WC Vendors


Create your own marketplace and allow vendors to sell just like etsy, Envato, eBay, or Amazon type sites! This allows other sellers/vendors to sell tangible products, virtual products, or downloads on your site. With this plugin, your vendors receive commissions you set on products they sell from your store.

WC Vendors was released to the market in October of 2014 having gotten its roots from Product Vendors by Matt Gates dating back to 2011. We are the number one multi vendor marketplace plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. It is the most feature packed free plugin available for operating a WooCommerce based multi vendor store. Many have tried to imitate, only to put all the useful features in their paid versions. We are a small team of three with an Australian, Jamie the lead developer and two Americans Ben and Anna our customer support team. Give it a try! After all, the price is right and we’re here when you need us.


  • PayPal has depreciated Adaptive Payments as of September 1st 2017. This will soon cease to function. We are currently working on a new extension to allow scheduled payments but there is no solution for instant payments with PayPal moving forward at this time


  • All features listed here are included in the free plugin.
  • Instantly pay vendors their commission as soon as an order is placed using PayPal Adaptive Payments or Stripe. NOTE (September 2017): PayPal Adaptive Payments has been deprecated by PayPal; we are working to implement a replacement.
  • Vendors can submit products for admin review, or send new products live to the site immediately.
  • Vendors can view live sales and reports for their products
  • Vendors can comment on their orders (eg, to inform customers of a tracking number)
  • Vendors can export their orders to a CSV file
  • PayPal Adaptive Payments gateway included for free ( Parallel & MassPay ) NOTE (September 2017): PayPal Adaptive Payments has been deprecated by PayPal; we are working to implement a replacement.
  • WPML Compatible
  • Vendors can sell all product types
  • Vendors manage their own media gallery/library
  • Customizable Vendor Pages via templates
  • Global, Per Vendor, or Per product Commission Rates
  • Export commissions to csv
  • Notification to Vendors of new orders
  • Vendors have their own individual storefronts, and blend in with the site through your regular shop pages too
  • Advanced Product Management
  • Customizable Vendor Headers
  • Front-End Vendor Registration and Back-End Vendor Registration
  • Vendors have their own user accounts and a Vendor Role
  • Vendor specific shortcodes
  • Translated in over 12 languages and growing!
  • Shipping Management through Per Product Shipping and Multiple Packages (and more coming soon!)
  • Tax Management to give or not give vendors tax for each order
  • Test Checkout Gateway included for testing your store before it goes live
  • Documentation with great articles on all the hooks, actions, filters, shortcodes, neat tricks, etc can be found on our documentation site here http://docs.wcvendors.com/

WC Vendors Pro

  • The following features are part of WC Vendors Pro
  • Pro Dashboard making your vendors sales reports a piece of cake
  • Fully featured front-end product add/edit capabilities
  • eBay style feedback system for Vendor Ratings
  • Shipment Tracking for Vendors to enter tracking numbers
  • Vendor Shipping so vendors can enter flat rates for national/shipping, or country/state table rate shipping and receive the shipping fees from each sale.
  • Multiple commission types such as percentage, percentage + fee, fixed fee, and even fixed fee + fee.
  • Vendor-Only coupons that vendors can create to make their own coupons for only their products
  • Vendor Stores, which give Vendors their own true actual store
  • Vendor store banners, avatars/icons and extra information fully customizable
  • Social module for adding facebook/twitter/google+ and many more
  • Vacation Mode – So your vendors can go away for a while and not worry about losing sales
  • Extended Order Notes
  • Insanely customizable template system to configure, tweak and style your store and dashboard any way you see fit.
  • Support Tickets for assistance and one-on-one support for our paid plugins.
  • MUCH MORE TO COME including WooCommerce Subscriptions support, integration with even more Woo plugins, and good features that you, the customer, ask us to code! Pro will always be continually updated with new features, just as you have grown to expect from WC Vendors Free
  • There’s more features to Pro than listed here!

See our full comparison of free vs pro here Compare free and pro


We currently ship WC Vendors free with the following language translations. If you would like translate WC Vendors into your language we would be more than happy to include it in our next release. You can submit a pull request on our github page or you can email your completed translation to translate@wcvendors.com.

  • English
  • Austrian German
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japanese (thanks Shohei Tanaka)
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Persian
  • French
  • Swedish
  • …and more


  • General options - Configure default commission, how members can register and more.
  • Product options page - allows you to hide specific options on the add new product window from vendors.
  • Capabilities options - restrict what your vendors can see and do.
  • Pages options - configure what pages will load the relevant vendor templates. These can be customised.
  • User paypment info - define how your vendors get paid and when.
  • WC Vendors Paypal Adaptive payments setup. NOTE (October 2017): PayPal Adaptive Payments has been deprecated by PayPal; we are working to implement a replacement.
  • Email template options for the relevant WC Vendor emails.


  1. Download and install from WordPress.org.
  2. Configure as you see fit, under WooCommerce / WC Vendors.
  3. Configure email notifications under WooCommerce / Settings
  4. View Commissions under WooCommerce / Commissions and WooCommerce / Reports / WC Vendors


Installation Instructions
  1. Download and install from WordPress.org.
  2. Configure as you see fit, under WooCommerce / WC Vendors.
  3. Configure email notifications under WooCommerce / Settings
  4. View Commissions under WooCommerce / Commissions and WooCommerce / Reports / WC Vendors
What version of WooCommerce do you support ?

We require a minimum of WooCommerce 3.0 to work. Any version prior to this will not work. We encourage you to be running the latest WordPress and WooCommerce at all times.

What version of php has been tested ?

PHP 5.6 and above is required. Tested all the way to the latest PHP 7!

Where do I get help ?

You can post a support question on the support tab – https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wc-vendors

Also be sure to visit our documentation http://docs.wcvendors.com/

Does WC Vendors work with Multisite ?

WC Vendors does not work with multisite WordPress. There are no plans to support this.


Rubbish! Both the plugin and support.

It’s hard to decide what’s worst. The plugin itself (specially the PRO version) or the arrogant, useless support from the developers. They are full of lies. Read carefully their refund policy before thinking of buying WC Vendor Pro. You know why they have no refunds? Because they know in advanced it won’t work. They just want you to pay for the Pro version and some useless add-ons (like their Stripe add-on) to leave you on your own. Take your money (and ironically thank you for their early retirement! shameless).

You have been warned! If you’re still thinking of downloading this legendary piece of crap -and possibly scam- or even worse, upgrading to Pro – don’t complaint later. It’s a silly (very silly) decision.


Fatal error: /wc-vendors/templates/dashboard/denied.php on line 3

And leaves garbage on your server do not bother to install the problem is reported often but still not fixed!

Great Plugin

A nice well put together plugin, which is easy to customise and work with. Support is also very helpful aswell as lots of documentation. Highly recommended!

Amazing plugin!

This is a great plugin! Thank you do much for all your work.
May God bless you!!!

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Contributors & Developers

“WC Vendors” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Translate “WC Vendors” into your language.

Interested in development?

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=Version 1.9.14 – 18th Feburary 2018

  • Added: Export commissions via CSV
  • Added: Commission Table Links #166
  • Added: Apply to become a vendor on wp-login registration page #245
  • Added: Apply filter to get_vendor_dues_from_order()
  • Fixed: wp-admin Commissions Page sorted by status & vendor #374
  • Fixed: Commission filters loading too early so they cannot be applied.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce Reports are showing 2X accurate sales #388
  • Fixed: Shortcodes do not work for products assigned to vendor by admin #385
  • Fixed: Text domain in read me for glotpress translations
  • Fixed: “sold by” is showing in several areas despite deselected admin setting #386

= Version 1.9.13 – 28th November 2017

  • Added: Notice for depreciated gateway
  • Added: A filter for role change: Denied Vendor #351
  • Added: WooCommerce tested header for new WooCommerce Status page
  • Added: Filter for vendor signup form so it can be overriden
  • Added: “Approve” Vendor action on Pending Vendors Page #372
  • Updated: Brazillian Port wcvendors-pt_BR.pot
  • Fixed: Moved sprintf must be outside #381 thanks CasperBraske
  • Fixed: Re-Send email options in admin/orders are not available after WooCommerce update #383
  • Fixed: depreciated screen_icon method call
  • Fixed: Use wc_get_order instead of new WC_Order #382
  • Fixed: Post called incorrectly #378
  • Fixed: Get correct product name in commission table if variation deleted
  • Fixed: Commissions reversed when order deleted
  • Fixed: mistake in vendor_shop_query
  • Fixed: Return 404 if vendor doesn’t exist
  • Fixed: The shop name background doesn’t scale with shop image #366
  • Fixed: Depreciated functions #368 thanks @stodorovic
  • Fixed: Changed how customer address is displayed based on Woo Options. Thanks @debain

= Version 1.9.12 – June 26 2017

  • Added: For hook for vendor order content
  • Updated: Portuguese translations thanks Elsa
  • Updated: Show SKU in emails as per pre WC3.0 updates
  • Fixed: Static reference calls in commision class
  • Fixed: Shipping tax bug in vendor calculations
  • Fixed: Variations showing $0 price in emails thanks damanmehta
  • Fixed: Prevent PHP notice for getting non-existing vendor name from JeroenSormani/master

Version 1.9.11 – 25th April 2017

  • Fixed: Correct product id being parsed to shipping function
  • Fixed: Payment method notice due to direct access to object property
  • Fixed: Sold by incorrectly showing in cart for variations

Version 1.9.10 – 10th April 2017

  • Fixed: Terms & Conditions Checkbox is not functioning normally #348
  • Fixed: Apply to Become a Vendor Checkbox is Missing with WC 3.0 + WC Vendors 1.9.9 #349
  • Fixed: New product title formatting is showing product #350
  • Fixed: Incorrect use of wpdb->prepare
  • Fixed: Mark shipped filter not providing parameters correctly
  • Fixed: Incorrect reference to billing email in notification email
  • Updated: Removed Sales reports from backend

Version 1.9.9 – 14th March 2017

  • Added: Filters to vendor admin dashboard class for custom columns #339
  • Added: Vendor shop name to the tag on products archive page
  • Updated Woocommerce 2.7 compatibility
  • Updated: i18n text domain loading for proper translations #341
  • Fixed: Class logger when called via includes files
  • Fixed: Bug in how admin notices are displayed when saving shop settings
  • Fixed: 2.7 compatibility bugs
  • Fixed: Commissions Subtotal showing Full Product Price in vendor email #330
  • Fixed: Capabilities Fix for Resetting Roles #329
  • Fixed: HTML title attribute doesn’t change for store pages #328
  • Fixed: Login form not displayed if get variable set
  • Fixed: Depreciated action in product edit screen

Templates Updated:

Version 1.9.8 – 18th January 2017

  • Fixed: Paypal adaptive payments url changes
  • Added: Store Vendor ID in vendor child order #326
  • Added: 100% Japanese translations thanks to Shohei Tanaka

Version 1.9.7 – 13 December 2016

  • Fixed: Capabilities Fix for Resetting Roles #329

Version 1.9.6 – 4th November 2016

  • Added: Commission Query Functions #321
  • Added: Template for sold by in shop loop #324
  • Merged: Extended commissions management #319 from MounirHamani
  • Updated: Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Template Added:

Version 1.9.5 – 29th September 2016

  • Added: Automated language file builds
  • Added: Vendors can now delete media in the media uploader
  • Updated: Commissions table in backend now shows cost breakdowns
  • Fixed: Removed legacy code for unsupported shipping methods
  • Fixed: Rounding issue with 100% commission and coupons in pro

Version 1.9.4 – 24th September 2016

  • Added: Filter to add delayed payment possibility #309
  • Added: WPML support configuration file
  • Updated: Brazilian translation files thanks Luis!
  • Fixed: Using “date_i18n” instead of just “date” #316 from CasperBraske
  • Fixed: Geczy text domain in the settings file #314
  • Fixed: Commissions lock on one vendor after some actions are made #311
  • Fixed: Vendor dashboard Orders Export link is dead #306
  • Fixed: Vendor sorting in commissions – no option to NOT choose a vendor #305
  • Fixed: vendor order admin product metadata loading #298 from mikko-niemikorpi
  • Fixed: Commission status translatable in reports thanks CasperBraske
  • Fixed: Translatable strings thanks CasperBraske
  • Fixed: Issues with translation strings
  • Fixed: Incorrect variable reference
  • Fixed: bp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly
  • Fixed: Display of variations on main dashboard
  • Fixed: Trying to get property of non-object
  • Fixed: Variation data styles in order display in wp-admin
  • Fixed: Save user meta fields when pending vendor
  • Fixed: Incorrect url string format in french translation
  • Templates Updated:

= Version 1.9.3 – 11th of August 2016

  • Fixed: Only load asset on orders page in admin
  • Fixed: Not showing orders on vendor dashboard for new installations
  • Updated: Persian translations thanks to Alireza

= Verion 1.9.2 – 6th of August 2016

  • Added: Reverse commission when order emptied from trash #277
  • Added: Daily Payout option for PayPal Cron #297
  • Added: Vendor select2 on the commissions page #284
  • Added: Button to reset vendor roles & WC Vendors settings to WooCoomerce system status tools page #230
  • Added: Dutch Translation, thanks @jjclinton
  • Added: Date filter for order queries
  • Added: Turkish translations thanks Hakan
  • Added: $wc_vendors object variable
  • Added: Action to fire after dashboard links (wcvendors_after_links)
  • Added: Body css classes to set pages
  • Updated: Support for woo commerce minimum and readme
  • Fixed: Mark commission reversed bulk action on commissions table
  • Fixed: No longer have to save permalink settings when updating WC Vendors options
  • Fixed: Orders page not set on fresh install
  • Fixed: Property of non object #300
  • Fixed: Translation for Mark Shipped #296
  • Fixed: Too many redirect loops if pages not set #290
  • Fixed: Non-Object Notice in install #289
  • Fixed: Rounding error with 100% commission thanks Brett!
  • Fixed: text domain for email templates
  • Fixed: Don’t start session if user isn’t logged
  • Fixed: Session error on log out if session doesn’t exist
  • Fixed: Settings image selector bug
  • Merged pull request #302 from NicolasBernier – Completed French Translations, Thanks!
  • Merged: pull request #293 from stodorovic/fix_init_sessions

= Version 1.9.1 – 17th of June 2016

  • Added: GitHub Plugin URI for afragen/github-updater #282 thanks Agoruh
  • Added: Edit and View page settings options
  • Fixed: Missing Argument WCV_Admin_Users::filter_product_types() #288
  • Fixed: Critical: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function get_children() #287
  • Fixed: Date range session data is not working #285
  • Fixed HTML escaped characters in PaypalAP Cancel and Return URLs: #286 thanks Nicolas
  • Fixed: Post type check to trigger_new_product() function #276
  • Fixed: Updated to notices instead of wordpress errors
  • Fixed: Product attribute fetch and returning HTML #283 thanks Mikko
  • Fixed: Vendor Mark Shipped Security Fix #280 thanks Agoruh
  • Fixed: Missing argument in Vendors Class
  • Fixed: Rounded product commission to avoid error 589023 when submitting to PayPal #275 thanks Nicolas

= Version 1.9.0 – 25th of May 2016

  • Added: Support for WooCommerce 2.6
  • Added: Vendor roles filter wcvendors_vendor_roles
  • Added: Product and Vendor id’s to sold_by filters
  • Added: Vendor Signup Filters #269
  • Added: Notify Vendors Email – Add Product SKU, if set #263
  • Added: New Option: Notify Vendors show Purchase Price or Commissions #253
  • Added: Option to disable sold by #236
  • Added: Initial sub order management code #196 thanks Spreeuw
  • Fixed: Sold by meta removal
  • Fixed: Sequential Orders Support Commissions table #270
  • Fixed: Notify Vendors Email Customizer Not Working #240
  • Fixed: Commissions Total Report a-z sorting #239
  • Fixed: need to agree to terms for this to process correctly
  • Fixed: save pending vendor for login screen
  • Fixed: Notify Vendors Email in WC 2.5+ #265
  • Fixed: Order table layout
  • Fixed: Orders screen for vendors in admin #231
  • Fixed: product management in WC 2.6
  • Fixed: Duplicate application emails firing in free and pro
  • Fixed: Commission display issue in notify vendor email
  • Fixed: New ítem meta compatability with WC 2.5 and above

Version 1.8.9 – 1st May 2016

  • Fixed: Commission Totals Report Inaccurate #267
  • Added: Swedish Translation Thanks Arvid!

Version 1.8.8 – 22nd March 2016

  • Fixed: Undefined variable error in commission class
  • Fixed: Pagination bug in wcv_vendorslist shortcode

Version 1.8.7 – 15th March 2016

  • Added: New qty argument to commission calculations
  • Added: Image uploader settings type
  • Added: New commission function for payment gateways
  • Fixed: Prefixed all btn css classes to stop theme collision
  • Fixed: Sold By:Name spaces issue #256
  • Fixed: Show extended fields for vendor and pending vendor roles
  • Fixed: Check if product is taxable
  • Fixed: Depreciated function calls in email templates
  • Fixed: Commission giving tax on none taxable items #251
  • Fixed: Sold by label issues with WC 2.5 #250

Version 1.8.6 – 31st of January 2016

  • Fixed: Critical issue with paypal loading classes incorrectly

Version 1.8.5 – 26th January 2016

  • Fixed: Issue with PayPal on some sites – Rolled back issue #247
  • Fixed: Reverted ticket #216 for email conflicts
  • Added: New KnowledgeBase URL

Version 1.8.4 – 25th January 2016

  • Added: Removed fields from users that aren’t vendors
  • Added: actions to hook into approve/deny vendor
  • Added: Ability to integrate with any order status for emails #216
  • Added: Terms & Conditions Opens in New Tab #246
  • Updated: Added trigger for on-hold to processing/completed for Notify Vendor Email #238
  • Updated: Settings page helper text and clarifications
  • Fixed: Sold by formatting issue #248
  • Fixed: wp_redirect caches with W3 Total Cache #237
  • Fixed: Bug in single page settings generator
  • Fixed: Category title missing bug #213
  • Fixed: Undefined index for non vendor users
  • Merge: pull request #247 from archonic/hotfix/oauth-class-exists

Version 1.8.3 – 18th December 2015

  • Fixed: Fatal Error on activation Merge pull request #235 from oleggen/patch-1
  • Added: Seller info label option

Version 1.8.2 – 17th December 2015

  • Added: Sold By label option
  • Added: New Vendor Commission Totals Report #234
  • Fixed: Added ‘Shipped’ if marked as shipped #233
  • Fixed: Renamed internal function to stop theme and plugin clash

Version 1.8.1 – 17th November 2015

  • Added: New options updated action for settings
  • Added: New plugin activation hook for testing woocommerce active
  • Added: vendor id to get shipping due filter
  • Added: Warning on settings page if user registration in WooCommerce is not enabled
  • Added: Russian Translations thanks Natalia

Version 1.8.0 – 31st October 2015

  • Fixed: Mark $0.00 commissions as paid instead of due #205
  • Fixed: Email trigger should be filter not action – Thanks ontiuk #215
  • Updated: Read me with link to Pro and Updated Language List
  • Added: Portuguese Language (Thanks Renato) #212
  • Remove Forced HTTP Protocol on Sent IPN URL #207 from GoTeamScotch

Version 1.7.9 – 30th September 2015

  • Fixed: woocommerce filter and action issues on product edit page

Version 1.7.8 – 18th September 2015

  • Fixed: Vendors can not register #193
  • Fixed: Variation product image upload #194
  • Added: Order actions thanks GoTeamScotch
  • Updated: New item meta in WC 2.4+
  • Updated: WooCommerce Shipment Tracking v1.2.7+
  • Fixed: Paypal Logging thanks to GoTeamScotch
  • Updated: Templates now fully translatable #195
  • Fixed: Translations not loading bug
  • Fixed: vendors not defined error
  • Updated: Base translation files

Version 1.7.7 – 10th August 2015

  • Fixed: Terms and conditions processing #182
  • Added: filter to order note for overrides
  • Added: Order note for marked shipped #187
  • Fixed: order retrieval for wp-admin orders table for vendors
  • Fixed: pagination bug #179
  • Updated: styles for orders table in admin for vendors
  • Fixed: Vendor displaying issue #180
  • Updated: Admin Commission Report Column Names #183
  • Updated: Admin Commissions Page now shows times a product has sold in total #184

Version 1.7.6 – 19th July 2015

  • Added: Stock notifications go to vendors #114
  • Fixed: Instant Pay bug #174
  • Fixed: wcv_vendorslist paging #178
  • Added: Vendor display name now translatable
  • Depreciated: Dashboard vendor reports
  • Added: Chinese Language files thanks to SundayLau
  • Fixed: Added support for WPML #177
  • Update: default pot language file

Version 1.7.5 – 23rd June 2015

  • Merged: Check product post type in vendor dashboard thanks simplementNat
  • Updated: Base language file
  • Updated: Compatibility for Shipment Tracking for v1.3.5 #167
  • Fixed: Shipping taxes
  • Fixed: Pending Products for Vendors #168
  • Added: Vendor shipping override #171
  • Added: Give Tax Per Vendor Override #56
  • Added: Hide duplicate product option
  • Fixed: Email firing for pending status only
  • Updated: Unified vendor-main/mini-header variables
  • Fixed: Email template paths to woocommerce paths
  • Merged: Updated Brazilian Portuguese thanks carlosramosweb
  • Added: Seller Info to header #161
  • Updated: Spanish Translations #160
  • Updated: Brazilian Portuguese Language #156

Version 1.7.4 – 26th May 2015

  • Added: Mark shipped filter #157
  • Fixed: Added Tax total to vendor email #146
  • Updated: Location of email templates in theme to wc-vendors/emails
  • Added: User email to Vendor Display Options #158
  • Fixed: Mass Pay Now Bug #159
  • Fixed: Mark as shipped for downloadable product #40
  • Added: Brazilian Portuguese language #156
  • Updated: Default Language file
  • Fixed: Translation issue for query test #155
  • Updated: Template base for emails
  • Fixed: Vendor email and renamed template #135
  • Fixed: Better CSV Output #63
  • Fixed: Made PayPal optional on Vendor Dashboard Shop Settings #144
  • Update: fixed return query var
  • Fixed: Test for product post types #149
  • Fixed: 2.1 Depreciated return call
  • Fixed: PHP Strict static call in commissions class
  • Merged: Is Vendor checks all user roles #147 thanks crabilld

Version 1.7.3 – 13th may 2015

  • Fixed: Paypal AP IPN url issue

Version 1.7.2 – May 8th 2015

  • Added: Filters for seller tab #141
  • Fixed: URI Too Large Error #143
  • Fixed: Give tax to vendors #142
  • Updated: Spanish Translations #140
  • Added: Persian Translation #139

Version 1.7.1 – April 24th 2015

  • Fixed: Invalid argument on new orders dashboard page #138
  • Updated: Base translation file

Version 1.7.0 – April 23rd 2015

  • Fixed: add_query_arg/remove_query_arg XSS issue
  • Fixed: Hide Notice not working for admin settings
  • Added: Shop Settings page in WordPress dashboard
  • Added: Orders page in WordPress dashboard

Version 1.6.2 – April 17th 2015

  • Added: Option to change sold by vendor name #106
  • Fixed: Error notice in vendor dashboard #133
  • Fixed: Pagination in commissions admin screen #68
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce Order Status Manager
  • Fixed: Updated media filter method for vendors #132
  • Fixed: Commission not logged for variations #131

Version 1.6.1 – April 10th 2015

  • Fixed: Support for Per Product Shipping 2.2.x #126
  • Added: Filter to change commission label in vendor email #127

Version 1.6.0 – April 8th 2015

  • Added: Admin notices for vendor page slug & permalinks
  • Fixed: Plugin row meta links
  • Added: Upgrade notice
  • Fixed: Rounding issue #120
  • Fixed: Paypal https host check depreciated call
  • Added: show_products attribute #107
  • Updated: Text in denied template to make more sense when registration disabled #123
  • Updated: wcv_vendorslist shortcode now shows 3 column output #123
  • Fixed: Index issue #122
  • Updated: New plugin and template directory structure – IMPORTANT READ KB

Version 1.5.0 – March 11th 2015

  • Added: Spanish translation thanks Mauricio
  • Added: French translation thanks JP
  • Added: CSS class for sold by (classes same as filters in those files)
  • Fixed: Paypal return URL
  • Added: Vendor Dashboard UI Improvements
  • Added: WC Vendors Test Gateway
  • Updated: ToolTips to be more helpful
  • Added: Admin option for not giving shipping cost to vendor
  • Fixed: Disable notify admin
  • Fixed: Mark as shipped/unshipped
  • Fixed: Duplicate column name

Version 1.4.5 – February 22nd 2015

  • Updated: select2 3.5.2 for settings api
  • Fixed: Replaced Chosen with Select2 #102
  • Fixed: Table Rate Shipping issue #103
  • Fixed: Featured column issue #100
  • Updated: Filter call for report
  • Fixed: Call to depreciated function #98

Version 1.4.4 – February 17th 2015

  • Fixed: Hardcoded table in wcv_vendorslist shortcode

Version 1.4.3 – February 16th 2015

  • Fixed: Placeholder on Product Reports

Version 1.4.2 – February 13th 2015

  • Added: Commission status sort to commissions page
  • Fixed: Recent Commissions limit of 20 now works on selected date range
  • Fixed: Report By product in WC2.3
  • Fixed: Vendor Report date selector in wp-admin
  • Fixed: Tracking plugin Order Meta
  • Added: New filter wcvendors_dashboard_google_maps_link
  • Fixed: Formatting error for Google maps link
  • Added: New actions in vendor-dashboard wcvendors_vendor_unship, wcvendors_vendor_ship (thanks Nathan H)

Version 1.4.1 – January 30th, 2015

  • Fixed: Language file loading issue
  • Fixed: Static function calls in commission class for php 5.6
  • Fixed: Static call in Vendor Cart
  • Added: New language files for de_AT, de_DE (thanks to theHubi), it_IT (thanks to Nicole)
  • Added: New actions for main and mini headers (before and after see KB)

Version 1.4.0 – January 16th, 2015

  • Added: product category + vendor shortcode [wcv_product_category category=”category” vendor=”vendorname”]
  • Added: Tracking number support via WooThemes Shipment Tracking plugin
  • Added: Google Maps for delivery address on front end
  • Fixed: woocommerce_wp_text_input via merged pull request from svenl77
  • Added: Vendor List shortcode [wcv_vendorlist] + template for styling see KB for full details
  • Fixed: Report not showing Commission by Product
  • Fixed: Paths in language files

Version 1.3.1 – December 23, 2014

  • Fixed: Sold by in invoices

Version 1.3.0 – December 22, 2014

  • Added: show vendor on all emails #29
  • Fixed: Critical issue #58
  • Added: Vendor header templates #65
  • Added: Vendor to QuickEdit #12
  • Fixed: Updating notices to use 2.1 Notice API #62
  • Added: wcvendors_registration_checkbox filter to denied.php template view
  • Added: wcvendors_vendor_registration_checkbox filter to filter “Apply to become a vendor?” at registration.
  • Added: wcvendors_vendor_registration_checkbox to filter “Apply to become a vendor?”

Version 1.2.0 – November 14, 2014

  • Added new filters to change sold by text see Knowledge base for details
  • Added sold by to product loop for archive-product.php, see knowledge base on how to disable or change this
  • Added new option to hide “Featured product” from vendors
  • Added Sold By Filter as per #3
  • Removing unused tag filter
  • Updated default.pot
  • Fixing attribute bug #48 – Thanks to gcskye
  • Removing legacy translations
  • Fixed Orders view errors
  • Fixing call to incorrect method #45

Version 1.1.5 – October 29, 2014

  • Fixed orders view to remove incorrect call to woocommerce print messages

Version 1.1.4 (First release on WordPress.org) – October 14, 2014

  • Resolved shipping bug
  • Commission totals are now properly displayed on the WooCommerce / WC Vendors / Payments tab
  • Number of internal bug fixes

Version 1.1.3 (Initial Public Release) – August 09, 2014

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • New Shortcodes: These new shortcodes are based on the WooCommerce included shortcodes. They have been modified to show output based on the vendor you specify. All other arguments to the shortcodes from WooCommerce will also work on these shortcodes.

      Recent Products Shortcode
      [wcv_recent_products vendor="VENDOR-LOGIN-NAME" per_page=3]
      Products Shortcode
      [wcv_products vendor="VENDOR-LOGIN-NAME"]
      Featured Products Shortcode
      [wcv_featured_products vendor="VENDOR-LOGIN-NAME"]
      Sale Products
      [wcv_sale_products vendor="VENDOR-LOGIN-NAME"]
      Top Rated Products on sale
      [wcv_top_rated_products vendor="VENDOR-LOGIN-NAME"]
      Best Selling Products on sale
      [wcv_best_selling_products vendor="VENDOR-LOGIN-NAME"]