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Selling licensed digital products is not a challenge for your WooCommerce powered online store anymore. Let’s acquaint yourself with the best product license management extension for WooCommerce, proudly brought to you by PluginEver. This out of the box plugin is powerful and lightweight, but it is loaded with adequate features to sell licensed products. Thus, you will be empowered to evade the challenges of selling licensed products. Serial numbers or license keys are very important to safeguard your digital products against piracy. With this superb plugin, you will be able to bypass the challenges associated with selling digital products. The extraordinary features let you effortlessly create and manage a license pool to sell digital products. So, it is time to leave aside the worries and put your undivided focus on your business growth.

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WooCommerce Serial Numbers Plugin Features

  • Create license keys and assign with products directly.
  • You will be able to set how many times you want to use that license key.
  • It will also enable you to select the maximum instances for a license key.
  • Setting license validity is another powerful option for you.
  • You have two different options to set the validity.
  • Days and date are those two different options for your complete control.
  • Notification option will keep you informed when your generated licenses are about to finish.
  • You can also choose to get an email notification.

Pro Features of WooCommerce Serial Numbers

  • You will be able to automatically generate license keys to populate your license pool.
  • Generate and deliver the license keys in image format.
  • The advanced notification option will let you set the minimum license number to trigger a notification.
  • The settings section offers ample customization options for automatic serial number generation.

How will WooCommerce Serial Numbers benefit you:

You will be able to sell digital products along with the physical products.
Selling license activated software and games will be a piece of cake.
It will enable you to sell gift cards and/or other secret number-based products.
You will even be able to sell lottery tickets.
This will help increase your revenue by adding new product types.

Installation and Usage:

The installation is fairly simple and straightforward. If you have ever installed any WordPress plugin, then there is nothing new for you. First, you need to have WooCommerce installed and activated on your site. If you do not have WooCommerce installed and activated on your system, then the plugin will generate an error message as it requires WooCommerce to function properly.

How does it work / functionality explained:

The license key work for both virtual and downloadable products.
First of all, you need to activate the plugin if have not done so yet. After activation, it will create a sub-menu called “WC Serial Numbers” in WooCommerce and also create a new menu item in the admin bar top menu. Thus, it offers out of the box convenience of use and ensures the best user experience.
How to create a license key: You have to use the “add serial key manually” option to create new serial numbers and assign them with products. The license keys that you create are product specific. So, you need to create and associate license keys with all the licensable products individually. Your license pool may have pre-generated keys for a specific product, but they will not be applicable for other products. So, you have to create new license keys for each new product. When creating the keys, first you have to select the product, secondly select if the product has any variation, then add serial number, how many times do you want to use it and let your customer use it, and finally, the validity of your license keys.
Add license keys directly from the Products menu of WooCommerce: You can either add license keys while adding a new product or during editing a product. You will find a new option called “Serial Numbers” in the single product tab menu. Click on it and it will bring forward a checkbox called “Enable Serial Number for this Product”. You have to check this option to expand the available options of this magnificent plugin. Here you will get similar options that we have described above to create and assign new serial keys for a product.
Delivery Settings: Under this section, you will select options for sending and revoking serial number. Here you will find different options and select the appropriate option for you.


This robust plugin is only dependent on WooCommerce. You should at least have PHP version – 5.6 for the smooth operation of this state-of-the-art plugin. We tested this plugin thoroughly to make sure it operates seamlessly under every situation. We did not detect any problem or conflict during our test. Still, we are open to issues as we understand that WordPress and WooCommerce is a vast ecosystem and anything can happen.


  • Serial number table
  • WC Serial Numbers product page
  • WC serial number delivery settings
  • Automatic serial number generator
  • Serial number on thank you page


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


How will this plugin empower my online store?

Primarily this plugin will enable you to sell and manage license keys. So along with your physical products you will be able to sell digital products like license keys, pin codes, gift cards and other licensable products. It will definitely start a new era for your online venture.

Which products are the main target of this plugin?

This WooCommerce plugin has the ability to extend and become a fully-fledged license management tool. The current focus highly prioritizes on enabling WooCommerce store owners to sell pin codes, gift cards and other secret codes.

What is the minimum PHP version that I have to maintain to use this plugin?

To enjoy the sweet features of this powerful plugin you have to at least have PHP version 5.6 or higher installed. If you have a lower version of PHP then you may face problems.

Can I ask/suggest for a new feature?

Yes, of course. We do not create products for ourselves. You are always welcome to suggest new features and improvements.

How do I get the advanced features?

The advanced features include bulk import of license keys and automatic license generation. They offer the much-needed productivity enhancement for every store owner. You can purchase the premium version from Plugiever and enjoy those advanced features.

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