This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Video Player Ultimate


An easy way to place a video player on your WordPress site.

Quick Start Guide

  • [video player quick start guide at] (

What you get when you use the Video Player

  • Place a video player with a simple shortcode [video_player id=”%postId%”]
  • Place a video player with the shortcode [video_player url=”http://your_video_url.mp4″ poster=”http://link_to_your_poster_image.jpg”]
  • Put video player on any post or page.
  • Video player start button
  • Video player volume control
  • Click on video player to start and stop
  • Video player progress bar
  • Create an unlimited amount of video players

Add video player to any post or page

Whether you are writing a post about your company or another company, you can include a video player.

Unlimited Video Players

Add as many video players to your site as you like. The Video Player lets you create video players and save them for when ever you are ready to use them. Or you can place a video player in any post by using the shortcode [video_player url=”http://your_video_url.mp4″ poster=”http://link_to_your_poster_image.jpg”].

Shortcode settings

  • [video_player id=”%postId%”] replace %postId% with the id of a video player you created and saved.
  • [video_player url=”http://your_video_url.mp4″]
  • [video_player url=”http://your_video_url.mp4″ poster=”http://link_to_your_poster_image.jpg”]
  • [video_player url=”http://your_video_url.mp4″ poster=”http://link_to_your_poster_image.jpg” type=”mp4″] use any format accepted by the html5 video tag.

Under the hood

The video player is powered by html5 and Video.js.

Responsive video player

The Video Player Ultimate displays a responsive player everytime. Just place the Video Player Ultimate shortcode [video_player id=”%postId%”] on your page and the plugin code will do the rest.

Multiple video players on a page

You can place multiple video players on the same page. The video player can be for different videos or the same videos. Either way, the video players for each video will not conflict with each other. This will allow you to make a gallery by simply placing your videos inside a table layout.

Video player video format

You can play any kind of video in the video player that is accepted by the html5 video tag.

Video player default format

The video player will default to mp4 if you do not specify a format for your video. You can specify a format for you video by setting the type attribute in the video player shortcode.

Quick Start Guide

  • [video player quick start guide at] (


  1. Upload video-playe-ultimate to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the video player through the ‘Plugin’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click Video Player Ultimate on the admin menu to enable and set your options.


Do I have to know how to program or design?

No. The video player does the programming and design.

Is there a limit to the number of video players I can create?

No, unlimited video players can be created.

Can the video player be put on my homepage?

Yes, you can put video player on your homepage by using the Video Player shortcode on you homepage.

Can I put video player on any post or page?

Yes, use the video player shortcode, [video_player id=”%postId%”] on your pages and posts.

Can I put multiple video players on the same page?

Yes, you can put multiple video players on the same page.

Can I make a video gallery?

Yes, you can make a video gallery. Just make a table (use a table plugin) and place the video player shortcode in each cell for the videos you want to display.

Does the video player start automatically?

No, the video player doesn’t start automatically.

Can I specify the format I want for my video in the video player?

Yes, you can tell the video player what format your video is by setting the type attribute.

Contributors & Developers

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