Wincher Rank Tracker


Free Google ranking tool for all your keywords. Keep an eye on your competitors, generate PDF reports, ranking history in graphs, easy sharing, and a lot more. Download Wincher to get a grip of your SEO and rankings today!


  • Unlimited number of keywords
  • Mobile search engines for Android and IOS
  • Up to 5 competitors
  • Ranking history in graphs
  • Email notifications on drops and climbs
  • CSV and PDF reports (Auto or manual)
  • Ranking success sharing (Facebook, Twitter or mail)

Upgrade to Wincher PRO to get daily updates

Wincher FREE allows you to track unlimited number or keywords with weekly ranking updates. Upgrade to PRO and get daily updates along with more functionality like PDF and CSV reports and unlimited number of domains.

Note: Wincher Rank Tracker accesses amcharts for the charting.


  • Ranking overview.
  • Ranking history.
  • Add as many keywords you like.
  • Ranking success and alerts.
  • Keep track of your competitors.


This section describes how to install and activate the plugin.

  1. Use the automatic plugin installer or download the files and put the wincher folder into /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Visit the Wincher option in the WordPress menu.
  4. Activate your Wincher plugin by entering your details
  5. That’s it!


How many keywords can I add?

You can add as many keywords you like. However, if you need to track more than a thousand keywords, you will need to contact our support in order to unlock our abuse safety limit.

How many domains can I add?

The plugin will only track keywords for the site you installed the plugin on. You can however install the plugin on all your WordPress sites and connect it to the same Wincher account, but this is only possible to our PRO users. Users with multiple domains will probably have a better experience checking their rankings at

What search engines does Wincher support?

At the moment we support 68 different Google search engines all around the world. We continuously update the list and we will soon also add Bing to the list.

My Google result does not match Wincher’s result. What is wrong?

A couple of things can cause this difference. The most common reason is that Wincher collects ranking in incognito mode. This means that the particular search engine is not trying to give you a better result deepening on your location or previous search queries. Another common reason is that Wincher collects ranking only once a day for each keyword and that rankings can change during the day.


Wincher Died Out On Me

Well, I have to agree that the Wincher free plugin stopped working over a month ago. I am cleaning it off sites these days. It did not even keep the history! Seems it stopped April 20 or so.
It was ok even though it seems to get the data offsite somewhere and feed it back to the plugin. It never did the comparison stuff with competitors for me.
There used to be better plugins for page ranking and they disappeared.

free account no longer works

Used this plugin for a few months (as a free account). I liked the plugin – was tracking 43 keywords. About 3 weeks ago it stopped providing weekly updates for my keywords. I contacted Wincher and apparently this is affecting quite a few free users:

“We are having some issues tracking all keywords right now and for some time, we are working on solving this and somewhat have where our PRO accounts get their updates. We just haven’t been able to solve this for our free users yet. Sorry for this but we are working on it.”

I have a feeling it’s also affecting PRO accounts – One this is for sure, I will not be upgrading or continuing to use this product until they can prove it works consistently.

Extremely dissapointed with Pro version and support team

Im working very hard on optimizing my content for better rankings. Im using this tool to track the results and to choose wich posts to update for each keyword.

The free version works relatively well, for a free service we cannot ask for more. But then there is the trap…!

The paid PRO version however is extremely buggy. I have some keywords wich not update position since 6 days ago. Yes i have 6 days waiting for an update which must happen DAILY as part of the pro plan. Aditionally the search volume per keyword offered by the paid version doesnt update either. I have only 224 keywords of 2000 keyword limit, and i only get search volume for about 80 keywords.

I sent 2 tickets to wincher support and i got an absurde response like this:
“Serach volumes is something we have had an issue with extracting for quite some time
its now days a manual process which is done when time allows. Still trying to figure
what we can do to get it automated again. Search volumes is however just an extra
feature which we never promised to work and dont charge for.

Best Regards
Göran Säflund
1st-line support technician

So they advertise a FEATURE like search volume includen in the PAID version, to push you into pay the Pro version, but then the promised feature had some issues. And give this absurd excuse: its just an extra they are giving you for free. Only for the Paid version of course. The free version doesnt include this “Extra Bonus free fetaure”

Please people be serious. If you have a bug ok, work to solve it, but do not pretend your customers are idiots. Your charging a fee for a service with technical difficulties. your advertising something not being delivered to the customer, PERIOD. Solve that or dont offer such feature.

I wait my issue to be solved to change my rating. Lets see if this software really have some human behind who cares about the product quality, reputation and customer service.

Otherwise i will cancel my pro version recurring fee. Im paying and getting almost the same i get with the free version.

To all the readers. Save your money and do not upgrade until this issues are solved.

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Contributors & Developers

“Wincher Rank Tracker” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed compatibility issues with wordpress 4.6


  • Added support for assigning keywords to group in bulk.


  • Added support for keyword grouping for PRO accounts.
  • Bulk delete keyword function.
  • Bug fixes regarding conflicts with other plugins.


  • Fixed issue for blogs using https.
  • Faster initial ranking update.


  • First version.