Very Simple Knowledge Base



This is a lightweight plugin to create a Knowledge Base, Bulletin Board, FAQ, Wiki or Link Portal.

Add the shortcode on a page or use the widget to display your categories and posts.

While adding the shortcode or the widget you can add several attributes to personalize your knowledge base.

You can also list categories and posts from a custom post type (such as “product” or “event”).

How to use

After installation create a page and add the shortcode to display your categories and posts:

  • For 1 column: [knowledgebase-one]
  • For 2 columns: [knowledgebase-two]
  • For 3 columns: [knowledgebase-three]
  • For 4 columns: [knowledgebase]

In mobile screens 2 columns (except the 1 column knowledge base).

Or go to Appearance > Widgets and use the widget to display your categories and posts.

Default settings categories:

  • Ascending order (A-Z)
  • Empty categories are hidden
  • Parent and subcategories are listed separately

Default settings posts:

  • Descending order (by date)
  • All posts are displayed

Shortcode attributes

  • Include certain categories: [knowledgebase include=1,3,5]
  • Exclude certain categories: [knowledgebase exclude=8,10,12]
  • Display empty categories too: [knowledgebase hide_empty=0]
  • Display category description: [knowledgebase description="true"]
  • Change number of posts per category: [knowledgebase posts_per_page=5]
  • Display posts in ascending order: [knowledgebase order=asc]
  • Display posts by title: [knowledgebase orderby=title]
  • Display posts in random order: [knowledgebase orderby=rand]
  • Display number of posts (post count) [knowledgebase count="true"]
  • Display post meta (date and author): [knowledgebase meta="true"]
  • Display View All link: [knowledgebase all_link="true"]
  • Change default “View All” label: [knowledgebase all_link_label="your label here"]
  • Change default label of post without title: [knowledgebase no_title_label="your label here"]

You can also add multiple attributes. Separate multiple attributes by using a single whitespace.

  • Example: [knowledgebase include=1,3,5 hide_empty=0 meta="true"]

Post tags

Besides listing posts by category you can also list posts by tag: [knowledgebase taxonomy="post_tag"]

Custom post types

You can also list categories and posts from a custom post type (such as “product” or “event”).

To list these categories and posts you should add 2 shortcode attributes: “taxonomy” and “post_type”

If a custom post type uses the native “category” taxonomy, you don’t have to add shortcode attribute “taxonomy”.

  • List WooCommerce products: [knowledgebase taxonomy="product_cat" post_type="product"]
  • With image of product category: [knowledgebase taxonomy="product_cat" post_type="product" woo_image="true"]
  • List WooCommerce products by tag instead of category: [knowledgebase taxonomy="product_tag" post_type="product"]

Widget attributes

The widget supports the same attributes. You don’t have to add the shortcode itself or the brackets.

Example 1:

  • If shortcode attribute is: [knowledgebase posts_per_page=5]
  • Widget attribute will be: posts_per_page=5

Example 2:

  • If shortcode attribute is: [knowledgebase no_title_label="your label here"]
  • Widget attribute will be: no_title_label="your label here"

Link Portal

To display a list of website links you can install the Page Links To plugin.

While creating a post you can set a redirect to an URL (website) of your choice.

When you click the post link in frontend it will redirect you to this URL (so the post will not open).

Browser support

The knowledge base might not display properly in IE8 and older because I have used CSS selector “nth-of-type”.


Please take a look at the FAQ section.


Not included but plugin supports WordPress language packs.

More translations are very welcome!


Without the WordPress codex and help from the WordPress community I was not able to develop this plugin, so: thank you!



  • Very Simple Knowledge Base page (Twenty Nineteen theme).
  • Very Simple Knowledge Base page (Dashboard).
  • Very Simple Knowledge Base WooCommerce products (Twenty Nineteen theme).
  • Very Simple Knowledge Base widget (Dashboard).


Please check Description section for installation info.


Where is the settingspage?

Plugin has no settingspage, use the shortcode with attributes or the widget with attributes to make it work.

Does plugin offer it’s own knowledge base post type?

No, it’s build to create a knowledge base by using the native categories and posts.

You can also list categories and posts from a custom post type (such as “product” or “event”).

How can I change the layout or colors?

Besides the number of columns, the layout or colors of the knowledge base can only be changed by using custom CSS.

Where to find the category ID?

Each category URL contains an unique ID. You will find this ID when hovering the category title in your dashboard or when editing the category.

It’s the number that comes after: tag_ID=

Where to find the tag ID?

Please check previous item. It’s similar to the category ID.

Is it possible to list a subcategory underneath it’s parent?

No, this is not possible. Parent and subcategories are listed separately.

Is a post without a title also displayed?

Yes, if a post has no title it will be displayed in frontend with a default label: (no title)

You can change this label by using an attribute.

Why no Semantic versioning?

At time of initial plugin release I wasn’t aware of the Semantic versioning (sequence of three digits).

How can I make a donation?

You like my plugin and you’re willing to make a donation? Nice! There’s a PayPal donate link at my website.

Other question or comment?

Please open a topic in plugin forum.


Simple and straightforward

A quick and simple way to get up and running with a kb. Perfect for understanding what you need without feature clutter of "advanced" plugins. Good support also.

Awesome for posts!

Super straight forward and easy to use knowledge base plugin for posts. There isn't a search bar though. Otherwise this is very nice.

Very nice and easy to use plugin

I really like this plugin. It's simple and had almost everything I was looking for, and that is to display all Posts in a sitemap view categorized by Categories. Thank you so much.

Simple and effective, lots of possibilities

I really like this plugin because you can create a knowledge base structure without installing a heavy plugin. It also has the ability to create MANY different post lists for different sections of your site (not just a knowledgebase), such as video lists, LMS, podcasts... AND IT SUPPORTS CUSTOM POST TYPES!
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Version 4.8

  • the CSS class of each WooCommerce product now also contains the relevant category and tag
  • added check for WooCommerce

Version 4.7

  • the CSS class of each post now also contains the relevant category and tag
  • this can be handy if you want to style or hide certain posts

Version 4.6

  • added attribute to show View All link
  • added attribute to change default View All label
  • changed attribute “no_title” into “no_title_label”
  • stylesheet update
  • added more reset CSS to avoid conflict with your theme

Version 4.5

  • some textual changes

Version 4.4

  • added file vskb-shortcodes
  • relocated all shortcodes to this file
  • removed the old shortcode files
  • added file vskb-list
  • relocated knowledge base template from shortcodes to this file
  • removed unnecessary whitespaces from most files
  • added minified css file in folder css (kept the original css file for reference)
  • some textual changes
  • removed unnecessary notifications from changelog (such as “updated readme file”)

For all versions please check file changelog.