Woocommerce Open Close


Maintain Business hour for your WooCommerce Shop. Let your customers know about business schedules and restrict them from placing new orders while Store is Closed.

Your customers might be in confusion with your business. Sometimes customer complete order and wait for the products cause he/she pay for the shipping too, But times passed on and passing nothing hear from your WooCommerce Store.

You are also not aware of this situation, what’s going on your customer’s mind. You may be offline or your shop might be off for that day. Like Ordering for a meal at midnight when your shop is closed. So this is a big trouble for running business with Transparency.


WooCommerce Open Close comes with a complete business hour/schedule management, completely hassle free.




    Username: demo-woc
    Password: pluginbazar

KEY Features

  • Manage Business Schedules
  • Multiple Schedules in Same Day
  • Shortcode to View Business Hours
  • Transalation Ready
  • 5+ Business Schedules Display Variations
  • 4+ Countdown Timer Variations

PRO Feature

  • No Order when Shop is Closed
  • Empty cart as soon as shop become close
  • Allow add to cart even shop is closed
  • Allow / Disallow Specific Products to Bypass Schedules
  • Multiple popup styles


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  1. Upload Woocommerce Open Close to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Now select from the Admin menu Woocommerce open close and edit your settings.
  4. If you want to get all the features then Click Buy in the bottom of the page.


June 19, 2019
Allows you to display a popup saying your shop is closed on a schedule. It in no way prevents orders from being placed, the only functionality anyone is looking for, unless you buy the pro version. Not gonna happen. I'll dig through the hooks myself and just disable the shop that way. Installing this plugin has been a complete waste of my time.
March 6, 2019
When I put the timezone in my WP settings, the time is wrong while the plugin is active. For example, I'm in UTC+2 now, and the time is 12:13am, and it shows the correct time in WP. But when i install the plugin, the time switches to 2:13am. SO if I set up the opening time for the shop at 9am in the plugin it won't open the shop until 11am.
January 17, 2019
Jaedpro, the author of this plugin, has a reputation for taking people's money through Freelance services - such as Fiverr - and promising custom-made WordPress plugins, which are never delivered. It is a serious blight on the WordPress community and all it stands for and MUST be stopped. Do not support a plugin whose author is consciously stealing thousands from unwitting clients around the world. Furthermore, you can see that the author - Jaed Mosharraf - uses his own account, alongside many fake accounts, to boost his own ratings. He even left a 5-star review for WooCommerce Open Close. Absolutely disgusting and appalling behaviour.
January 7, 2019
In my opinion, the free plugin is now totally useless because it is not preventing from ordering when the shop is closed. I understand the developper want us tu have the pro version and pay. But to my point of vue, it is a bad way. In my case, I will just look another plugin... Perhaps the developper could think another way to bring us to pay (less, 49$ for a pugin is really too much !! For this same price, I can have a whole theme...) Anyway : my advice to all users : do not make the update ! 1st, it will rest all yours schedules 2nd, your customers will be able to order even if the shop is closed.
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Contributors & Developers

“Woocommerce Open Close” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




* This is the First version of WOC Open Close Plugin.


* Changed a Lots in functionality and compatibility with WordPress.


* Fixed a BUG.


* Automation in PRO Feature.


* Changed to a Super Edition.


* Add New Feature: Add 2 Opening and Closing Hours.


* Solved the Problem arise in New Version.


* Added extra features to the Settings Panel.


* This is a Big Update. We change the structures and layout in a big format. Hope you will enjoy this.


* New feature - Order Number Restrictions


* License Management Added!!!


* Transalation Ready
* WooCommerce Open Close - Reports : A New addon ready for this Release.


* Video Help section added


* Allow or Block products no matter shop is Opened or Closed


* Added so many things, Came with New Look, interface and new Technologies.


* Bug Fixing


* New 2 features added to Pro version


* Bug Fixing


* New variations and styles