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Invoice Manager for WooCommerce is the most powerful invoicing and billing system. It enables shop owners to efficiently manage invoice creation, updates, and customization directly from the admin dashboard.

This plugin allows for the effortless maintenance of accurate and up-to-date billing records, ensuring a professional and reliable invoicing process for both merchants and customers.

Invoice Gutenberg Editor

The Invoice Manager editor is powered by the Gutenberg editor’s capabilities, offering an intuitive interface for real-time, drag-and-drop invoice editing within WooCommerce. This integration simplifies invoice personalization and ensures professional-quality billing documents for e-commerce platforms.

Intuitive Order Selection and Real-Time Preview

In the Invoice Editor, we’ve included an order selection feature that lets you to choose a real order as a placeholder for an accurate preview of the final invoice, ensuring precision and consistency in your presentations.

Customization at Your Fingertips

You can also customize your invoice layout with a dedicated panel that allows you to select the paper size, orientation, and currency to meet your specific needs.

Invoice Gutenberg Blocks

This plugin provides a set of custom Gutenberg blocks, streamlining invoice customization with simple adjustments to colors, fonts, and spacing. Achieve brand consistency effortlessly with full design control, transforming invoice creation into a refined, style-conscious process.

Invoice Data Block: Centralizes crucial invoice details for clear transaction presentation.

Company Data Block: Outlines your company’s info to promote transparency and brand identity.

Billing Data Block: Captures customer billing details for accuracy and communication.

Shipping Data Block: Records shipping details essential for fulfillment and tracking.

Order Customer Note Block: Allocates space for customer notes, adding personal touches to invoices.

Order Items Block: Details order items and prices for a complete purchase overview.


Create on Order Status (Processing/Completed): Automatically generate invoices upon order status updates, streamlining billing.

Disable for Free Orders: Opt out of invoice generation for zero-cost orders, focusing on revenue transactions.

Delete Invoice Option: Manage invoice deletion preferences, ensuring data integrity or facilitating removal when needed.

Start Sequence from Number: Begin invoice numbering at a specified number for seamless continuity.

Reset Sequence Annually: Automatically restart invoice numbering each year for organized financial records.

Sequence Prefix & Suffix: Customize invoice numbers with unique identifiers for enhanced tracking and compliance.

Invoice Emails [Cooming Soon]

Include Invoice in New Order Email: Automatically append the invoice to the new order confirmation email sent to customers, providing them with detailed transaction documentation from the outset.

Send Invoice Email on Creation: Trigger a dedicated invoice email to the customer immediately upon the creation of the invoice, ensuring prompt delivery of billing information.

Attach Invoice PDF: Include a PDF version of the invoice as an attachment in emails, offering customers a convenient and printable format for their records.

Attach Invoice Download Link: Provide a download link for the invoice within the email, allowing customers easy access to their invoice from any device without needing an attachment.


Can I customize the invoice template?

Yes, the plugin comes with a fully customizable template system, allowing you to modify the layout, add custom styles, or even create your own templates from scratch.

Does this plugin support bulk invoice generation?

Absolutely, Invoice Manager for WooCommerce supports bulk actions, enabling you to create, update, or delete multiple invoices at once, streamlining your workflow.


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