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Comments - wordpress plugin by Vicomi

Vicomi comments is a free comment platform with a new cool, stylish graphic interface that replaces your default WordPress comment system.

The better your readers can express themselves, the more engaged they'll be with your site. Vicomi Comments allows readers to tag their comment with an emotion.

Vicomi comments is a FREE emotional comments platform.

Comment with a new cool, stylish graphic interface. The platform presents web-based comments in a visual, interactive and personalized manner for the first time; helping your website to increase session time, engagement, retention, stickiness and page views. Display the percent of commenters who responded with each emotional reaction, and allow users to sort comments based on emotional response.

A refreshing change to the old disqus or livefyre comments platform!

** Comments Demo: ** vicomi.com/products/comments/demo

Want to futher increase the emotional engagement on your site?

Try another one of our great emotion plugins,

Vicomi Feelbacks

At the end of an article, readers can evaluate the content according to five emotions.

Get immediate feedback from your users regarding how they feel about your content. Learn what emotions users are feeling and which content is evoking the most emotion. Feelbacks, emotional rating system, prompts users to share their reaction to an article by clicking on one of the five emotions. In turn they are provided with content recommendations based on their current mood.

** Feelbacks Widget: ** https://wordpress.org/plugins/voting-platform-feelbacks/

Vicomi for WordPress

  1. Free stylish emotional comments.
  2. Choose your comments design! When you register - choose your comments platform design that best fits your site.
  3. Increases user engagement to your website.
  4. Increase page views amount by 3%-10% (more traffic!) thanks to the recommendation widget that recommends other content (comments) within your website.
  5. Easy to install, 5 minute installation! Add this comments platform for free.
  6. Comes with moderation tools, moderation insights, spam tools.
  7. Comments are indexable by search engines (iFrame SEO-friendly).
  8. Attach your feelings to a comment. Create better comments experience
  9. Uses the Vicomi API. Giving you free admin and the best moderation 10 analytics web tools.
  10. Add comments in few minutes.
  11. Customize and optimize comments

Vicomi Features

  1. An integrated wordpress comments platform - with fast installation!
  2. Recommendation comments widget for increasing page-views and engagement.
  3. Emotional stylish comments.
  4. Facebook connect, share tools.
  5. Social Network integrated inside - users are able to follow other users or be followed by others.
  6. Your own profile, where you can see all your comments in one place.7. Threaded comments and replies.
  7. Free moderation, analytics and admin tools.
  8. Spam filtering, URL filtering. Spam blacklist moderation tools.
  9. Statistics and comments analytics tools.
  10. Customize and optimize comments in WordPress.
  11. SSL dashboard login.
  12. Feelbacks. Feelbacks are the number of votes for each comment. Move your mouse over a comment and share your opinion(comment feel-back).

Requires: 2.8 or higher or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.15
Last Updated: 8 months ago
Active Installs: 500+


3.8 out of 5 stars


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