This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Wetomo WordPress to Mobile


Wetomo (Web to Mobile) is a service that allows publishers to display
their existing web content to users on mobile phones and other handheld
devices. This plugin detects when a user is on a mobile phone and
automatically redirects them to Wetomo, which acts a a proxy between the
mobile phone and the WordPress site and adapts the web site content to the
mobile phone capabilities.

For more information about Wetomo see


Essentially all credits go to Mike Rowehl (email : since I
only had to change a few lines of Mike’s Mowser WordPress Mobile code to
adapt it to Wetomo.

Release Notes


  • automatic detection of device capabilities, such as display size and deck size
  • ability to enable/disable mobilization via Wetomo for iPhone, Blackberry or Android.
  • support for additional ad networks, see
  • adaptation to changes on the Wetomo server side, see
    for details of service improvements


  • improved reload function to prevent side effects caused by filtering wap gateways
  • changed default css
  • adaptation to changes on the Wetomo server side, see
    for details of service improvements


  • initial release


  • Wetomo provides a navigation bar and a content area. In the navigation bar Wetomo allows the user to specify the mobile device capabilities (such as display size or max. memory) via the MySettings section. The content may be split in sub pages depending on the device memory (see the navigation elements in the screenshot).
  • Images on your site are resized based on the device capabilities as specified by the user.


Like most other WordPress plugins, you can install the Wetomo plugin by
unpacking the distributed plugin file in the wp-content/plugins directory
of your WordPress installation. Once unpacked you should see a “Wetomo –
Wordpress to mobile” entry in the “Plugins” tab of your administrative
interface for WordPress. You’ll need to use the “Activate” link under
Plugin Management to start using the plugin.

As soon as the plugin is active it will start redirecting mobile users to the
Wetomo version of your blog. You can test this on your own phone by entering
the URL for your blog into your mobile browser. Or if you don’t have a phone
that you can test web pages from you can try using the OperaMini Simulator:

To conveniently check the Wetomo presentation of your pages via OperaMini I suggest
to use a Bookmarklet that you can find here:

You can disable selected sections of your site by entering the HTML tag attribute
wtm_skip=”1′ in any nested HTML tag. If Wetomo finds such a tag attribute it will
not display the content of that tag and all its children.
For more details see


How do I configure custom advertising for my mobile version?

If you would like to add AdMob advertisements to the mobile version of your
pages all you have to do is to add the following tag at the locations where
you want to display the Admob ad:
<wtm_ad net="admob" pub="” context=”” />
Note that this code will not interfere with the user experience even if users
visit your site without the Wetomo proxy.
For more details see

Is there a way to structure the page for easy mobile navigation?

You can specify sections in your page that shall be displayed on the mobile phone.
Each section is given a label that is used for navigation. In essence these sections
are specified by using Wetomo specific tag attributes that can be added to nearly any
tag. WordPress themes allow to specify these tag attributes at selected locations,
making them valid for all pages shown.
For more details see

Can I showcase to my users how my site would look like on a cell phone?

Absolutely, besides Opera Mobile there is a emulator available to do that. For details
check out the emulator section at

Contributors & Developers

“Wetomo WordPress to Mobile” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.