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Do you want to showcase locations on your website? WebPace Google Maps Builder gives a unique and simple solution to that problem.
Google Maps is a multifunctional plugin with various options and features, this allows the users to get creative when showcasing location.
The clean coding of this responsive Google Map Builder plugin makes it compatible with all WordPress themes.
Just pin the address of your business with your favorite marker and help your website visitors, find you easier.

To get started with WebPace Google Maps Builder, first sign up for Google Api from the Google Map Builder plugin page. Afterwards copy and paste the code in the “Input Api Key Here” field to be able to create and demonstrate Google maps on your website.

Google Map Builder Free Features:

  • Google Map Builder is Gootenberg ready
  • Create unlimited amount of google maps
  • Zoom google maps
  • Add unlimited markers on your google maps
  • Full screen the google maps
  • Add unlimited Polygones with Google Maps Builder
  • Include as many Polylines as you wish on your map
  • Circle areas with your Google Maps Builder plugin
  • Showcase unlimited store locations on your maps
  • Copy the already created google maps to reduce your waste of time
  • Export google maps to CSV file
  • Add the created google maps in any corner of your theme
  • See the changes with the google maps preview option

Google Maps Builder is an advanced tool, helping people find their ways and destinations in just a few minutes. Nowadays, that online platforms are getting more exposure every day, integrating Google Maps onto your website is something that is mandatory to help grow your business. Google Maps Builder makes it comfortable for your users and customers to navigate and find the shortest way possible!

You can add filters, street views, custom icons and customize the Google Maps Builder plugin to match the requirements of your website.

And when it comes to changed locations or additional outlets, Google Maps Builder provides more accurate and detailed location status as when it comes to the embedded post. You can just make a change on google maps plugin without having to replace the embedded code on every page in case of changed locations!

General Options

-Name maps created with your Google Map Builder
-Enable google map’s Pan Controller
-Enable Zoom Controller with Google Map Builder
-Enable Map-Type Controller with Google Maps Builder
-Enable Google Map Builder Scale Controller
-Enable Street-View Controller with Google Maps Builder
-Enable Overview-Map- Controller with Google Maps Builder
-Customize google maps’ default zoom
-Customize google maps’ minimum zoom size
-Customize google maps’ maximum zoom size
-Select center address for google maps
-Customize map center latitude with Google Maps Builder
-Customize google maps’ center longitude
-Change the percent of google maps’ width
-Select google maps’ height in pixels
-Align your google maps position
-Give your google maps a border radius in pixels
-Enable “Open Infowindows on Load”


-Add new google maps markers
-Name the map marker
-Select a location for google marker
-Give the google map marker a longitude
-Give the google map a latitude
-Select one of 2 animations for the google map marker
-Give the map marker a title
-Add description to the map markers


-Add new polygon on your google map
-Name the google maps polygon
-Add the polygone data
-Customize the polygon line transparency
-Choose the map polygon line color
-Customize the google map polygon line width
-Customize the map polygon’s fill transparency
-Change the map polygon’s fill color


-Create your polyline on your google map
-Add the data for the google map polyline
-Change the google map’s line transparency
-Select color for the polyline
-Choose width for the map polyline


-Create new map circles with Google Map Builder
-Name the google map circle
-Choose a center address for google map circle
-Customize map center latitude on your Google Map Builder
-Customize map center longitude
-Enable or disable the map’s circle marker
-Select map circle radius with Google Map Builder
-Customize map circle line in pixels
-Choose the color for google map circle line
-Adjust the google map circle line’s transparency
-Select color for map circle fill in Google Map Builder
-Adjust the transparency of the map circle fill

Store Locator

-Add new google map store locator with Google Map Builder
-Name the store on Google Maps Builder
-Choose the store address on map
-Customize map store latitude on your Google Map Builder
-Customize map store longitude
-Add your store phone number to showcase on map
-Choose the operating days and hours on Google Map Builder
-Enable or disable store locator on google map

Plugin Pro Features:

-Enable or disable full screen option on google maps builder
-Choose between google map types
-Enable or disable wheel scrolling on google maps builder
-Access to HTML in description of the map marker
-Over 25 marker options to pin with google maps builder
-Customize the google map marker size
-Add custom icons for google map marker
-Add link to google map polygons
-Customize the polygon on-hover fill transparency on google map
– Customize on hover transparency of the map polygon line
-Choose on hover color for map polygon line
-Choose color for google map polyline on hover
-Customize the transparency of the polyline on hover
-Add directions with Google Maps Builder
-Choose on hover fill color for google map circle
-Customize on hover fill transparency of the map’s circle
-Choose on hover line color for google map circle
-Adjust the line transparency of the google map circle
-Enable traffic layers on google maps
-Enable the bicycling layers on your maps
-Enable transit layer on your Google map
-Select hues color in map styling options of your Google Map Builder
-Adjust the lightness of the maps
-Adjust saturation in maps styling options
-Customize the gamma of the map

After all the required customizations simply copy the google map shortcode and insert it on the desired page or post. Copy the PHP code and insert it on the theme file if you want to demonstrate it in custom location on your website.

If you have any question about Google Maps Builder write Here “Google Maps Builder Support”




Install WebPace Google Maps Builder with the following steps

  • 1) From Your Dashboard Go To Plugins
  • 2) Search for “WebPace Google Maps Builder” after clicking on “Add New” button
  • 3) Install the plugin
  • 4) Activate it right away
  • 5) And find the plugin icon on your dashboard section.

As soon as you complete all these steps you are ready to get started. Create your desired maps just in two more steps.

From WordPress.org:

Step by step guide for installation from WordPress.org

  • 1) Download WebPace Google Maps Builder plugin on WordPress
  • 2) Upload to your plugin directory
  • 3) Activate from Plugin page
  • 4) Click on WebPace Google Map icon to begin

That’s it! Get creative and start your journey with our plugin!
If you still face Installation issues get in contact with us.


Convenient plugin

It is very convenient to use this plugin. On the map, all the points he shows accurately. All important marks are set correctly. The plugin itself does not cause failures or conflicts with the device. An indispensable assistant for those who like me, often travels and who always need a map. At hand.
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