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Welcome to the Official MailerLite integration for WooCommerce. MailerLite is the email marketing tool that makes it super easy to design beautiful newsletters and to set up automated e-commerce email campaigns.

Intuitive tools and templates enable you to build newsletters, websites, landing pages, pop-ups and more—all without coding! Plus, every free plan comes with award-winning 24/7 customer support.

The official MailerLite for WooCommerce plugin gives you a suite of e-commerce features to help you grow your business. You can track sales and campaign ROI, import your products, automate emails based on purchases, and re-engage customers who abandon their carts.


  • Checkout integration
  • Select between multiple positions
  • Show/hide checkbox
  • Enable/disable double opt-in
  • Product importing
  • Sales tracking and campaign ROI
  • Customize checkbox label via settings page
  • Forward order data to MailerLite
  • Setup order tracking MailerLite custom fields
  • Setup order related MailerLite segments
  • Set up automation triggered by recent purchases
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Subscribe pop-ups
  • Regular updates and improvements: Check out the changelog


  • Enter your MailerLite API key
  • For e-commerce tracking on campaigns generate a consumer key + secret with read rights
  • Select your default list/group
  • Enable checkout integration



  • Settings page
  • Checkout page integration
  • Product block in campaign builder
  • Product picker in campaign builder
  • Campaign e-commerce tracking
  • Dashboard e-commerce performance


The installation and configuration of the plugin is as simple as it can be.

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘woo mailerlite’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select zip file from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Extract the directory to your computer
  3. Upload the directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


Is WordPress Multisite supported?

Yes, WordPress Multisite is supported by this official plugin..


October 25, 2023
The plugin fulfills everything I needed and even though I encountered a compatibility issue with the WPML translation plugin, support was responsive and solved the problem. Thank you!
October 4, 2023 6 replies
I'm struggling with an issue since weeks now without a result. It started with the abandoned cart which did not work on a client account. It seemed the setup was correct, which was confirmed by the support team as well, so didn't know what the problem is. After the woocommerce update this plugin was also updated - we realized the connection was suddenly lost and we cannot make it work again. Several times deleted the plugin, created new rest api keys, started over the installation process again and we stuck at the same point: when the import is complete, only the cancel button is available, and after a while it drops back to start import (again). The support team is not really asking, or investigating, just repeating what to do and stating noone else is complaining. (Actually I don't really care if anyone has the same issue, from support team perspectibe this is a wrong behavior I think.) Even if we followed the instructions, the plugin / connection did not work, the same thing repeats itself. So I think there must be a problem, but I couldn't find the solution on my own.... The client is a mailerlite subscriber, so i'm really disappointed if someone pays for the service and gets such 'help' only. UPDATE: after this post the support team reacted rapidly and solved the problem, plugin was updated, it works fine now. My rating is still not 5 because of the earlier happenings, but I'm glad of the happy ending.
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2.1.2 (21st February 2024)

  • Plugin setup and subscribers sync improvements

2.1.1 (5th February 2024)

  • Bug fixes

2.1.0 (5th February 2024)

  • Bug fixes
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.4.3

2.0.9 (10th January 2024)

  • Security updates

2.0.8 (8th January 2024)

  • Validate order on sync
  • Addressed pre-select checkbox issue
  • Updated subscriber fields on order cancel and delete

2.0.7 (19th December 2023)

  • Setup notification fix
  • Minor bug fix

2.0.5 (19th December 2023)

  • Added debug logs
  • Subscribers sync improvements
  • Various bug fixes

2.0.4 (28th November 2023)

  • Improved onboarding
  • Various bug fixes regarding sync and abandoned cart

2.0.3 (24th October 2023)

  • Improved compatibility for older versions
  • Added compatibility for translation
  • Fixed issues related to guest customers and subscriber fields

2.0.2 (29th September 2023)

  • Subscribers sync fixes

2.0.1 (21st September 2023)

  • Subscribers sync fixes
  • Bug fixes regarding styling and order cancellation

2.0 (19th September 2023)

  • Subscribers sync fixes
  • Improved setup screens
  • Various bug fixes regarding product deletion and abandoned cart

1.8.8 (21st August 2023)

  • Add WooCommerce HPOS support
  • Add resubscribe support
  • Fix guest sync count
  • Make validate key request asynchronous
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.3.0
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 8.0.2

1.8.7 (25th July 2023)

  • Fix missing files

1.8.6 (25th July 2023)

  • Fix missing subscriber fields
  • WPML compatibility
  • Synchronization count fixes

1.8.5 (15th March 2023)

  • Update shop synchronization
  • Fix order complete re-triggering
  • Fix abandoned cart recovery

1.8.4 (14th March 2023)

  • Fix issue WooCommerce blocks loading

1.8.3 (2nd March 2023)

  • Add support for Gutenberg blocks
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 7.4.1

1.8.2 (8th February 2023)

  • Fix cart update filter
  • Fix issue with missing slug

1.8.1 (12th January 2023)

  • Improvement: sync order
  • Add additional subscriber fields
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 7.2.2

1.8.0 (7th December 2022)

  • Add settings for checkout sync
  • Add settings for subscriber language field
  • Fixed issue with cart loading
  • Fixed issue with order widget
  • Update API client

1.7.15 (24th November 2022)

  • Change default value for settings
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.1.1

1.7.14 (15th November 2022)

  • Remove upgrade notice
  • Validate product category before sync
  • Fix order complete for pending payment
  • Update API client
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.1.0

1.7.13 (1st November 2022)

  • Fix issue DOI checkbox
  • Fix abandoned cart for order processing
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.0.3

1.7.12 (17th October 2022)

  • Fix issue on user create
  • Update API client

1.7.11 (13th October 2022)

  • Fix custom fields recreation

1.7.10 (28th September 2022)

  • Update order import request

1.7.9 (21st September 2022)

  • Fix resource status response

1.7.8 (13th September 2022)

  • Fix group select in settings

1.7.7 (7th September 2022)

  • Fix resubscribe setting
  • Fix double opt-in sync
  • Fix deactivate issue
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.0.2

1.7.6 (29th August 2022)

  • Change unsubscribe actions

1.7.5 (24th August 2022)

  • Fix timeout on import orders
  • Add auto-update setting
  • Minor improvements

1.7.4 (9th August 2022)

  • Fix subscriber for abandoned cart
  • Minor improvements

1.7.3 (1st August 2022)

  • Fix ecommerce stats for classic
  • Add sync status for classic

1.7.2 (26th July 2022)

  • Change auto update priority
  • Add warning for outdated plugin

1.7.1 (22nd July 2022)

  • Fix groups load on settings page
  • Enable auto update

1.7.0 (19th July 2022)

  • Fix shop delete issue
  • Fix product and order sync issues
  • Add feedback for product and order sync
  • Email validation for order sync
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.0.1

1.6.10 (16th June 2022)

  • Fix cart sync issue

1.6.9 (15th June 2022)

  • Fix groups not loading
  • Fix product price in cart for multi-currency
  • Update product image size

1.6.8 (8th June 2022)

  • Fix product price for multi-currency

1.6.7 (6th June 2022)

  • Fix bulk action redirect
  • Fix missing custom fields
  • Improved product synchronization
  • Minor updates to api client
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.0.0

1.6.6 (9th May 2022)

  • Fix shop not activated issue
  • Improved product and order synchronization
  • Minor updates to api client
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.9.3

1.6.5 (13th April 2022)

  • Fix save button issue
  • Minor updates to admin settings view
  • Fix checkbox and label alignment in checkout

1.6.4 (30th March 2022)

  • Fix order sync for classic api
  • Fix shop settings sync
  • Fix re-sync categories and products

1.6.3 (29th March 2022)

  • Fix abandoned cart email update
  • Fix draft product sync

1.6.2 (28th March 2022)

  • Fix abandoned cart issue
  • Fix product url and image url
  • Fix order and guest customer issue

1.6.1 (22nd March 2022)

  • Fix activate issue
  • Fix synchronization issue
  • Minor ui updates

1.6.0 (22nd March 2022)

  • Support for new MailerLite app
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.9.2

1.5.10 (24th January 2022)

  • Fix order autocomplete issue

1.5.9 (20th January 2022)

  • Fix migration issue

1.5.8 (3rd January 2022)

  • Improvement: Ignore product changes
  • Update display name
  • Tested up to wordpress 5.8.3

1.5.7 (20th September 2021)

  • Async order synchronization and reset

1.5.6 (5th August 2021)

  • Button to reset the sync status of all orders so that they can be synced again
  • Fix of dependencies hashes to resolve conflicts with other plugins
  • Fix for abandoned cart trigger after the order was submitted

1.5.5 (10th May 2021)

  • Changed activate/deactivate method names with a prefix to resolve conflicts with other plugins

1.5.4 (19th April 2021)

  • Usage of php-scoper to add a distinct namespace to all dependencies to resolve conflicts with other plugins
  • Tested up to wordpress 5.7.1

1.5.3 (6th April 2021)

  • Updated dependencies to reduce conflicts with other plugins

1.5.2 (22nd Match 2021)

  • Version bump

1.5.1 (22nd March 2021)

  • Version bump
  • Updated php requirement to 7.2.5

1.5.0 (22nd March 2021)

  • Updated dependencies
  • Tested up to wordpress 5.7

1.4.11 (5th November 2020)

  • Updated description

1.4.9 (9th October 2020)

  • Bump supported versions

1.4.8 (18th May 2020)

  • Bump supported versions

1.4.7 (25th February 2020)

  • Fix: better handling when a large number of orders need to be synced

1.4.6 (29th November 2019)

  • Minor fixes and updates

1.4.5 (11th September 2019)

  • Update: Ignore products option added

1.4.4 (25th July 2019)

  • Fix: Abandoned cart triggering issues
  • Fix: Segment update on group change

1.4.3 (18th July 2019)

  • Fix: WC not found handling

1.4.2 (15th July 2019)

  • Minor fixes and updates

1.4.0 & 1.4.1 (11th July 2019)

  • New: Resubscribe option for inactive users
  • New: Popups option
  • Improvement: Abandoned cart process changes
  • Improvement: Layout design change and fixes
  • Improvement: Disabling and enabling plugin processes updates
  • Improvement: Changes to allow some settings to be updated through the MailerLite app
  • Minor fixes and updates

1.3.1 (30th May 2019)

  • Minor fixes and updates

1.3.0 (21st May 2019)

  • Update: abandoned carts feature
  • Minor fixes and updates

1.2.4 & 1.2.5 (19th March 2019)

  • Fix: creating custom fields wasn’t working properly
  • Fix: unnecessary double optin api calls slowing down pages

1.2.2 & 1.2.3 (15th February 2019)

  • Minor improvements and fixes

1.2.1 (5th February 2019)

  • Improvement: Helper messages on plugin from
  • Minor improvements and fixes

1.2.0 (1st February 2019)

  • New: Product importing in MailerLite campaign builder
  • New: Product and category importing in MailerLite automation workflow builder
  • New: Campaign sales tracking

1.1.1 (27th December 2017)

  • Fix: Using PHP lower than 5.6 lead into fatal errors

1.1.0 (12th December 2017)

  • New: Forward order data to MailerLite
  • New: Setup order tracking MailerLite custom fields
  • New: Setup order related MailerLite segments
  • Improvement: Optimized group selection via settings
  • Improvement: Optimized settings page
  • Minor improvements and fixes
  • WordPress v4.9.1 compatibility

1.0.2 (23th September 2017)

  • Fix: Disabling double optin via settings didn’t take affect

1.0.1 (11th May 2017)

  • Improvement: Added description and link to API key setting
  • Fix: Settings not being saved
  • Fix: Groups not being available when entering API key for the first time

1.0 (11th May 2017)

  • Initial release