This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Comments – wordpress plugin by Vicomi


The better your readers can express themselves, the more engaged they’ll be with your site. Vicomi Comments allows readers to tag their comment with an emotion.

Vicomi comments is a FREE emotional comments platform.

Comment with a new cool, stylish graphic interface. The platform presents web-based comments in a visual, interactive and personalized manner for the first time; helping your website to increase session time, engagement, retention, stickiness and page views. Display the percent of commenters who responded with each emotional reaction, and allow users to sort comments based on emotional response.

A refreshing change to the old disqus or livefyre comments platform!

** Comments Demo: **

Want to futher increase the emotional engagement on your site?

Try another one of our great emotion plugins,

Vicomi Feelbacks

At the end of an article, readers can evaluate the content according to five emotions.

Get immediate feedback from your users regarding how they feel about your content. Learn what emotions users are feeling and which content is evoking the most emotion. Feelbacks, emotional rating system, prompts users to share their reaction to an article by clicking on one of the five emotions. In turn they are provided with content recommendations based on their current mood.

** Feelbacks Widget: **

Vicomi for WordPress

  1. Free stylish emotional comments.
  2. Choose your comments design! When you register – choose your comments platform design that best fits your site.
  3. Increases user engagement to your website.
  4. Increase page views amount by 3%-10% (more traffic!) thanks to the recommendation widget that recommends other content (comments) within your website.
  5. Easy to install, 5 minute installation! Add this comments platform for free.
  6. Comes with moderation tools, moderation insights, spam tools.
  7. Comments are indexable by search engines (iFrame SEO-friendly).
  8. Attach your feelings to a comment. Create better comments experience
  9. Uses the Vicomi API. Giving you free admin and the best moderation 10 analytics web tools.
  10. Add comments in few minutes.
  11. Customize and optimize comments

Vicomi Features

  1. An integrated wordpress comments platform – with fast installation!
  2. Recommendation comments widget for increasing page-views and engagement.
  3. Emotional stylish comments.
  4. Facebook connect, share tools.
  5. Social Network integrated inside – users are able to follow other users or be followed by others.
  6. Your own profile, where you can see all your comments in one place.7. Threaded comments and replies.
  7. Free moderation, analytics and admin tools.
  8. Spam filtering, URL filtering. Spam blacklist moderation tools.
  9. Statistics and comments analytics tools.
  10. Customize and optimize comments in WordPress.
  11. SSL dashboard login.
  12. Feelbacks. Feelbacks are the number of votes for each comment. Move your mouse over a comment and share your opinion(comment feel-back).

A brief Markdown Example

Here’s a link to Vicomi and one to Vicomi Tech Blog.
Visit Vicomi webstie and tech blog for updates. Follow us in twitter for the wordpress plugin updates as well.



  • This screen shot shows Vicomi comments system and recommendations system. Comments are in colors according to your emotions. Please see our comments platform in action in our comments demo file.



  1. Download Vicomi Comments plugin file to add comments to your website.
  2. In your WP Admin panel click on Plugins (Admin menu on the left).
  3. Add New comments plugin from the Plugins menu.
  4. Upload the file (choose the plugin file) to the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory inside of WordPress and then click Install Now.
  5. After the comments plugin installation has completed, click Activate comments Plugin.
  6. Add your Vicomi comments account details, or create a new account (from website) if needed.

Via wordpress comments plugin page – Login to wordpress comments plugin page, search for vicomi comments plugin, install it, activate it, enter your Vicomi comments account details and your done.

More documentation

Go to


Do I have to register?

Yes, you need to creat a Vicomi account at website.

Where do I register?

Please go to

Can I sign up for free?

Yes, you can sign up for free and get your free account and free comments platform.

How many comments per article/page can my users write?

You have unlimited comments per page.

Do you support facebook login?

Yes we do. Your users can register or write comments with their facebook account. Comments are not sent automatically to the facebook wall.

How do I get to the comments moderation page after I register?

You will get an email with all the information. Or, go to the moderation comments page at:

How long till I see the recommendation widget working?

The recommendation box has 4 comments to recommend. You need at least 4 comments inside your website till you see all of the 4 comments-recommendation. The more comments you have the better the recommendation algorithm works.

Can I change the emoticons (icons) to what I choose?

Sorry currently no. But, in the near future you will be able to choose your own emotions.

Do you have Spam blacklist feature ?

Yes we do! in the setting tab, in the dashboard website you will find the Spam blacklist option. Please login and add your Spam blacklist words there.

Do you have a SSL dashboard login ?

Yes we do have SSL dashboard login (Secure login). Please login to:

How can I change my comment system to have moderation On or Off?

In order to do it please log on to “Settings” inside the moderation website ( tab and then change “Should Moderate:” to Yes.


Looks cute, but some really dumb issues

First off, the “look” is nice and gives your site a more professional feel, but the plugin itself does not “work” like a professional/polished tool.

The most obvious stupid problem was that it doesn’t automatically recognize your login. I’m logged in as Admin and went to try a test post, but had to log into the Vicomi plugin separately to post a comment???

So I posted a simple “Test” comment, which appeared. “Great, now let’s delete it!” Nope. Can’t do that. Edit it? Nope, can’t do that either. Go into the Admin control panel. “Comments” and “Vicomi” are two separate links. You can’t manage Vicomi comments from Comments link. And of course, Vicomi demands I log in AGAIN. So I try, but nothing happens. If I entered the wrong Username or Password, it doesn’t say. Clicking the login button does nothing.

So I visit the Vicomi website to see if I can’t login to verify my username/password, but the Vicomi websites DOESN’T HAVE a login, only a link to Register a new site to use their software.

So I ended up simply deleting the dumb thing. It could very well be a great plugin someday (currently v1.39). But as is, don’t waste your time. 🙁

Very cute, but buggy

It was very cute, but didn’t work well.

1) I would post comments from any name and it would take it. No automatic filters I could find.
2) It required interaction with a host site, so long term seems rocky.
3) Couldn’t really customize the display features enough.
4) Didn’t always work. I would post multiple comments and then approve them on the host site using different browsers and they just wouldn’t post when I had monitored comments on. When I took monitoring off, they would post.

Just pulled it for those reasons, not worth the trouble really.

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Contributors & Developers

“Comments – wordpress plugin by Vicomi” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • First Version released


  • Fix: Better installation process. Direct to for fast registration.
  • Small changes in graphics


  • Faster comments uploads. New addition to the moderation page.


  • Fix: Small bug. Adding product screenshot.


  • Even faster comments uploading. Changes in the comments moderation page. Additional icons and design. Better facebook comments support.


  • Improved recommendation widget to get higherr click rate and hence higher page-view. New profile page. Faster facebook login.


  • Replace readme file to indicate of version 1.06.


  • Spam blacklist feature. Faster facebook login.


  • Follow your friends and allow others to follow you. See your own profile with all of your comments in one place.


  • Minor changes to increase load time. Support ver 3.6.1.


  • Readme file small changes.


  • Added Gamification options – get credits for each action (writing a comment or voting on a comments). You may see credits in your profile page.


  • Added SSL dashboard login (Secure login)


  • Added grading to profile. Gain grading by posting as many comments. Grading are from 1 point to 5 points. You may see your grading in your profile page.


  • Added gamification new option – gain credits for every vote you make.


  • Tested up to 3.8 wordpress version. Recommendation widget upgrades.


  • Added Emotion box tag counter – See how many users tagged their emotions regarding each comment up-front. See the most popular comments at the top of the comment system as default.


  • Added Smuggies. Changed Default order – See popular first.


  • Performance update.


  • Bug fixes and wordpress ver 3.9 support. Adding FeelBacks – See how many users tagged their emotions regarding each comment.


  • Introducing the new feelbacks! Feelbacks are the number of votes for each comment. Move your mouse over a comment and share your opinion.


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Profile changes – Follow other users, allow other users to follow you.


  • Moderation improvements – GUI improvements and minor bug fixes.


  • New graphs at the Moderation page – Get more insights.


  • Changes at Moderation site – Addded search option – you may search for a comment/spam comment and delete it.


  • Added Comments Analytics – see the most funny, angry (and the like) comments – At the moderation main page.


  • Added new design options – choose your own design soon, Have a faster login sign-in now.


  • New graphs on the analytics tools.


  • Multi Users that can be allowed to moderate comments in the same time in the moderation site.


  • German language support.


  • Spanish language support.


  • Choose your comments design from some of our templates! New!


  • More design templates! New! (updating demo links)


  • Fast installation process – Now, within your wordpress plugin!


  • Fast installation process – Now, within your wordpress plugin! + Minor Changes.


  • Even Faster installation process!


  • Fast Moderation process – moderate your comments much faster!


  • New design options – choose new design


  • Adding profile options


  • Added new langague options


  • Minor code changes


  • Text description changes