This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Vote 2 Republish


Part of the RePublish set of tools for WordPress MU.

Vote2Publish is a wpMU plugin wich allows you to define a “main blog”, and then displays a vote box in every post of every other blog in the community.

When a post gets a certain number of votes it is automatically republished in the “main blog”, preserving the original author and adding a note on the top of it with a link to where it was originally posted.

*Each blog owner can customize the vote box to match to his/her theme.. or even choose not to display it.

*Ajax powered.
*Localization ready
*Comes with pt_BR translation

Note: Requires wp-xajax plugin.


Go to Site Admin > Vote 2 Republish

. check the box to activate the plugin

. Define the “main blog”, wich is the blog the posts should be republished to

. Set the number of votes a post must get to be republished

. Choose the category the posts will be republish into the “main blog”

. Choose wether you want to allow anonymous visitors to vote (controlled via cookie)

. Choose wether you want to allow only one vote per IP address when anonymous are voting

Now, whenever a user is logged in and visiting the blogs from the community, he/she will see a box for every post where they can vote. The vote count is updated right away.

The blog owners may go to Design > Vote Box layout and change wether they want to have this on their blogs or not. They also can change the colour and the aligmenr of the box.


1.3 (23/07/09)
. Option to allow anonymous users to vote
. Option to choose in wich category the posts should be published

1.0 (06/06/2008)
. Released

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