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Varnish HTTP Purge

Purge Varnish Cache when post content on your site is modified.

Varnish HTTP Purge sends a PURGE request to the URL of a page or post every time it it modified. This occurs when editing, publishing, commenting or deleting an item, and when changing themes.

Varnish is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. You install it in front of any server that speaks HTTP and configure it to cache the contents. This plugin does not install Varnish for you, nor does it configure Varnish for WordPress. It's expected you already did that on your own.

Not all pages are purged every time, depending on your Varnish configuration. When a post, page, or custom post type is edited, or a new comment is added, only the following pages will purge:

  • The front page
  • The post/page edited
  • Any categories or tags associated with the page

In addition, your entire cache will be purged on the following actions:

  • Changing permalinks
  • Changing themes
  • Press the 'Purge Varnish Cache' button on the dashboard
  • Press the 'Purge Varnish' button on the toolbar

Please note: On a multisite network using subfolders, only the network admins can purge the main site.

The future ...

We're going to sit down and look into how the plugin is structured to make it even faster and more organized. Please send coffee. Here's the wish list:

  • Only purge all automatically once an hour (manual button click will continue to work)
  • Refactor automated purge all to be kinder
  • Reorganize code for sanity
  • Get rid of the need to parse_url()
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Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-6-11
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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