please contact us via Contact Form

Video tutorial how to set up Woocommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo


  • WooCommerce Product Table Demo
  • Flexible form with filters to add products
  • WooCommerce Product Table columns
  • WooCommerce Product Table Column Settings
  • Sorting, Searching, Paginaion, Muliple add to cart buttons**
  • WooCommerce Product Table filters**
  • Variations as dropdown lists or as separate products


Download zip archive with plugin
Extract files
Copy the folder with the plugin
Open via ftp folder \wp-content\plugins\
Paste plugin folder into here
Go to admin panel => Plugins => press activate

Download zip archive with plugin
Go to admin panel => Plugins => Add new
Choose the archive with plugin and upload it
Wait until you get the notification installation went successfully
Press the Activate button

Navigate to admin panel => Plugins => Add new
Type “Woocommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo” in the search field
Choose our plugin from the list and click “Install”
Wait until you get the notification installation went successfully
Press the Activate button


How do I get started?

First, you should install it. Then, to create the first Data Table you need:
1. Click “Add new table”
2. Enter the title of the table. Click “OK”.
3. Select the necessary products and add them to Manage Table Content.
4. Select and add columns to the table: Name, Thumbnails, Categories, Featured, Price, Stock quantity, Date, SKU, Rating, Stock status, Attribute, Summary, Buy button.
5. Add WooCommerce Product Table to the site content using code: table shortcode and table PHP code.

You can find the detailed tutorial here: Getting Started with WooCommerce Product Tables

What can I display in the product table?

Product table includes the following columns: Name, Thumbnails, Categories, Featured, Price, Color, Size, Customizable, Date, SKU, Rating, Stock status, Attribute, Summary, Buy button. You have the ability to make your custom column if you click an edit icon and change a title.
The plugin uses the product data already created by WooCommerce itself. This means that you can add products to WooCommerce manually or import them using a CSV/XML import plugin, and they will display in the product table.
All information about the Main table settings and options you can find in our tutorial.

What is Responsive mode?

The responsive mode is the practice of designing a website which provides a nice and proper view, adapts to the screen dimensions and works properly on a range of different devices — PC desktops, mobile phones, tablets.
Responsive mode is the practice of designing a website which provides a nice and proper view, adapts to the screen dimensions and works properly on a range of different devices — PC desktops, mobile phones, tablets. The plugin provides 4 different modes of Responsive design according to your needs: Standard, Automatic column hiding, Horizontal scroll and Disable Responsivity mode. More info you can find here in article Responsive mode.

How to add a Product Table to a page

To add a product table go to the Product Table Plugin and use shortcodes from the list of tables or copy shortcode above the main tabs.
There are available Table Shortcode and PHP code.

  • Copy Shortcode and paste it to your website content, then Product Table plugin will display the table you created on appropriate post/page using settings you tuned in this table.

  • Table PHP code can be inserted at any place of the page code – to display exactly in this place, for example in the header or footer of the page. Besides, it can be inserted in the code of template of the theme – to display on all pages.

How to add custom fields to the table?

In order to add the custom field to the product table, you need to follow these steps:

First, you need to create the custom field that you will use to add the data in the Advanced Custom Fields plugin (free).

  • Move to the Custom fields and click “Add new Field Group”

  • Make sure you select the ‘Products’ post type. This is essential to make the custom field appear on the Add/Edit screen for your products.

  • Press “Add Field” and add the label, field name and select the type field do you need. You can add any type of fields: text, link, image, oEmbed, file, WYSIWYG editor, etc.

Once you added any type of field, it will appear on the product page.

  • Move to the Products and click on “Add new/edit the Product.

  • Scroll down to the created custom files and add the data – link, picture, code, etc and update/publish a product page.

Use the next instructions to display it as a column in the table:

  • Move to the Product table (pro version have to be active) and create or edit the table.

  • Add the product with this custom field to the table. Use the searching or sorting for better navigation.

  • Then, add the column with a custom field.

Save a table. You can display a table with any type of fields you added to the product.

How to add custom taxonomies to the table?

Create custom taxonomies quite easily using Custom Post Type UI that is fully compatible with WooCommerce Product Table. With the help of taxonomies, you can store and show extra product data. So, they are designed to store re-usable information which can be used to group and filter products.You can also use taxonomies to filter products using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.
Follow this step by step tutorial to create taxonomies, add them to the product and display in the table.

How to add a Multiple add to cart option to a Product table?
  1. You need to add a buy property. To do this:

* Click on the Content
* Select Set Table Properties
* Choose and add Buy property.
2. Navigate to Settings -> Features. Then, you will see a list of available options, find and check the “Multiple add to cart” button. Click on Save button.

Multiple add to cart option is the most beneficial for small and low-cost items. Some more information about Multiple add to cart usage you can find here.

How to add products to the product table?

The plugin uses the product data already created by WooCommerce itself. This means that you can add products to WooCommerce manually or import them using a CSV/XML import plugin, and they will display in the product table. In this tutorial you can find an instruction how to add a product to WooCommerce

How to create an order form?

Order form enables users to quickly scan and compare all your products. Also, it changes the way in which products are displayed in your store.
First of all, order form lists multiple products all on top of each other in contrast to the standard WooCommerce store, where each good takes up a relatively large amount of space. Such products displaying allows customers to quickly see all the important features before they buy it.
Look at detailed instruction Step by step: how to create add an order form to the WooCommerce store.


March 13, 2020
After a long search about Woocommerce Product Filter and working with Woocommerce+Elementor+Yith for years, aLways I had the problem with integration between Elementor and Yith prodcuts (like put Product filter in specific pages or widgets but they don't work or show up properly) (I called to Elementor's support and Yith's support via internet and both said that "we aren't support each other". Finally out of the blue I've found WooBeWoo and boom, I was able to put product filter anywhere that I want or even better is integrated with Elementor. These days I prefer to use WooBeWoo for woocommerce and Elementor and I can see that WooBeWoo would be a pioneer for woocommerce and wordpress world in near future. cheers 😀
March 7, 2020
This is a VERY useful plugin, it really makes a difference! Also, great support from the staff. I really recommend.
March 5, 2020
No matter how hard I try, it always sorts backward and sometime not even in order. Even if you add them manually, it will decide to sort them for you. Can't go A-Z, it then goes Z-A.
June 24, 2019
Best of the product tables I've installed and tried. It worked straight away for me. Nice clean interface, great range of options and fast response to feature requests from plugin author.
June 7, 2019
The great and useful plugin for integrate a one page menu. Particularly excellent for a menu restaurant !!!
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Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added License for Codecanyon
  • Fixed admin styles
  • Added custom pre-sorting
  • Added cart button to Thumbnail column
  • Added custom sorting to category filter
  • Added custom sorting to tag and attribute filters
  • Added compatibility with YITH Quick view plugin
  • Added backend search by SCU in pro
  • Small fixes for backend search by SCU in pro
  • Fixes for custom category filter
  • Added option for Accent neutraliling
  • Fix for quantity input with min/max values
  • Fixes search by price with currency converters
  • Added variation description


  • Added Hover styles for cart buttons
  • Custom sorting improvement
  • Minor issues fix


  • Add multisite support
  • Fix compatibility for php below 5.5
  • Added woo-keys
  • Remove license tab on multisite not main sites
  • Fixed ligthbox in Automatic column hiding mode
  • Fixes for dashboard styles in mobile mode
  • Add changelog file for Pro
  • Fix for row borders
  • Added link options for custom taxonomies
  • Added Filter for ACF-fields
  • Added Js Editor


  • Updates for woocommerce 3.9.0


  • Add “PRO” tags for changelog
  • Add fix for atribute filter
  • Minor issues fix


  • Added custom styles for Buy Button
  • Added Tags Column and Multiple and search for filters
  • Added Price Filter
  • Added price filter for variable product
  • Changelog add
  • Added new tooltips, images and documentations links
  • Adapting the plugin code to comply with WooCommerce sniffs rules
  • Minor issues fix


  • Added option Show category link and fixed dashboard styles
  • Fixes for WooCommerce Codex
  • New admin disign
  • Minor issues fix


  • Show variations fix
  • Add pagination step for product add datatable
  • Remove PHP Mailer
  • Fixed search variations by category
  • Added line break for categories and attributes columns
  • Minor issues fix


  • Revision styles for variable products
  • Add fix for custom syles
  • Fix variable price for responsive mode
  • Add new table error fix for WordPress 5.3


  • Fix deprecated finction
  • Fixed expired license
  • Add features for stling
  • Add sorting attributes by name


  • Added Sale price dates
  • Control outofstock for variable products
  • Added the ability to open the category link in a new window
  • Added SSP for Admin Content Table
  • Added width for all columns
  • Minor issues fix


  • Add search by hidden attributes
  • Fix some MPC bugs
  • Fix css for responsive mod
  • Fixed mobile variation option
  • Fixed showed variation attributes
  • Added hide quantity input option
  • Transfer hide quantity input otion to features tab
  • Fixed table price view in Erfold theme
  • Fix translate title for button add to cart MPC
  • Add CSS fix for quantity div, responsive mode
  • Fixed variation instock attributes


  • Added custom styles to print
  • Added ACF-field true/false
  • Fixed elementor conflict
  • Added button Add all to cart
  • Fixed MPC ajax answer
  • Fix spelling error
  • Add ssp in admin page
  • Fixed getFilterHtml pro function
  • Fixed view cart option
  • Added notice in admin, modify setting_data field to medium text
  • Add css fix
  • Added column Downloads
  • Fix for Measurement Price Calculator
  • Remove error notice for SSP and Measurement Price Calculator
  • Fixed responsive modes
  • Minor issues fix


  • Fixes for new wp translations
  • Add option Show quantity items in stock issue
  • Add option Stock quantity items text issue
  • Add select attributes features
  • Add attribute feature for already created table and add product attributes
  • Add caption, description and signature to print issue
  • Fix products counter
  • Replace wp_query to wpdb issue
  • Add title, description, siganture to print page issue
  • Add option Open product link on a new window issue
  • Add responsive dependence from option Mobile screen width issue
  • Added image/icon for Featured column
  • Add Instock quantity checker for variants issue
  • Added author and tag filters
  • Small code fixes to support php 7.3
  • Small code fixes (change time limit)
  • Minor issues fix


  • Move add_to_cart functionality to free version
  • Fix table save settings problem issue
  • Fix product id after product variables
  • Fix variation id add_to_cart for new version of wocommerce
  • Fix on resize pagination move to first page
  • Add filter by specific attribute
  • Fix create table if hash allready added
  • Added custom field Url
  • Improve encoding, decoding for cyrillic, and diacritical symbols
  • Add translate text input
  • Minor issues fix


  • Added title link as default
  • Fix attributes bug
  • Added variation thumbnails and one variation per row


  • Added private products
  • Added hierarchy for Category Filter
  • Fix dropdown overflow
  • Added product list by table creation and other
  • Add feature short description
  • Add Thumbnail Size for Adaptive Mode
  • Fix CSS for td.price
  • Shortcode add to cart, Hide button, price, columns, compatibility with CatalogVisibilityOptions, added input translate to Add selected to cart
  • Added Custom Fields support
  • Safari bug fix
  • Fix haschange for JetPack
  • Fix CSS under button add to cart
  • Undisabled checkbox and unselect2 in pro issue
  • Added Custom Styles
  • Added Serach by Columns
  • Fix hide cart, price columns
  • Fix deactivation dialog
  • Fix conflict with datatable deactivation gialog
  • Hide view cart link fix
  • Add option disable link for title column
  • Fix check title link for new tables
  • Minor issues fix


  • Added option Hide out of stock items and column Stock status in search table
  • Admin panel links fix
  • Preview fix
  • Save button fix
  • Minor issues fix


  • Add select for quantity product on admin page
  • Added sorting numerically for Price Column
  • Added feature Attributes filter position select
  • Add fix for translate languages and Netherland
  • Fix the focus loss for quantity inputs


  • Screenshots update
  • Add feature custom sortable from preview to frontend
  • Add Drag and Drop sorting
  • Minor issues fix


  • Add WooBeWoo-logo as default loader
  • Added option Add products automatically
  • Added default sorting
  • Added hidden products


  • Screenshots update
  • Added possibility to hide view cart
  • Added possibility to view horizontal scroll on top
  • Added Pagination Menu and Clone Table
  • Add Custom CSS Option
  • Added different responsive modes
  • Add filters and other fields in preview and move multiple checkboxes in the first column
  • Created Pro-version, add make it possible to select several attributes for filtering
  • Fix for printing of the table


  • Fixed data columns sorting
  • Disabled tutorial
  • Promo links fix
  • Сss fix
  • Minor issues fix
  • Added One-Attribute Columns
  • Added attribute selection for variable products
  • Move Manage Table Content in popup and add button Select all
  • Update wootablepressEditAdmin.php


  • Add language files
  • Fixed double tooltips display.
  • Added review count column.
  • Fixed multy add products quantity.
  • Fixed add to cart.
  • Remove external connections by GDPR.


  • Release on wordpress.org