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Get your bbPress site up and running with beautiful themed styling, plus all the essential layout and user/admin usability options
needed to run a real world forum with Weaver for bbPress.

Weaver for bbPress was developed by the makers of the popular Weaver Xtreme WordPress theme, the original options based WP theme.
If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to provide the features and options you need to build a great looking website.
And now you can do that with a bbPress site.

We also know bbPress was designed to be lightweight and efficient,
but that means that many features required to build and run a real-world forum are missing from the base ppPress plugin.
Weaver for bbPress makes it easy.

Live Support Site

See Weaver for bbPress in action, live! Visit the Weaver Support Forum.

Weaver for bbPress Features

Just checkout all the features offered by Weaver for bbPress!

  • Add Style! Blends with virtually any WP Theme
  • Tweak Forum and Topic List Layout
  • New Usability Features for Participants
  • Admin Options
  • Compatibility with Other ppPress Plugins
  • Great Support

Add Style to your Forum!

The default bbPress theme is okay – it works fairly blandly with almost any theme.
Weaver for bbPress adds a collection of several new bbPress Themes that blend beautifully with virtually
any existing WP Theme, all with just a single pick from a list. Tweak any of the the basic pre-defined styles
with additional check-box options that allow additional styling.

  • Pre-defined subThemes: Many pre-defined subThemes included, designed to work with nearly any WP Theme.
  • SubThemes Blend: SubThemes designed to blend with specific and general color themes.
  • Inherited WP Theme Style: The font family and link styles of your WordPress theme are used in the bbPress subTheme.
  • Forum Font Size: Set the base font size for your forum. One setting to make font size larger or smaller to match your WP theme.
  • Avatar Options: Extra styling options for the “Started by” and “Freshness” Participant avatars that make them really stand out.
  • Even/Odd Row Styling: Optional even/odd row background coloring.
  • Style Feature Buttons: Display “Subscribe”, “Create New Topic” and “Mark all as read” as theme matching buttons on right side.
  • bbPress Login Widget: The standard bbPress Login Widget and associated shortcodes are styled to match the theme.
  • Better Closed, Favorited, Subscribed: Show informative icons for Closed, Favorited, and Subscribed Topics and Forums.
  • Custom CSS: Add you own tweaks with custom CSS rules.
  • Your own bbPress.css: Provide your own custom version of bbPress.css if you don’t like our styles.

Tweak Forum and Topic List Layout

Hide various elements of Forum and Topic Lists.

  • Forum Description: Add the Forum Description to top of Single Forum Views.
  • Subforums in Columns” Display Subforum in Columns rather than a comma separated list.
  • Voices/Posts Counts: Hide Voices/Posts Counts on Forum Lists.
  • Hide Tiny Avatars in Notices
  • Forum/Topic Header Info: Hide the “This forum/topic contains count … ” info at top of lists.
  • Account Ability Message: Hide the “Your account has the ability to post …” message above post/reply editor.

Each of these features can be enabled separately.

New Usability Features for Participants

  • Mentions: When a Participant is mentioned with an @ in a post, they can be automatically notified by email.
  • Private Replies: Allows Participants to mark replies as Private – readable only by the Participant, the topic originator, and Moderators.
  • Profile Visibility: Set global Profile Visibility, as well as allow Participants to set their own Profile as private.
  • View Counter: Display counter to show how many times a topic has been viewed.
  • Create New Topic: Add “Create New Topic” link at top right of Single Forum views.
  • Indicator Icons for Favorited and Subscribed: Easy to see favorites and subscriptions.

Admin Options

Weaver for bbPress adds options that makes administering your bbPress Forum easier.

  • Save/Restore Settings: Save and Restore Weaver for bbPress settings to your own computer.
  • Visual Editor: Enable the Visual Editor for creating topics and replies.
  • Topic Resolution: Enable topic resolution indicator for support forums: Resolved, Not Resolved, Not a Question, or none.
  • WP Admin Bar: Hide that pesky WP Admin Bar for any combination of Participants, Moderators, and Admins.
  • Site Email Address: Allows you to override the From: and email address values for emails originating with your Forum.
  • Status Indicators: Show status indicators for special topics and replies: Private Reply, Spam, Trash. End the confusion.
  • Profile Email Link: Add a mailto: email link to user Profile. Make it easier for Moderators to send direct emails.

Compatibility with Other bbPress Plugins

There are other excellent plugins available that can add more essential features to a bbPress Forum.
Unfortunately, sometimes they add features that don’t including styling that matches the rest of your forum, or
doesn’t work will with some WP Themes. We’ve added integrated styling support for other plugins.

  • bbPress Pencil Unread: We think the ability to know if posts have been read or not is essential. Weaver for bbPress adds color matched Unread indicators and makes the “Mark Unread” link a theme matched button at the top of forum lists.

The essentials, all in one

The developer of this plugin also created the original and best options based WordPress theme: Weaver Xtreme.
Weaver Xtreme has its own support bbPress based support forum. In the process of running the support forum,
we’ve found that the features included in this plugin are really essential for running a truly vibrant forum,
especially one used for technical support.

Weaver for bbPress is small and efficient. Options are only loaded and used if individually enabled. No unnecessary code bloat!

Great Support

We do not support Weaver for bbPress on the default WordPress Support Forum. Instead, we support it only on
our own bbPress based forum: Weaver Support Forum.

It is easy to get started with Weaver for bbPress. Get more documentation at Weaver for bbPress Guide.


This plugin includes GPL code derived from several other bbPress plugins. I would like
to acknowledge the efforts put into developing those plugins.

  • bbp Mentions
  • bbPress – Private Replies
  • bbPress Simple View Count
  • bbResolutions


  • Weaver for bbPress in action


How do I …?

Weaver for bbPress is a new plugin, and we’ve not received many questions yet.
If you have questions, we suggest our Forum at the Weaver Support Forum



  • New: Add a Message above Log Out Button option
  • Tweaks: Wording of some options
  • Fix: dashicon stylesheet
  • Fix: Resolution status display if not author/moderator – missing styling

0.9 – first release

  • Release date: March 18, 2017

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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