J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce


J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell is a WooCommerce plugin that boosts your sales trough a modern, customizable modal shopping cart.

See it in action on a demo website!

J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell Demo


Display upsells wherever you want with the Upsells Shortcode


Added integrations tab where you can enable integrations with popular plugins

  • WPRocket
  • WooCommerce Price Based on Country
  • FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce
  • CURCY – Multi Currency for WooCommerce


WPML compatible


Multiple goals on the dynamic bar

Now you can set multiple goals with the dynamic bar option

Fully customizable

Change colors, text and plugin behaviour with the plugin customization backend.


Show to your customers targeted upsell, directly in their modal cart or in the checkout recap table, with customized text.

Choose and customize the conditions that trigger the upsell ( premium only ):

  • products categories and/or attributes

  • a defined list of products

and add filters like ( free and premium ):

  • only if user is logged in

  • only if cart has subotal greater than


Give to your customers dedicated gifts when their cart meet defined conditions.

Choose and customize the conditions that trigger the gift ( premium only ):

  • products categories and/or attributes

  • a defined list of products

and add filters like ( free and premium ):

  • only if user is logged in

  • only if cart has subotal greater than

Add a label to the archive page’s products that can trigger a gift

Add a customized text on the single product page that can trigger a gift

Dynamic Bar

Set a goal and display on top of the modal cart a dynamic bar synchronized to the cart total

Example 1: set the dynamic bar goal at the same amount of your free shipping limit and let the customers know how much they need before getting that

Example 2: give a gift at 150 and set the dynamic bar goal to the same amount, to encourage customers to purchase more

Premium Version

Premium version offers more versatility about your gifts and upsells.

Checkout upsells

You can show your upsells directly in the checkout page

Gifts by coupon code

Trigger a gift only if a certain coupon code is applied to the customer’s cart

Advanced conditions

Create mixed and advanced conditions to trigger your upsells and/or your gifts

Backoffice order recap helpers

Add a column on your orders backoffice tabs that shows if the order has been pumped

Template overrides

You can override template files coping the template folder inside the plugin into your child theme and renaming it from templates to wc-j-upsellator.

Hooks ( actions and filters )

add_filter('wjufw_shipping_bar_limit', function( $limit ){

    // manipulate the dynamic bar limit and return it 
    // return type: float or integer   

    return $limit; 

}, 999, 1 );

add_filter('wjufw_product_cart_limit', function( $limit, $product ){

    // manipulate the cart limit for a specific gifted/upselled product 
    // return type: float or integer   

    return $limit;  

}, 999, 2 );

add_action('wjufw_before_single_product_gift_text', function( $product_id ){

    // do something **before** gift text ( if set ), on the single product page  

}, 999, 1 );

add_action('wjufw_after_single_product_gift_text', function( $product_id ){

    // do something **after** gift text ( if set ), on the single product page  

}, 999, 1 );

apply_filters('wjufw_cart_item_name', function( $product->get_name(), $product, $product['key'] ){

    // this filter is like the woocommerce one (  woocommerce_cart_item_name ):
    // you can alter how the cart item name is displayed on the modal cart

}, 999, 1 );

apply_filters('wjufw_dynamic_bar_display', function(){

    // accepts true or false as return
    // true - dynamic bar displayed as usual
    // false - dynamic bar removed

} );

Cover image credits

Designed by pikisuperstar / Freepik

Contribute and credits

J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce is developed and mantained by GH S.R.L.


  • For the free version of the plugin, use the official forum or mail directly the author trough the Mail the author button.

  • All premium products include premium support.


  • J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce with carousel and logo
  • Checkout Upsell
  • J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce without logo
  • J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce admin options


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 7.1 or higher

  • MySQL 5.6 or higher

J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce can be installed directly through your WordPress Plugin Board.

  • Click “Add New” and search for “J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce”.

  • Install and activate.

Alternatively you can download the plugin using the download button on this page and then upload the “wc-j-upsellator” folder to the / wp-content / plugins / directory then activate through the WordPress plugins page.


Do i need to enable something?

In order to let *J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce** work properly, be sure to enable the “Activate the Ajax add to cart buttons” in the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products tab

Can i use the plugin without purchasing the premium version?

Yes, you can use J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce without purchasing the premium version.

Can i have multiple upsells triggered by single product?

You can choose between standard mode, stacked and carousel.

With the standard mode, only one upsell at time is offered to the customer.
If the customer accepts that upsell, he will see the next one in the priority list.

However, you can play with the priority order of J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce: an upsell by product list is stronger than one by category/attribute list that is stronger than one triggered by cart limit.

With stacked you can display how many upsells at the same time as you wish, stacked on eachother.

With carousel, all upsells are displayed at the same time trough a carousel.

Is multilanguage compatible?

Since version 3.0.0, J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce is compatible with polylang. Be sure to have also the Polylang WooCommerce add-on installed.

Does it works with Elementor or Divi?

Yes, J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce works fine with Elementor and Divi. If you are using the Elementor cart widget and you want to keep that widget because it looks cool, you need to add the wc-j-upsellator-show-cart class to it. This class will make that element able to trigger the modal cart.

Since 2 modal carts can’t be both active at the same time, the modal cart of Elementor cart item will be disabled.

What if my theme already has a modal cart?

J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce by default keeps your theme cart-fragments untouched so it will all works properly.

Is it PHP 8.x compatible?

Yes, it works perfectly with the new version of PHP.

The subtotal is displayed without VAT. How can i fix?

In the main options page, try to activate the “Cart total” option.

What if I want more features?

Contact me, maybe these features can be implemented directly into J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce.


February 4, 2023
This is such a stylish and excellent plugin - really impressed by how well it works and cool it appears
December 19, 2022
This plugin looks great out of the box, and is perfect for upsell and cross sell options, along with the modal cart that users expect on a high quality site. Giacomo went above and beyond to answer my support email and even added a feature to help tailor the plugin to my needs. A great experience!
August 21, 2022
Absolutely worth upgrading to premium for the added features but even if you do end up using the free version - the support from Giacomo is phenomenal. He goes out of his way to help and genuinely cares about his concept. An easy buy for me 🙂
Read all 13 reviews

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17 of February 2024 – J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce version 3.8.2

= Version – 3.8.2
* Add – “empty” class to fixed button when no items in cart
* Fix – Bug with currency switcher plugins

= Version – 3.8.1
* Fix – Open on add to cart option bug resolved

= Version – 3.8.0
* Add – WPML Compatibility

Version – 3.7.1

  • Add – Support for WooCommerce HPOS
  • Change – Order table info when order has upsell

Version – 3.7.0

  • Add – Logical operator choice when selectin “product list” as upsell or gift condition

Version – 3.6.0

  • Fix – Bug with WPML

Version – 3.5.4

  • Add – Set number of products that needs to satisfy conditions in order to trigger a gift

Version – 3.5.3

  • Fix – Upsells not displayed on Checkout and Cart

Version – 3.5.2

  • Add – Beta option to autoplay the upsells carousels
  • Add – Performance improve with WP >= 6.4 ( wp_prime_option_caches )

Version – 3.5.1

  • Add – Ability to change the product of an upsell or gift
  • Fix – Minor bugs

Version – 3.4.5

  • Add – Display product meta-data on modal cart

Version – 3.4.3

  • Add – Compatibility with WordPress 6.3 and WooCommerce 8.0.2

Version – 3.4.1

  • Add – Option to exclude gift if the same product is already in cart as upsell

Version – 3.4.0

  • Fix – Issue when recaculating gifts

Version – 3.3.99

  • Add – Compatibility with WooCommerce 7.8.0

Version – 3.3.96

  • Add – Blurred gifts always visible on cart

Version – 3.3.92

  • Add – Dynamic Bar Shortcode

Version – 3.3.9

  • Add – Upsells sorting

Version – 3.3.8

  • Fix – Reversed conditions during upsell creation

Version – 3.3.7

  • Fix – Mobile Carousel issue

Version – 3.3.4

  • Beta – Added upsells shortcode
  • Beta – Added integrations page

Version – 3.2.5

  • Fix – Fixed displayed price when with vat/without vat set on WooCommerce
  • Add – Option to change cart products image ratio

Version – 3.2.1

  • Fix – Upsell issue when changing type (variable, simple, etc..) of the underlying product

Version – 3.2.0

  • Add – Add negation option for in cart products and categories/attributes conditions

Version – 3.1.8

  • Fix – Css fix if the upsell description is higher than container’s height

Version – 3.1.2

  • Add – Option to keep the upsell in cart (if added) even if conditions are not met anymore

Version – 3.0.69

  • Fix – VAT not calculated on modal cart shipping row

Version – 3.0.6

  • Add – Option too choose if clicking an upsell should add it to cart or redirect the customer to the product page

Version – 3.0.3

  • Fix – Fix dynamic bar to match woocommerce decimals

Version – 3.0.0

  • Add – Polylang compatibility
  • Fix – Code improvement

Version – 2.9.7

  • Add – Added option to display coupon code input in the modal cart
  • Fix – Minor bug fixes

Version – 2.9.5

  • Add – Empty modal and modal footer buttons are now templates, so you can override them
  • Add – New display mode, in the style tabs, small, to make the modal cart smaller

Version – 2.9.3

  • Fix – Full cart page upsells not working when background mode is active

Version – 2.9.2

  • Fix – Full cart page upsells not working when only background enabled

Version – 2.9.0

  • Add – Official WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin compatibility
  • Fix – Gifts now are displayed at the end

Version – 2.8.8

  • New – (Premium version) Advanced upsell stats
  • Add – Hover color option for modal buttons
  • Add – Advanced upsells stats (premium only)
  • Add – WPC Product Bundles compatibility

Version – 2.8.4

  • Change – Stats page made in ajax, with more data

Version – 2.8.2

  • Add – Exclude gift if same product already in cart as normal product

Version – 2.8.1

  • Add – Max quantity option if allowed quantity change for an upsell
  • Fix – Carousel not working in full cart page

Version – 2.8.0

  • Add – Before submit button hook for cart page upsells
  • Fix – Carousel not working in full cart page

Version – 2.7.8

  • Fix – Code improvement
  • Fix – Fixed bug that allowed to display upsells even if not enough stock
  • Beta – Add beta option to display WC notices on modal cart, without page redirect

Version – 2.7.5

  • Fix – Add filter to fix urlencoded attributes in some languages

Version – 2.7.4

  • Fix – Full cart page upsells not working

Version – 2.7.3

  • Fix – Fix modal cart auto-open when saving with Elementor builder
  • Add – Added wjufw_upsell_is_valid filter

Version – 2.6.7

  • Add – Option to exclude upsell if same product already in cart as gift
  • Bug – Cart total ( for upsells and gifts ) calculated based on applied discount

Version – 2.6.0

  • Add – Search filter in the excluded pages section
  • Add – New option for upsells: sold individually

Version – 2.5.7

  • Change – Recoded the excluded pages section

Version – 2.5.2

  • Change – Dynamic bar re-code
  • Add – Dynamic bar multiple goals
  • Add – More dynamic bar icons
  • Add – Option to disable quantity selector on modal

Version – 2.1.7

  • Fix – WooCommerce 6.4 compatibility
  • Fix – Dynamic Bar bug

Version – 2.1.6

  • Fix – Fixed discount bug when “prevent upsell discount” activated

Version – 2.1.5

  • Add – Full cart page upsells

Version – 2.1.3

  • Add – Support for WooCommerce 6.3.1
  • Add – Support for WordPress 5.9.2

Version – 2.1.2

  • Add – Checkout upsell position switcher ( PRO )
  • Add – Option to exclude upsell from coupons discount
  • Add – Option too choose max number of upsells displayed when “stacked” selected

Version – 2.0.1

  • Fix – Compatibility with “Advanced product fields for WooCommerce”
  • Add – Upsell quantity

Version – 1.67.0

  • Add – “woo-j-gift” and “woo-j-upsell” classes to cart page items when they are .. gifts and upsells!
  • Add – Filter to display or not the dynamic bar – ‘wjufw_dynamic_bar_display’

Version – 1.66.0

  • Fix – Fix dynamic bar calculation when woocommerce decimal and thousands separator edited

Version – 1.65.5

  • Add – Prices displayed in accord to WooCommerce settings – decimal separator, thousands separator, ..

Version – 1.65.0

  • Add – WordPress 5.9 compatibility
  • Add – WooCommerce 6.1 compatibility

Version – 1.62.5

  • Add – Modal cart header css change

Version – 1.62.0

  • Fix – Bug in “add to cart single page” script
  • Add – Compatibility with official “Woocommerce Composite Products” plugin

Version – 1.61.1

  • Fix – Bug in “add to cart single page” script
  • Add – Option to choose between “single upsell” – “carousel” – “stacked upsells”

Version – 1.60.1

  • Add – WooCommerce 6.0.0 compatibility

Version – 1.60.0

  • Add – option to use J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell only as background logic
  • Add – option to change quantity of gifted product

Version – 1.60.0

* Fix – fixed a bug when coupon option set and then removed

Version – 1.58.9

  • Add – small css changes
  • Add – new dynamic bar style

Version – 1.58.0

  • Premium only – added option to trigger gifts only if a certain coupon is applied

Version – 1.55.0

  • Add Request – added option to trigger gifts/upsells only if user is logged

Version – 1.52.0

  • Add Request – added option to exclude virtual product to the cart count limit that triggers gifts
  • thanks to Carl for the suggestion

Version – 1.51.0

  • Fix – fixed a bug when calculating products taxes
  • Add – filter to change cart item name — apply_filters( ‘wjufw_cart_item_name’, $product->get_name(), $product, $product[‘key’] )

Version – 1.50.4

This is a major change
* Enhancement – Code refactoring
* Add – filter to change dynamic bar limit — apply_filters( ‘wjufw_shipping_bar_limit’, $limit, $limit )
* Add – Compatibility to currency exchange plugin ( WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher )
* Add – Synchronized prices with WooCommerce VAT settings: product prices with/without taxes, product displayed with/without taxes on cart

Version – 1.30.3

  • Add – Option to choose currency position: before or after price
  • Add – Option to change modal cart header text
  • Add – Option to show or not upsell label if condition set to “no discount”
  • Fix – Fixed css input number bug for Firefox

Version – 1.25.3

  • Enhancement – Upsells/Gifts edit now via AJAX

Version – 1.21.5

  • Add – Added option to show multiple upsells at time, via carousel
  • Add – Added option to display a random upsell when multiple are triggered

Version – 1.15

  • Add – Added CSS hook to dynamic bar price

Version – 1.14

  • Fix – Issue with VAT on subtotal. Added option to change between WC()->cart->subtotal and WC()->cart->get_subtotal() in the main option page

Version – 1.13

  • Add – Shortcodes tab with a new shortcode for a dynamic items counter
  • Fix – Issue when adding to cart products with price as zero ( free )
  • Change – Changed “shipping bar” to “dynamic bar”

Version – 1.11

  • Add – Added modal cart custom logo upload

Version – 1.10

  • Fix – Decimal issue in the modal footer

Version – 1.09

  • Add – Added actions to better customize single product page when triggering gift
  • do_action(‘wjufw_before_single_product_gift_text’, $gift_product_id );
  • do_action(‘wjufw_after_single_product_gift_text’, $gift_product_id );

  • Fix – Ignoring trashed orders from stats page

  • Fix – Adjusted stats charts when viewport smaller than 1300px
  • Fix – Rounded decimals on stats page

Version – 1.08

  • Add – Added subtotal condition as a default condition for every upsell/gift

Version – 1.07

  • Add – Redirect to cart page cliclikg on .wc-j-upsellator-show-cart class if plugin not loaded on that page

Version – 1.05

  • Add – Pause / Start on upsells and gifts
  • Add – Modal cart logo theme

Version – 1.04

  • Fix – Fixed upsell displayed price

Version – 1.03

  • Add – Added go to cart button option

Version – 1.02

  • CSS Fix for stats page

Version – 0.99.45

  • Stable version

Version – 0.99.45

  • Enhancement – Merged attributes and categories conditions for complex filters

Version – 0.99.2

  • Add – Added upsell priority
  • Fix – Fixed a bug when deleting a product from woocommerce used as gift
  • Fix – CSS letter-spacing fix