This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WordPress WANT Button


The first Facebook integrated WANT Button for WordPress.

The influential ‘Want’ action is ideal for online stores built on WordPress or bloggers who post about products, fashion, food, architecture, art, home, travel, etc.

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Why add the WANT Button?

Increase Sharing

Facebook’s Open Graph 2.0 allows for more expressive verbs beyond Like. Want is the preeminent action for commerce and naturally attracts higher click rates than Like. Publishers have seen their Facebook sharing increase by 200% since adding Want.

Gain Impressions

Every Wanted item is posted to Timeline, Newsfeed, and Ticker where it on average receives 97 impressions. Wants are also showcased in a dedicated Timeline box where they will gain constant exposure.

More Click-throughs

All of these impressions increase referral traffic back to your website. Want sharing has boosted the average publishers Facebook traffic by 50%.

Over Two Thousand

You can see the WANT Button in action on over two thousand sites. Here are some notable examples:

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  • WANT Button post_meta_box on add new post pages.
  • WANT Button on Sharper Image's online store.
  • Display of the Want Box on Timeline.
  • How Wanted objects appear to friends on Newsfeed.


  1. Upload in the admin panel
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Check the text box in your Edit Posts or Create New Post and fill in the fields and try it out!


Is the WANT Button free?

Yep! The WANT Button will always be free of charge.

Who else uses the WANT Button?

Over 2,000 sites have added the WANT Button. Some notable names include: Edible Arrangements, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Jimmy Jazz, Tommy Bahama, Sharper Image, Dermstore, Ritz Camera, Acer Computer.

How can I receive analytics for my WANT Button activity?

We are in the process of building a real-time analytics area on for site owners. Until then, you can send us an email ( and we will provide weekly analytics summaries with the following data: Number of Wants, Total impressions on Facebook, Referral Clicks, Most Wanted objects.

Where are Wants displayed on Facebook?

Every Wanted object is posted to Timeline, Newsfeed, and Ticker where it on average receives 97 impressions. On Timeline, objects live in a dedicated ‘Wants’ box where they are constantly displayed to friends and manageable by the user.

Contributors & Developers

“WordPress WANT Button” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Minor fix for an appended slash that waywardly made it to the settings page. Goodbye appended slash, you will not be missed.
Legal department says we need more capitals. DON’T WORRY LAWYERS, MORE CAPITALS ARE ON THEIR WAY.


Clarified the required fields on posting with the actual WANT button. There are no requirements on the actual posting of it – here’s clarification in case you don’t remember or didn’t read the 1.1.0 notes:
– If you leave the Merchant Name field blank, it will default to the Blog Name.
– If you leave the Product Detail URL blank, it will default to the URL of the blogpost.
– If you leave the Product Name blank, it will default to the title of the blogpost.
– If you leave the Price blank, it will default to N/A (or 0, depending on how you want to look at it)
– If you leave the Image URL blank, it will default to our image picker.


Big update here, sorry, but this should break some previous functionality, there’s some things about php and WordPress I’m still getting the hang of.
– Take out the jQuery stop if there’s something wrong in the fields, we have an autofill if the parameters are empty.
– Image picker, this is newly built into our button, and by leaving the image url field blank and having an image in your post, it will allow you or the user to select the image.
– Settings page, for turning buttons on, on all your pages (where you have to turn off specific pages), or for turning buttons off on all pages (where you have to turn on specific pages)
– Alignment of button in settings, default to after your post and lower left corner, but can now be set to upper left, upper right, upper center, or lower left, lower right or lower center. There’s a visual representation on the actual settings page.
– Button styles! We offer ecommerce merchants 4 different buttons, so we have brought those buttons to WordPress now. There’s 3 different horizonal buttons, and 1 vertical button. The vertical button takes up a reasonable amount of vertical real estate, but if that’s what you want, the option is available to you.


I had to update our license, I don’t think it’s under GPL, the intent isn’t so that you can do whatever you want with the plugin. If you want modifications, please let me know, but the idea is that it’ll give you, the publisher, a bridge to Facebook timelines. We post the products on, where your products and images can be further circulated.


Now shouldn’t break the media uploader. My bad, guys.


Greatly improved screenshots. Nothing to see here, move along.


Greatly improved readme.txt


Creation of plugin