Very Simple Google Maps


Adding an embedded Google Map is a must for most websites. I have created a simple way to add your map with just a simple shortcode. Despite the name there are some nice features that makes this plugin simple but powerful.

Features Included

  • Simple to use with just a shortcode.
  • No admin settings to mess with. All features are set within the shortcode.
  • Can be styled with CSS
  • Optionally link your map marker to your Google business listing directly so your business name is shown.


The basic shortcode to use is [vsgmap address="street address to display"]
See the FAQ for full usage options.

Problems and Support

To get fastest response use the support page in the plugin area on

Please Review!

I would love some feedback. I will try and respond to any issues you might have.

Comments, Feedback and Request Features

To send any suggestions, comments, or feedback about this plugin send a message to us.


  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add shortcode to your post or page where map should appear.


  1. Shortcodes what??

The shortcode you need to use is this:

[vsgmap address="street address to display"]
  1. What are the options for use with the shortcode?

The following options are available:
address=”street address to display” (Enter the street address for the location to be shown. NOT a Google Map URL)

align=”left” (default is left. Valid are left, right, center)

width=”400″ (default is 400. Any pixel dimension is valid)

height=”380″ (default is 380. Any pixel dimension is valid)

info_window=”A” (default is A which displays marker popup. Other option is near and the marker popup will not appear until marker is clicked on)

zoom=”14″ (set the default map zoom level. Valid options are 1 through 16)

companycode=”” (Enter Google string cid from company maps listing URL)

maptype=”” (default is m, m = normal map, k = satellite, h = hybrid, p = terrain)

  1. How do I find the Google cid code???

Find your company listing on a Google Maps result page and click the link to email the link. It will open an email and the full link will be visible. The cid # is usually easy to see. you only need the part after cid= you do not need the whole thing. You can also try this web page CID Finder:

  1. How can I put a border around the map?

The plugin wraps the embed within a div so this can be achieved with with css.
Simply add the following to your themes style.css
.vsg-map iframe { border: 1px solid; }

Of course you can change the css any way you like.


January 20, 2023
I was looking for something incredibly basic and I found it. So many map plugins are loaded up with many features and screens and settings. This one fit precisely the need I was looking for. Love that it gets regular updates as well!
August 25, 2020
Just wanted the ability to add a simple google map and didn’t want to sign up for and configure a project api and all that. This plugin made it super easy. Love it! Also had a question and the developer replied quickly so that was nice too.
October 16, 2019
It appears the plugin is abandoned. No support responses and it doesn’t. Moved over to Mappress, works perfect and support is fantastic
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Contributors & Developers

“Very Simple Google Maps” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




First public and stable version.


Add the word “street” to the description so usage is more clear.


Update for WP 3.8.1


Update for WP 3.9


Added fix to center location point in the map as suggested by user SiNNeD.


Update for WP 4.2


Update for WP 4.3


Added maptype


Update for WP 4.8


Typos fixed as suggested by user G. Hyder and a few others I found myself.


Tested with WP 5.3
This plugin is still shortcode based. I will add a block for the new Block Editor at some point but it is not ready yet. You can still use the shortcode in a classic block until then.


Tested with WP 6


Tested with WP 6.1


Update to address security issue


Update to address XSS security issue as reported by István Márton, Wordfence Vulnerability Researcher. Thanks for the responsible disclosure.